Your Top 15 Favorite Posts from 2020 | Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
How to spruce up your bathroom on a budget | Rhyme & Reason

Your Top 15 Favorite Posts from 2020

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At the start of the new year, I always think about the year ahead of me and what that year might look like for me and my family. This year, I made a list of realistic goals I’d like to accomplish in 2021. I also always take a very in-depth look at my blog analytics to see what you enjoyed reading the most in 2020 so that I can bring you posts that you’ll love in the new year!

One very noticeable absence in my most read posts from 2020 was a lack of travel content. In past years, like in 2019, I always have a few travel related posts that perform really well. Alas, that was 2020 for you! The posts for 2020 that received the most love from y’all were my pregnancy related posts, however, there was a good mix of other posts that rounded out the list! Here goes, your top 15 favorite posts from 2020…

Your Top 15 Favorite Posts from 2020

We Have Special News… I’m Pregnant!

My most read post of 2020 was my post revealing our pregnancy back at the end of June. Edwin and I felt so much love from you all! We sincerely appreciated every single email, comment, and DM of support and encouragement! I’ve never felt more love from y’all other than perhaps the love I felt the next day, which brings me to my second most popular post of 2020…

Your Top 15 Favorite Posts from 2020 | Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
Your Top 10 Favorite Posts from 2020

I Had A Miscarriage

I’m still floored by how incredible y’all were when I shared our miscarriage. It was without a doubt the most I’ve ever opened up on here but I couldn’t imagine sharing our baby joy without also sharing the other side of our pregnancy experience because I know so many women go through miscarriages. I still receive DMs and emails on a weekly basis from women who say this post helped them or is currently helping them through a miscarriage or helping them navigate how to be there for a friend going through a miscarriage. This means more to me than I know how to express. If you have experienced the loss of a child through miscarriage or have/are struggling with any aspect of fertility, my heart goes out to you.

What To Say, Or Not Say, To A Friend Going Through A Miscarriage
Your Top 15 Favorite Posts from 2020 | How to survive a miscarriage

September 23rd

My third most read post of 2020 was my post titled September 23rd. On September 23rd, 2019, I miscarriage our first baby. On September 23rd, 2020, I gave birth to our second baby. I’m still in awe of how much can change in a year. September 23rd carries more meaning for me than any other day of the year.

How to remain hopeful for a baby while grieving a miscarriage | Rhyme & Reason
Your Top 15 Favorite Posts from 2020 | From miscarriage to baby in exactly one year | Rhyme & Reason

Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial

This was technically a post that first appeared on here in 2019 but I updated it, added to it, and republished it in 2020. It received a ton of love again (it was also one of my most popular posts of 2019 when I published the first version of it). This post is technically a gift guide from the holiday season but it isn’t full of super seasonal items. So, I think it’s relevant any time of year if you identify with the grandmillennial spirit!

Your Top 15 Favorite Posts from 2020 | How to live the grandmillennial lifestyle | Rhyme & Reason
A guide for how to be a grandmillennial | Rhyme & Reason

Charleston Getaway Giveaway 2020

I was not surprised to see that y’all loved this post because the Charleston getaway giveaway I created with Kristin and Chassity was honestly incredible! This was our second year creating this giveaway and I’m already excited for our third annual giveaway coming late 2021! Give this post a peak if you’re planning a trip to Charleston because it’s full of our favorite places around the city!

Your Top 15 Favorite Posts from 2020 | A bloggers guide to Charleston, South Carolina | Rhyme & Reason
The best boutique hotels to stay in Charleston | Rhyme & Reason

Best Bars in Charleston

I clearly wrote and published this post in early 2020 before COVID. Alas, save this post for your next trip to Charleston whenever it is that you feel safe to travel! We really have a plethora of wonderful watering holes!

The best bars in Charleston from wine bars to live music bars to rooftop bars | Rhyme & Reason
Charleson's best bars for outdoor, daytime, rooftop, and late night drinking | Rhyme & Reason

Crafts to do at Home When You’re Bored

Crafts to do at home when you’re bored? Yup, definitely a ‘shelter in place’ inspired post! If you’re inspired to start a new hobby this year, this is a great post to browse because I included tons of wonderful links, resources, and ideas.

Your Top 15 Favorite Posts from 2020 | Crafts and hobbies to start the new year inspired | Rhyme & Reason
Your Top 15 Favorite Posts from 2020 | The best hobbies to learn for the new year | Rhyme & Reason

Best Belly Oil for Pregnancy

I feel like belly oil is one of the first things so many women google when their bumps start growing. I know I did! So I did a lot of research and found a few belly oils and lotions that I absolutely LOVED while pregnant.

Your Top 15 Favorite Posts from 2020 | The best belly oils and lotions for pregnancy | Rhyme & Reason
The best belly oils for pregnancy and stretch marks | Rhyme & Reason

Baby Registry Essentials List

Creating a baby registry is so daunting because there are so many products, so much research to do, and so much to learn. I took a DEEP DIVE into reading, researching, and watching YouTube videos when I compiled my baby registry and, as such, my baby registry essentials list was born.

A baby registry essentials list broken down into baby categories | Rhyme & Reason
The ultimate baby registry essentials list | Rhyme & Reason

My Third Trimester Recap

My third trimester recap was a hit with y’all! I do think pregnancy becomes more interesting to read about as you get further into it so I wasn’t surprised to see my third trimester recap get the most love followed by my second trimester recap and finally my first trimester recap. I shared my symptoms, pits & peaks, our birth classes, my weight gain, my diaper bag of choice, and more. Stay tuned for my fourth trimester recap coming next week!

A third trimester Q&A with Jillian Eversole | Rhyme & Reason
Jillian Eversole shares her third trimester recap | Rhyme & Reason

How to Spruce up Your Bathroom

I honestly had no idea that this post was so popular last year until diving into my analytics! It is super relevant right now too… if you’re inspired to tackle house projects with a new year mindset, then this post on how to spruce up your bathroom is for you!

How to spruce up your bathroom for the new year | Rhyme & Reason
How to spruce up your bathroom on a budget | Rhyme & Reason

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020

I was surprised to see my Mother’s Day Gift Guide near the top of the list of my most read posts of the year. I actually take a lot of pride in my gift guides so this made me really happy to see. And I don’t include items just for the sake of including them. I’m really thoughtful with my gift guides, which is why I think three of them appear in my top 15 posts of the year. I’m so glad to see that y’all love them! This Mother’s Day Gift Guide is full of beautiful items for any woman, all year long.

What to give the most loved women in your life: mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and female friends | Rhyme & Reason
The best gift ideas for women you love including grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, and girlfriends | Rhyme & Reason

My Second Trimester Recap

My second trimester recap made it into my top 15 most read posts of the 2020. In it, I shared the symptoms I experienced, my pits and peaks, what it was like being pregnant during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, what we planned for the third trimester, our decision to wait to find out the baby’s gender, my weight gain, and more.

A Guide for what to expect during the second trimester of pregnancy | Rhyme & Reason
What to expect during the second trimester of pregnancy | Rhyme & Reason

Gift Guide: Gifts from Small Businesses

A third gift guide in my top 15 posts of the year, woohoo! Like my grandmillennial gift guide, my gift guide for small businesses also first appeared in 2019 but I updated it, added to it, and republished it in 2020. One of my absolute favorite parts of blogging is getting to share the incredible small businesses I love, so writing this post brings me a lot of joy. This post isn’t super seasonal for the holidays (despite being posted then) so give these small businesses some love all year long!

Your Top 15 Favorite Posts from 2020 | The best small businesses to shop in 2021 | Rhyme & Reason
Your Top 15 Favorite Posts from 2020 | Small businesses to keep supporting after the holiday season is over | Rhyme & Reason

How to Store Purses in your Closet

This post was inspired by quarantine projects I embarked on while at home during the height of the COVID pandemic. I got my closet organized and found some wonderful closet organizations solutions! Based on the popularity of this post, it looks like a lot of you did too.

Your Top 15 Favorite Posts from 2020 | Closet organization solutions you need for the new year | Rhyme & Reason
Your Top 15 Favorite Posts from 2020 | How to store purses in your closet | Rhyme & Reason

Thank you so much for reading Rhyme & Reason in 2020 and supporting me, my blog, and my growing family by giving us so much love last year! Cheers to hopefully a happy and healthy 2021! I’m looking forward to bringing you all lots of great content. xx

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