Winter Reading List 2016-2017

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It’s time for my seasonal reading list with my winter reading list 2016-2017! I 100% intended to get this list out before the winter holidays but it’s better late than never! There are a lot of books on this list that I’ve read, I’m reading, or that I’m really excited to read so scroll down and pick out a great book to get you through the rest of January (p.s. where is January going!?).

Winter Reading List 2016-2017 on Rhyme & Reason

Winter Reading List 2016-2017

1. “First Comes Love” by Emily Giffin: The story of two sisters whose relationship suffers in the face of tragedy. The story follows the sisters down the road to a time where they finally realize they need each other more than they ever knew.

2. “Commonwealth” by Ann Patchett: This book follows two families over the coarse of five generations until one family member dates a world renowned author who turns their family drama and history into his next bestselling novel. Talk about having your dirty laundry aired!

3. “Today Will Be Different” by Maria Semple: From the author of the witty “Where’d You Go Bernadette” (also a great book!), Marie Semple writes a story that takes place during one day in the life of Eleanor Flood and the reality she wakes up to on a particularly bad day.

4. “In The Name of Gucci” by Patricia Gucci: I’m dying to read this book! It is written by the secret daughter of Aldo Gucci (the man behind Gucci as we know it). The book is based on memories, stories, love letter, and more as it chronicles her parents out-of-wedlock (and illegal) pregnancy, her secret birth and upbringing, her parents love affair, and her rise to the top of Gucci. I think every fashion girl will love this one!

5. “The Underground Railroad” by Colson Whitehead: If this is the first time you’re hearing about this book then I’m afraid to say you’ve been living under a rock since it came out in August. It’s the National Book Award Winner and #1 New York Times Best Seller that everyone is buzzing about. The plot: a slave in the antebellum South plots an escape for freedom on a real-life underground railroad (yup, the railroad is no metaphor in this book).

6. “The Runaway Wife” by Elizabeth Birkelund: After a man gets dumped by his fiancé and gets fired from his Wallstreet job, he takes a hiatus to the Swiss Alps for some r&r. Plot twist: he gets caught up in the search for a missing wife who has runaway to escape her husband’s recent political scandal. You’ll read this and want to book a trip to the Swiss Alps asap!

7. “The Gilded Years” by Karin Tanabe: This novel, set at the turn of the century during the Gilded Age, tells the story of a light-skinned young African American girl who gets herself into the most prestigious women’s college in America. This takes place under everyone’s nose and tells the story of what it takes to put everything at risk for a better life.

8. “Good as Gone” by Amy Gentry: This book promises to keep you up late at night reading… it’s about a thirteen-year-old girl who gets kidnapped from her bedroom one night. Then, eight years later, she shows up on her family’s doorstep. The family is thrilled but, as time passes and questions arise, they are forced to ask if this woman really is their missing girl and if she isn’t, then who is she?

9. “The Hopefuls” by Jennifer Close: I, like many girls, read and loved Jennifer Close’s other best known novel “Girls in White Dresses” so I was immediately drawn to this book. It’s about two young couples working in the throws of cutthroat political D.C. Read this if a funny yet honest and dark story of marriage, rumors, competition, and political dreams sounds up your alley.

10. “A Gentleman in Moscow” by Amor Towles: A lovely period piece (my favorites!) about a Russian count who is ordered by the Bolsheviks to spend the rest of his life in a grand hotel. This book is written beautifully and full of colorful characters + it was voted the best book of 2016 by NPR, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune & more!

11. “Paris For One” by Jojo Moyes: A twenty-something sets out for Paris on her own to test herself and discover her newfound independence. Every Francophile and/or romantic will enjoy this read!

12. “Hungry Heart” by Jennifer Weiner: Jennifer Weiner is a bestselling author and New York Times columnist so I can promise you that her writing is well worth your time. Weiner wrote her version of an autobiography as a collection of essays that make up the “Hungry Heart.” The essays tell the story of modern womanhood – daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend, professional etc. – and will make you laugh, cry, love, and hope. She’s a true storyteller!

13. “Girl Through Glass” by Sari Wilson: I’m so interested in reading this after going to the New York City’s ballet performance of The Nutcracker this Christmas! This novel follows a few young girls in the 1970s as they come of age in the NYC ballet.

14. “Nutshell” by Ian McEwan: I’ve never read a book like this one before… the narrator of the book is an unborn baby inside a character’s womb. Did I mention that it’s set in London and by the author who wrote “Atonement?”

15. “The Kept Woman” by Karin Slaughter: A must-read! This story is part police crime drama, part psychological thrilled, and part mystery as a murder takes place on the property of Atlanta’s most famous and politically-connected athlete. It’s a great story of “who done it?”.

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  1. One of my new year’s resolutions is to read more so thank you for this guide! Such great motivations to start a book this weekend 🙂


  2. Oh these are all great! I recently read Good as Gone and found it pretty thrilling! There were a lot of very interesting parts and I found myself floundering back and forth on who I thought was behind the ordeal. Quite a few of these are still on my “to read” list!

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