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What’s In This Spring

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Wow, is it just me or has there been a flood of new spring clothing coming out all of a sudden!? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it and feel so inspired by all the spring designs I’m seeing but I’m definitely taking time combing though everything. I love a change of season for so many reasons. One of which is the excitement I feel when I see fashion week runway styles and trends come to life and be released! There are so many fun things going on this season so I wanted to share what’s in this spring.

What's In This Spring: a breakdown of spring's most buzz worthy trends | Rhyme & Reason What's In This Spring: All the Top Spring 2019 Trends to Shop Now and How to Wear Spring's IT trends | Rhyme & Reason

What’s In This Spring

There are so many fashion trends that have my attention right now like tie dye, crochet, leopard print, and feathers. All of which are having a major moment and I am here for it! In addition to those, there are a few more looks trying to steal the spotlight that I find super wearable for everyday life… keep reading for my take on what’s in this spring along with a few classic spring trends that pop up year after year this time of year!


New Spring Trends


The statement bow! I could not love the world’s current obsession with statement bows more! Bows aren’t just for little girls so I’m glad bows are getting their due. I always gravitate toward bows (example: here) so I’m scooping up as many bows as possible right now.

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Hair Barrettes

You aren’t imagining it… the 90s hair barrette trend is back in a major way. My childhood was in the 90s so I feel very nostalgic about this trend in the best way possible. I’m into it! In the 90s, the hair barrette trend consisted of lots of butterfly clips from Claire’s. With its resurgence, the hair barrette has reemerged as a polished embellishment that ups the ante of any outfit. Bonus, you don’t have to google the closest Claire’s. Hair barrettes have popped up at all our favorite retailers and have been reimagined by some of my favorite designers!

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You might read this and think “Oh no, marigold is in style? I can’t pull off yellow!” but I’m here to tell you that you can! As a blonde, even I have felt this way before for fear of the color washing me out. However, with the spring summer seasons arriving and a little color coming to my skin, there’s never been a better time to try out marigold. Yes, marigold is a statement making color and a bold color to step into the limelight but there are so many gorgeous pieces out right now that make it wearable. If you’re still shying away from the color, then try it in a piece like a skirt so you can still wear a color you are more comfortable with by you face (like a white tee!).

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Classic Spring Trends

White Jeans

If you aren’t a fan of white jeans as a winter look, then now is the time to bust them out. White jeans aren’t just for after Labor Day. In fact, the arrival of spring is the perfect excuse to bring out your favorite pairs of white denim. I wrote a guide for how to style white jeans last spring that is a must-read if you aren’t in love with or confident in white jeans! I rounded up some of my favorite classic white jeans below. P.S. I got and am obsessed with these!

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I’m a self-professed jumpsuit lover! I love jumpsuits so much because, like dresses, they make getting dressed so easy! You only need to slip into one piece and you’re good to go. From year to year, jumpsuits always emerge as a classic spring trend, which makes my heart giddy. A glimpse at a few of my past jumpsuit looks make it pretty obvious as to how much I love the look: one, two, three. I’m also so excited because this blue and white jumpsuit that I love so much from last year is back this year in pink and white!

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Trench Coats

If there had to be just one classic spring trend, it would be the trench coat. No other piece helps a wardrobe transition from winter to spring quite like the trench coat! As such, it’s a great piece to invest in because you know you will always get wear out of it!

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I hope this post helped inspire you to try out one of spring’s must-have looks! xx

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  1. I LOVE the yellow trend! I have blonde hair as well and was a little put off by the yellow, but I tried on a kate spade yellow swimsuit and now I am hooked! Is your dress linked in this post? I could’ve missed it! I would love to copy your whole outfit ☺️

    1. Hi Mackenzie! Ohhh yay, I’m so glad you are loving yellow too! I’m all in on color trend too!! Oh I wish, the dress is from Kate Spade but it’s old! I linked to the original post at the bottom of this post so you can go back to it for more inspiration! Thank you so much for reading! xx

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