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I’m so thrilled and beyond happy to share that Edwin and I are engaged!! I shared the happy news on Instagram over the weekend but wanted to write a few words for my R&R readers as well. I’m feeling so lucky to start a new phase of life and there’s no one I’d rather start it with than Edwin! I can’t believe it, we’re engaged!

We're Engaged! on Rhyme & Reason

The question I’ve been asked the most since getting engaged is “were you surprised or did you know it was going to happen?” In short, I was completely surprised! In fact, during the proposal, I have a vague memory of asking if this was real or if Edwin was kidding! It sounds funny but you really can’t believe it when it’s happening and so many feelings rush over you immediately including the feeling of shock. We had talked about wanting to spend our lives together but I absolutely didn’t know it was going to happen last Thursday! Here’s a little more about how it happened…

I do want to honor our relationship so I want to keep a lot of it general and between us, our family, and our friends but, I must say, it was perfect. It was intimate and non-flashy, which was perfect for us. I have to say, Edwin did everything perfectly and like a gentleman. He flew to meet my dad to ask him for his permission then, a week later, proposed to me at my apartment. He got down on one knee and, in a quiet moment, said some thoughtful, loving words. He had Veuve on hand to celebrate. He took me out to a lovely and champagne/wine filled dinner at Giorgio Baldi. Neither of us had ever been before, which I love because now we’ll forever think of it as our engagement restaurant. Then he had a few friends meet us afterward for more celebratory toasts and drinks. The cherry on top was that he planned the engagement for a weekend when he knew we’d see family. I was already super excited for a long weekend in Del Mar with my family but little did I know that Edwin was about to make it such a special, exciting weekend of celebrating! I loved saying “we’re engaged!” a 100 times over.

The other question I keep getting asked is “did you love the ring?!” YES!! I’m in love with it and feel like the most special girl in the world wearing it! I did the thing you often read about in proposal stories… I didn’t say yes right away. I saw Edwin get down on one knee, I heard his words, I saw the ring and then pretty much lost my thoughts. Edwin had to ask me if I was going to say yes, which of course I did! I was just too excited and shocked to respond properly in the moment.

I’m super excited to share some fun wedding content on R&R with y’all over the course of our engagement! I’m so overjoyed that we’re engaged! I can’t even express it. I’m already planning so, while I’ll be keeping a lot of it for us to share, I’ll also be sharing a lot of fun stuff on here too. Thank you so much for following along! The support of our family and friends has been overwhelming!! xx

P.S. Be sure to follow along with our engagement by reading my Wedding Wednesday series!

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  1. Congrats to you both! I got engaged back in December and like you, I loved that so many family and friends were in town so we could share the news with them in person. It made it that much better 🙂 Enjoy the crazy the coming days will bring!

  2. How exciting for you, Jillian. Thoughts and prayers for you both. Congratulations and best of luck. God Bless you. xoxo

  3. YAY so so happy for y’all!!! I love that Edwin had to ask you if you’re gonna say yes.. so good!! Hahaha sounds like the best weekend ever and I can’t wait to hear/read about all the planning! xxxx

  4. Congrats, Jillian! Love that he kept the proposal intimate and classic, but still had plans to celebrate with your loved ones afterward. Best of wishes!!

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