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Weekend Reads, No. 91

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Happy Sunday!

It’s been a super busy weekend home in Charleston! On Friday night, we got all dressed up and went to the 10th annual black tie winter party at The Gibbes Museum of Art. It was so fun seeing lots of friends out and about in their weekend best! On Saturday, we enjoyed lunch at my favorite, 167 Raw, worked a bunch, went on a nice long walk, and went to a jazz show with friends. Today, I’m planning to get a nice long run in and do lots of work to prep for the week. It won’t be the most exciting day but it should be nice and productive!

How are you spending your Sunday!? I hope everyone is doing at least one thing today that makes them happy! Keep reading for my Weekend Reads, No. 91 complete with a lavender blueberry muffin recipe, a brief history of the 10 most famous Kennedy brides, two thoughtful reflections on weight gain and aging, cute & affordable hair accessories, a dying mother’s letter to her daughters, two travel guides for Dallas and Aspen, a new-to-me earring designer I’m in love with, and more! xx

P.S. The Photography Bundle, which I’m using to greatly improve my photography skills + my editing skills (hello presets!), is still available until Tuesday and then it is gone FOREVER! Yes, once you snag the $98 bundle of 21 photography courses + additional presets (normally almost $4,000), the courses and presets are yours forever but if you don’t buy them between now and Tuesday, then you will never be able to buy them all together for that price again… Read all my thoughts + tips here!

Weekend Reads, No. 91 + A Guide to the Best New Places in Charleston | Rhyme & Reason

Weekend Reads, No. 91:

1. A brief history of the 10 most famous Kennedy brides. (overthemoon.com)

2. Interior designer, Amy Berry, shared her Dallas Travel Guide so I’m naturally plotting a way to get to Dallas. (lakepajamas.com/blog)

3. Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed. I’m re-watching Funny Face this week thanks to Krystal’s creative genius here, here, here, and here. (thistimetomorrow.com)

4. A thoughtful reflection on gaining weight. (atelierdore.com)

5. Aspen holds a special place in my heart with so many memories so I loved Kat’s Aspen Travel Guide. (withlovefromkat.com)

6. These lavender blueberry muffins look so fresh and delicious for spring! (elisabethandbutter.com)

7. Thoughts on aging… do you have a “scary” birthday? (victoriamcginley.com)

8. A dying mother’s letter to her daughters… I cannot believe this woman’s story and strength! Be prepared to cry but if you read one thing today, let it be this! (cupofjo.com)


Shopping & Sales:

1. Make sure your jewelry is sparkly for Valentine’s with these jewelry wipes (they are the only thing I use for clean my engagement and wedding rings)!

2. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Tory Burch released a new limited edition perfume inspired by her parent’s love story.

3. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, Elizabeth Wilson Designs released an adorable Valentine’s collection on Friday, just in time for the holiday this coming week! Are you wearing pink or red?!

4. Gingham perfection! One, two.

5. I’m majorly crushing on new-to-me jewelry designer Sophie Monet. How adorable are these 4 pairs of earrings: one, two, three, four!?

6. I think these three sweaters would be so beautiful for spring… textured cardigan, oversized pretty in pink, and pale blue classic cashmere.

7. A few super affordable hair ties I like to brighten your day: one, two, three, four.


With Love from R&R:

1. My #1 tip for how to learn + increase your photography skills.

2. The best Valentine’s Day gift guide!

3. The outfit I wear everyday + the gift I’m giving my girlfriends for Valentine’s Day.

4. All about my girlfriend getaway at The Inns.

5. Valentine’s Day outfit ideas for 5 different kinds of celebrations.

6. Last week’s Weekend Reads: the one thing Marie Kondo regrets giving away, how to invest wisely in vintage, inspired Valentine’s Day ideas, a great read from Damsel in Dior about her pregnancy weight gain, the new jewelry company I’m over the moon in love with, and more!


A Few of this Week’s Sales:

Reward Style Loads

Photography as seen here

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  1. Thank you so much for “a dying mother’s letter to her daughters”. I’m bookmarking it so I read it again and again. Wiping the tears now….xoxo

  2. Jillian,
    Julie’s letter to her daughters is truly amazing. A must read for all mothers and daughters. Thank you for sharing! Love you so much! Xoxo

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