Weekend Reads, No. 157 | JillianEversole.com
Weekend Reads, No. 157 | JillianEversole.com

Weekend Reads, No. 157

Charleston, South Carolina
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Happy Sunday! I’m here with a weekend dose of reading that includes some of my favorite links from around the internet this week + some can’t miss shopping & sales. My Weekend Reads, No.157 features a needlepoint shop to know, a piece on the brightest woman in fashion, the maternity fitness collection I’m loving, a completely divine rhubarb crumble recipe, a sale on the absolute best pillows that we use in our house, a few books + podcasts to consume right now, a retrace of Julia Child’s footsteps through Paris, the beauty sale you don’t want to miss + my two holy grail products from the sale, cool girl jeans that aren’t Gen Z, my favorite Easter items so far, and much more!

Before we dive into all the wonderful links, some musings from the week… I’ve been thinking so much about company – who we keep in our company, who I continually want to be around, and what our company says about us. Chalk it up to third trimester hormones, the constant realization that our lives are about to completely change yet again with the birth of our third child (this hits me like a ton of bricks over and over again all day, everyday), and the fact that Edwin has a lot of work travel right now but the only company I seem to currently want is Edwin’s. I can be a social butterfly and love the company of others. But, lately, I find myself only thinking about the company of my husband.

When I think about leaving life behind for an hour to have a lunch date, it isn’t with a girlfriend that I picture, it is with Edwin. When I think about xxxxx, it is Edwin’s. Don’t get me wrong, this is the case often but, right now, I can’t seem to want to spend time with anyone else but my #1. I was thinking back to our early days and how Edwin would find any excuse to drive all the way from Los Angeles down to Del Mar just to see me. We were young and in the early stages of our relationship so the excuse was never to actually see me – it was always something like picking up a key that he just had to have and so on. I’d ask him not to leave and he wouldn’t. Even if he would stay for just five more minutes.

There was no one whose company I yearned for more then, nearly 14 years ago, and there is no one whose company I yearn for more now. I cannot believe this life we have created together and that it gets to be my life. Our children, our dogs, our home, our relationship. We found each other and have chosen each other’s company every day since. With young children fighting over things like who gets to put their shoes on first and refusing to listen to requests to not dump the legos out of the bin for no reason other than to make a mess, patience can run thin and extra time can be prioritized to focus on work and household upkeep. But, I want those five more minutes of company. A big ask and a little ask at the same time.

Weekend Reads, No.157 | JillianEversole.com
Weekend Reads, No. 157 | JillianEversole.com

Weekend Reads, No.157

1. The outdoor spaces in this Florida house by Emily Painter have me lost in a daydream. (emilypainter.com)

2. Does this crumble recipe sound so completely divine and delicious or what? (houseandgarden.co.uk)

3. If you are traveling to London between now and early July, you won’t want to miss this exhibit at the Tate. I wish I was going to be there again this time of year! (tate.org.uk)

4. Inside Jessie Randall’s Hamptons kitchen. (domino.com)

5. Retracing Julia Child’s Footsteps Through Paris, 75 years later. (cntraveler.com)

6. One of the most daring needlepoint shops just got a glow up and is now Spruce St. Studio. Take a peak for matchbox canvases from Charleston, Nantucket, New York, Palm Beach and more.

7. I also love this piece on Blair Eadie, the brightest woman in fashion. She will always be my absolute favorite blogger to follow along with because no one has the vision she has. (times.co.uk)

8. A few random listens that I’ve seen pop-up recently and promptly added to my queue: Traction (book, review: great for business owners), Tetragrammaton with Rick Rubin (podcast, review: impactful interviews), The Business of Fashion Podcast with Leena Nair on Leading Chanel Into the Future (podcast, review: inspiring listen for women working their way up), Generations (book, review: fascinating for what each of the six living generations in the US mean for our future).

Shopping & Sales

1. Would you believe that even though this is my 3rd baby, I’ve never bought maternity workout wear before? I’ve just stretched out leggings, which is the worst because I ruin the leggings and they don’t fit right. So, big news for me (!!!), Addison Bay just launched a maternity collection that I’m so excited about! I got the soft maternity leggings. Highly recommend for any other pregnant women out there!

2. Marlow Pillows, aka the best pillows for families with different sleeping preferences because they are completely customizable (I like a plush pillow, so I leave both sides of my pillow unzipped but Edwin likes a firmer pillow, so he zips both sides of his pillow up), is offering up to 40% off for Presidents weekend (no code necessary).

3. These are the loveliest plates! They would be gorgeous on your table these upcoming warm weather months or hung as art in a girls room.

4. Goop is having their biannual beauty and wellness sale and offering 25% off with code GLOWY. There’s no better time than now to buy Goop Glow Exfoliator (a holy grail product!) and Goop Genes Nourishing Repair Body Butter (luxurious!).

5. One of my pregnancy delights has been a nightgown from Jacaranda Living. It is the breeziest cotton and feels like a luxury to slip into at the end of the day. Very Nancy Meyers vibes if you aren’t familiar with the brand. A few favorites: one, two, three, four, five.

6. I cannot stop starring at this stunning collaboration between Cabana and Zsuzsanna Nyul. The Fleur Plates (dinner and dessert) and the Floral Limewash Linens (tablecloth and napkins) are showstoppers.

7. Feeling springy! I’m swooning over this little girls bubble and this little boys bubble for the coming months from Shrimp & Grits.

8. Over The Moon is offering 15% off almost everything for their Presidents Day Sale with code SPRINGFORWARD. A few items worth the squeeze for the home: wildflower jug and tumblers + hand-painted stripe tumblers + splatter vase (we have and love!) + Pomelo Casa pottery (we have bowls and love them!) + sage scalloped placemats and a few items worth the squeeze for you: Chinapaper Sky Slippers + Garden Earrings + Mini Dress + Bee Sweater for your littles.

9. Chic designer sneakers for spring and summer: one, two, three.

10. Oh my goodness someone buy this for their baby girl.

11. I am obsessed with these shoes!

12. Cool girl jeans (that aren’t Gen Z).

13. I’m super interested to try this shimmer face oil. I LOVE the Miracle Balm from this brand so I trust that the shimmer face oil must be fantastic too.

14. These pajamas are EVERYWHERE and sold out almost everywhere on the internet except for here.

With Love From JE.com

1. Spring styles under $400.

2. What to wear when warm weather arrives.

3. Last week’s Weekend Reads: An inside look at the world of Nancy Meyers, the most gorgeous Charleston home renovation and design, the new shoe your closet can’t live without, a guide to visiting London with kids, the most organized thing I’ve ever seen + a wonderful way to preserve memories, the spring collection I love the most so far (+ my top picks), how the New York elites of Feud: Capote vs. the Swans actually lived, my favorite kids pool/beach item on sale, a look at how Instagram makes or breaks small businesses, and more

4. I updated my shops on Friday and added a Beauty Shop (it includes only products that I actually have, use, and love) and an Easter Shop because the springtime holiday is only 6 weeks away so, believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about it. I love love love Easter so I really enjoyed pulling items for this shop. (P.S. I know the scaling of the product images in my Beauty Shop and Easter Shop is too small – I should have that fixed shortly!).

A Few of this Week’s Favorites

Reward Style Loads
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