Weekend Reads, No.154 | JillianEversole.com
Weekend Reads, No. 154 | JillianEversole.com

Weekend Reads, No. 154

Charleston, South Carolina
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Before I dive into my Weekend Reads, No.154, I’m curious about what you’ve deemed to be your perfect social balance for January. Last year, I remember being astonished by how busy January was. In a way, it allowed me to keep riding the high that was the holidays and end of the previous year but, on the flip side, it meant I really never got an opportunity to catch my breath before the busyness of spring kicked in. I’m happy being out and about so I didn’t dislike the busy January. But there were definitely times when I thought “this doesn’t feel right” and wondered “is this giving me what I need right now?”. I was pregnant the January before last and am pregnant this January so maybe it was life’s way of giving me a bit of fun.

Regardless, this January, I went into it feeling invigorated by not doing a ton of social butterfly-ing around. So far, I’ve really enjoyed it and felt completely fulfilled by slowing down. In many ways, I haven’t slowed down as I’m working on a number of house projects before the baby comes (I’ll be sharing more on these!), have been working on some behind-the-scenes work projects, and have been playing catch up on some life items that I have honestly fallen behind on since having Henry – nothing like having another baby to kick me into gear to get organized on things I should have been organized on months ago. I haven’t been overcommitting myself socially though and that is exactly what I’ve needed. This pregnancy has certainly been my hardest. I am tired at the end of the day. So, I’ve aimed for about 1-2 social items a week.

The first week of January, my only social engagement was at our house – we hosted our second annual beef bourguignon cook-off. We had two other couples over and everyone brought dishes. It was cozy, delicious, comforting, and fun. The perfect opening into 2024 and the perfect way to spend a winter night with friends. Last week, my social calendar consisted of flying to Nashville for the day on Saturday with my mom to antique at the Antiques & Garden Show of Nashville. It was the best! We hit it hard and had such a marvelous day together spent treasure hunting. We also went to our friends’ house on Sunday for brunch. They had three other families over and all the children played while the adults munched on the yummiest bagel spread! Again, my kind of happy, cozy January social activity.

This coming week, I’ve got a walk with two girlfriends and then Edwin and I are off on our babymoon at the end of the week. I cannot wait! Next week, all I have on the books is a children’s birthday party and the week after, a dinner with three girlfriends. Just like that, January will be done and we’ll see what energy February brings.

How are you feeling this January? Energized by getting out of the house and being social or fulfilled by staying home and resting + regrouping? Although my January consists of two little trips – my Nashville day trip and our long weekend babymoon – they have been trips with my mom and Edwin so they aren’t the draining go-go-go type of trips. Just my speed right now.

Now, onto my Weekend Reads, No.154. This edition of my Weekend Reads series features winter horoscopes for every sign (mine was pretty spot on), two incredibly easy yet delicious meals to make this week for dinner, a huge children’s clothing sale, the new podcast I devoured, Harbour Island outfit inspiration, journaling prompts for a transformative year, the most popular baby names, the interiors coffee table book you need to preorder, the fitness item I’m ordering as soon as I have our baby, and more.

Weekend Reads, No.154 | JillianEversole.com
Weekend Reads, No. 154 | JillianEversole.com

Weekend Reads, No.154

1. Winter horoscopes for every sign. I’m not one to read horoscopes but my girlfriend sent me this link and I really loved my horoscope. I’m also laughing because it says I need to maintain sleep through April and I am set to have our third baby in mid/late March. Very spot on horoscope though! (goop.com)

2. Two delicious and incredibly easy recipes I made for our family this week: healthy sheet pan meal and yummy casserole that’s great for leftovers. (Lilse McKenna and halfbakedharvest.com)

3. For the past month or so, Charleston was wrapped up in drama, discourse, and action around stopping a historic home that is currently a public house museum from being sold to private hands (it was finally resolved this week!). It has had me deep diving into historic homes in other destinations, which brought me to this fantastic compilation of the best British open houses to visit. I want to visit them all! (theenglishhome.co.uk)

4. A new podcast I’ve been loving! Ariel Okin launched her own podcast and I devoured the first season. She has really great guests for anyone who loves interiors. I’ve also taken some notes on hotels her guests have recommended and added them to my travel wish lists. 

5. I could talk names all day long so articles like this one really get me: the most popular baby names over the last 130 years. (overthemoon.com)

6. Chassity does Harbour Island better than anyone. Her outfits (here and here) from her recent trip are too fun + too good and making me ready for spring dressing! 

7. Journaling prompts for a transformative year. Even just reading these prompts got my mind racing so I can only imagine how helpful it would be to take pen to paper in response to them. (intelligentchange.com)

Shopping & Sales

1. One of my favorite Children’s sites, Danrie, is having a big, big sale at up to 60% off! If you live in a spot where winter is going strong, then do not miss this sale. I adore this and this for little boys / this and this for little girls / this and this for babies.

2. I don’t need to carry around any extra weight right now thanks to my growing baby bump but I just put these in my Amazon cart for after the baby. I’ve somehow never owned these before but I think I would love them! People are true advocate of them and I’ve used them from time to time in a workout class and liked the experience. I do have these from the brand and am obsessed with them! I’ve had them for probably 3 years and they are still great. This is random but I keep them in my nursery and randomly use them when I’m doing things like tummy time with one of my babes or playing with them on the ground.

3. Garden and Gun’s very own style director, Haskell Harris, is releasing her first coffee table book, The House Romantic. It’s coming out this spring that explores what makes a personal and meaningful home. I can’t wait for it! 

4. Minnow Swim just launched their ‘Hotel Minnow’ capsule collection featuring a striking Charleston green stripe. This swimsuit + this terrycloth tee and shorts set has my boys’ names written all over it. Last summer, all Rowan wanted to wear after getting out of the water was terry cloth! The coordinating girls bathing suit is perfect too.

5. ALÉMAIS’ new collection is vacation READY! I absolutely cannot get enough of it and am coveting just about every piece. A few standouts… for the wedding guest: one, two, three. For the beachside lady: one, two. For the ladies who lunch: one, two.

6. Red hot for Valentine’s Day.

7. Brighten up your house this winter with one of these stunning florals. Each a work of art!

8. Heather Taylor Home is having a massive sale. The ‘honeydew’ colorway is so light and airy for the new year and for spring.

With Love From JE.Com

1. Do you and your husband have a song?

2. My cuties enjoying the start of 2024.

3. Last week’s Weekend Reads: an inspiring podcast episode, a quilt business I’m obsessed with, a how-to for finding your signature house drink, secrets for minimizing clutter, where to antique in Hudson Valley, the most gorgeous Charleston house tour, a coffee table book marking an iconic moment in fashion, social media trend predictions for 2024 and more.

A Few of this Week’s Favorites

Reward Style Loads
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