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Weekend Reads, No. 153

Charleston, South Carolina
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It has been an astonishingly long time since I’ve published a Weekend Reads post on here but I wanted to bring back the series because I, myself, love a little weekend inspiration. So, here’s my Weekend Reads, No.153. Before I dive into the links, a little recap of the week + some end of the week musings. I’ve been completely loving the mindset around starting a new year and have been energized by the start of 2024. The holidays were marvelous but, when they finished up, I felt ready to embrace the new.

The first week of January has been BUSY. We started the week out in Kiawah thanks to some dear friends that had us out for New Years. Our kiddos are all besties too so it was a blast. Our routine finally started back again on Wednesday and I was able to get things done for the first time since mid-December. I was so ready for preschool to start up again and to have our childcare schedule resume but then, of course, on Wednesday when I was away from my boys, I missed them terribly. The classic push pull of motherhood. Did anyone else experience that this week? Between the first half of the week in full on kid-mode and then the second half of the week in full on jump start mode, I was exhausted and so ready for the weekend. On Saturday morning, Edwin and I both slept in and didn’t get up before our boys. I woke up feeling really run down from the week and pregnancy, instead of feeling chipper. Rowan was up first and Edwin brought him into bed with me while Edwin got up and ready for the day. Rowan immediately could see that I was still sleepy so he gave me his beloved lamby to snuggle with and started rubbing my arm, just like I always rub his back or his arm. He said “Mommy, you’re growing a baby. It’s okay to be tired.” Hearing my thoughtful 3-year-old say this, while he was rubbing my arm, and while I had his lamby snuggled against me just about melted me. Rowan stops me in my tracks all the time with how insightful he is. He is old enough to understand so much and to read the room. He is also such a compassionate little child. I find that I am gobsmacked by him so often. Thank you God everyday for making me his mother. Edwin could tell I needed a little more time to be cozy in bed too so, without saying a thing, when Henry woke up, he and Rowan went up to Henry’s room and the three of them got the morning and breakfast underway. There are times in marriage when you wish the other person could read your mind and you don’t understand why you have to ask something or spell it out. Then, there are times when you operate on the same frequency and are completely in tune. Saturday morning was the latter. I was so grateful to Edwin for taking the boys and giving me the opportunity to ease into the day and get a slow start. My body and my mind needed it. Little acts of love like that touch me more than anything and make me appreciate my husband more than anything else. In my experience with giving birth to two children so far, I have found the experience to be one that is completely uniting on the marriage front and also one that throws literally everything out of whack, including marriage frequencies and communication. I am hoping for a year of operating on the same frequency – as much as possible with a new baby.

Another weekend musing of mine has been reflecting on a perspective that Jen shared yesterday about trying to reframe the common new year mindset for jumping into a new routine from “what can I take away” to “what can I add”. The examples Jen provided were:

“If you’re trying to cut back on sugar, instead of “I can’t have those cookies,” it’s “I can have this small square of fancy chocolate and my favorite tea.” Or if you’re trying to sleep more, it’s not “I can’t stay up and watch this show I want,” but “I can put on my favorite audiobook and get into my favorite pajamas and make the bedtime ritual feel really luxurious.”

Of course, Jen is so insightful and hitting the nail on the head with this one. What a positive outlook and useful way to approach new routines, new habits, or just decision-making in general. I’m going to take this perspective with me into 2024. Will someone please remind me of this after I have our third baby if I am pushing myself too hard in any area?

Now, onto my Weekend Reads, No.153. This edition of my Weekend Reads series features an inspiring podcast episode, a quilt business I’m obsessed with, a how-to for finding your signature house drink, secrets for minimizing clutter, where to antique in Hudson Valley, the most gorgeous Charleston house tour, a coffee table book marking an iconic moment in fashion, social media trend predictions for 2024 and more.

Weekend Reads, No.153 | JillianEversole.com
Toddler Boys Wearing Matching Oso & Me Animal Print Sweatsuits | JillianEversole.com

On Rowan: Sweatshirt / Jogger Pants

On Henry: Sweatshirt / Jogger Pants

Weekend Reads, No.153

1. I recently discovered this quilt business and I’m obsessed. She has so many gems on her Instagram that I’ve ogled over – beautiful vintage and antique textiles. (https://www.instagram.com/caravanquilts)

2. I found this podcast episode to be just delightful. Athena has such a beautiful outlook on living, career, interiors, and family. (mollysimms.com)

3. My girlfriend’s Georgian home here in Charleston is stunning in each and every way. The byline of the article says it all, “Its cypress-paneled drawing room is considered one of the most distinguished 18th-century rooms in America.” (veranda.com)

4. I make this winter salad every year and have already made it twice in the last month. It is delicious and so easy. (halfbakedharvest.com)

5. This video of Sister Parish at Home is two years old but I just recently stumbled upon it and watched it twice in a row. The inspiration is just flowing right off the screen when you watch. (Youtube.com)

6. Every house should have a signature house drink. Here’s how you find yours. (veranda.com)

7. Where to go antiquing in Hudson Valley and Connecticut. (jennycipoletti.com).

8. This cover is on one of my playlists that I put on the most but, for some reason, Edwin and I have been listening to it non-stop lately. It’s so darn good. (youtube.com)

9. A professional organizer’s secrets for minimizing clutter. (bhg.com)

10. Social media trend predictions for 2024. (instagram.com/eddisandco)

Shopping & Sales

1. My sister wore this midnight blue velvet dress on her birthday the other week and I just love it! It looked smashing on her + the price is pretty great. It is a brilliant dress to wear all winter long!

2. I’ve been into vintage books recently and peaking around the internet for them. I’ve found a few sources recently that I’m loving: Cape Fear Books and Impala Prints.

3. I missed this iconic coffee table book when it was released in the fall and now have my eye on it.

4. These are really special pajamas. I just heart them.

5. I have this dress in marigold and could not love it more! I am now absolutely smitten with it in emerald. Wow, wow, wow stunning.

6. The Avenue is having their annual Warehouse Sale and offering up to 80% off. There are some good finds in the $95 and under section.

7. A Valentine’s Day rainbow: pink, red, white, orchid, and wine.

8. I’ve heard wonderful things about this bra but never personally tried the brand. I could definitely use a bra refresh though so I think I need to snag it and report back!

With Love from JE.Com

1. I had so much fun putting together this Charleston guide for Sunshine Tienda complete with tons of recommendations + a section of my favorite hidden gems around town. (sunshinetienda.com)

2. Now that we are in 2024, the countdown to baby #3 is ON.

3. Cozy knits for winter.

4. New year affirmations to get behind at the start of 2024.

5. The poem I shared in this post is still sticking with me and on my mind in the best way.

6. Each of these 5 outfits I shared are stunning for any upcoming event or trip (the resort picks are my favorites!).

A Few of this Week’s Favorites

Reward Style Loads
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