A backyard California engagement party | Weekend Reads No.152 | Rhyme & Reason
what to wear to your engagement party | Rhyme & Reason

Weekend Reads, No. 152

Newport Beach, California
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Is it just me or was this week crazy? I don’t know what it was but Edwin and I were both so busy but also both so exhausted all week long. I’ve been staying up too late at night to work and I think it made me a little slow this week. We’ve had a really nice slow weekend at home though, which has been fantastic. It snowed yesterday morning in Charleston – Rowan’s first snow! It didn’t stick but the snow was still a lovely surprise to wake up to. We also had a babysitter and went to dinner with friends Saturday night at Chasing Sage. It was divine!

In other news this week, we had our marble top installed on our dining room sideboard, we had some art hung around the house, we had our water heater fixed (it was on the fritz), and I had an OBGYN appt that went great. I’m 29 weeks today! I have A LOT to do before baby #2 arrives and it feels like it is officially becoming crunch time. Yikes a bee! How was your week? Can you believe February starts on Tuesday? Holy smokes!

Keep reading for my Weekend Reads, No.152 complete with praise for getting dressed, a fun wedding registry rule book, a productivity tool, thoughts on being a cheerleader for your friends, an adorable chat about marriage, nursing bra recommendations, the French hotspots in Emily in Paris season 2, a golden hour Nantucket wedding, a 5-day reset, the new diaper bag I ordered myself and am obsessed with, a dreamy housedress, and more!

P.S. The below photos are from my sister’s engagement party last weekend in California! My sister, Sarah, wore a gorgeous Markarian dress and I wore a bright Hester Bly dress.

A family affair engagement party in Southern California | Weekend Reads No.152 | Rhyme & Reason
A backyard California engagement party | Weekend Reads No.152 | Rhyme & Reason
A family affair engagement party in Southern California | Rhyme & Reason
Engagement party dress ideas | Weekend Reads No.152 | Rhyme & Reason
what to wear to your engagement party | Rhyme & Reason
A backyard California engagement party | Rhyme & Reason
A backyard California engagement party | Rhyme & Reason
Engagement party dress ideas | Rhyme & Reason

Weekend Reads, No.152

1. I adore this little reflection piece so much on praising getting dressed (or — I love my husband). (thefashionmagpie.com)

2. I loved registrering for my wedding and have had fun seeing what my sister is registering for. This registry rule book is spot on in my opinion. (onlyontheavenue.com)

3. I bought 4 books from this book guide post and had read + enjoyed 3 of the others listed! Excited for some new reads to start the year. (witwhimsy.com)

4. I just ordered this and I am VERY intrigued to see what it does for my productivity! (ashleybrooke.com)

5. Thoughts on being a cheerleader… I LOVE this SO much! (thestripe.com)

6. Liz and Dave are the cutest! I really enjoyed their chat on all things marriage. (helloadamsfamily.com)

7. Wow, I found these nursing bra recommendations so helpful! I’m ordering them in anticipation of our second baby being born this spring. (carlyriordan.com)

8. The French hotspots spotted in season 2 of Emily in Paris. (vogue.fr)

9. Five new NYC spots to visit. (carlyahill.com)

10. This golden hour Nantucket wedding. Wow. (vogue.com)

11. I’m intrigued by this 5 day reset! It honestly sounds like a really nice idea. Has anyone done this? (sophiecollins.com)

Shopping & Sales

1. Rowan is a little too young for these but I discovered them and thought they sounded great for anyone with bigger kids aged 3-6… TinkerTots Boxes = boxes for kiddos that come with five, hands-on, educational activities full of all the Pinterest type activities you want to try but don’t have the time to execute or have the materials on hand for.

2. Three beautiful but super affordable vases for spring flowers: one, two, three.

3. I have heart eyes for this tee! Oh and this too.

4. I wore this housedress on my Instagram Story this week and y’all flipped for it so I’m sharing it here again too. P.S. If you have a little girl, she can match you!

5. J.Crew has new arrivals and these are really beautiful! Spring is in the air: Liberty cutout dress / pale green leather bucket bag / lilac bouclé cable-knit sweater / pale green quilted lady jacket / soft blue linen dress / monogrammable tote bag / pale yellow bouclé cardigan sweater.

6. A few Valentine’s books for kiddos: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven.

7. I love the new colors (the ‘Blue Nile’ color!) that Lululemon released in their Align High-Rise Crops. Thinking I need these in navy.

8. Such a cute Valentine’s Day collection from Olive Lane! Precious holiday vibes for kiddos.

9. I ordered myself this new green and white diaper bag and I’m OBSESSED with it! It’s so pretty, has great compartments, is the perfect size, and just all around wins. I brought it to California last weekend and can’t recommend it enough!

10. Two affordable completely adorable dresses to snag now for spring: pink and white.

With Love from R&R

1. We’re so excited to be welcoming baby #2 to our family this spring! Due Easter Sunday!

2. A very personal post sharing my second miscarriage story, my struggles surrounding miscarriage and grief, my experience miscarrying before and after having a child, and my thoughts on moving forward from miscarriage.

3. Four easy mocktail recipes to make at home (p.s. you can add alcohol to each of these super easily too).

4. Valentine’s Day for you and your littles. I rounded up so many festive picks!

5. A pink and red edit for women, little boys, and little girls.

6. Fifteen things to do with your best friend in winter.

7. My last Weekend Reads post: all-season entertaining tips from Charleston’s best, an inspiring podcast episode with one of my fave female creatives, a delicious Valentine’s treat to bake, thoughts on taking an Instagram break, 20+ ways to volunteer in Charleston, pre-order books to snag now (I ordered 2 or the 3 recommendations!), children’s school lunchbox gear, and more.

8. Bumping with my best friend!

A Few of this Week’s Favorites

Reward Style Loads

A Few Valentines Finds for Your and Your Kids

These are all fresh items that I haven’t previously shared on the blog already in Valentine’s Day posts. There are so much adorable festive pieces to choose from!

Reward Style Loads

Photography by the Valorie Darling team

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