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Weekend Reads, No. 133

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Like so many Americans, this week consisted of a lot of reading, reflecting, and listening for me. I have discovered so many wonderful new black businesses, brands, and creators through my reading and research that I’m really excited to incorporate on Rhyme & Reason. I know I have not previously represented people of color and brands owned by people of color in a significant way on R&R. Well, I can tell you that is going to change.

Moving forward, I’ll be doing lots of things more thoughtfully including: incorporating black-owned brands into my content, using my voice locally (I have never missed an opportunity to vote and don’t intend to), working with brands who are and who celebrate diversity, learning from my mistakes, and continuing my work after the movement in the media looses steam. I hope y’all feel the same way and will join me in similar efforts of your own! It is a huge privilege to be able to share this blog with y’all and to have you reading along. So, I hope we can all continue to grow together.

Keep reading for my Weekend Reads No.133 complete with a wonderful new foundation I discovered this week for black women and girls, a reflection from Breonna Taylor’s family and friends remembering her greatness, beautiful birthstone stacking rings, thoughts on growing up “colorblind,” 11 fiction books written by black female authors to read, 20% off sitewide at my favorite Charleston boutique, and more!

Weekend Reads, No. 133 | Rhyme & Reason

Weekend Reads No.133

1. Breonna Taylor’s family and friends remember her greatness. (teenvogue.com)

2. I discovered The Loveland Foundation this week and was immediately drawn to their mission to “show up for communities of color in unique and powerful ways, with a particular focus on black women and girls.” Learn more here and donate here. (thelovelandfoundation.org)

3. I found myself nodding along while reading this post on growing up with the notion of being “colorblind.” (thefashonmagpie.com)

4. Nine organizations working to save black mothers and fight black maternal mortality. (self.com)

5. How 7 black mothers are talking to their children about the protests. (vogue.com)

6. Twelve black-owned bookstores you can support right now + black-owned bookstores listed by state. (buzzfeednews.com & refinery29.com)

7. Eleven fiction books written by black women to read this year. (cupcakesandcashmere.com)

Shopping & Sales:

1. There are so many lemlem pieces I’m swooning over for summer: one // two // three // four // five // six.

2. Like so many small businesses this spring, my favorite Charleston boutique, Hampden, has been hit hard. Through tomorrow, they are having a surprise flash sale and offering 20% off your entire order! Snag one of my favorite items of theirs right now: 1) ruffled lavender stripe dress 2) flouncy canary yellow dress 3) nautical boat print dress 4) fresh white dot skirt 5) perfect long sleeve tee 6) perfect short sleeve tee 7) statement pearl earrings.

3. Use code BLM for 15% off three beautiful earring styles and one necklace style from Fleuri: Alice // Ida // Maya // Rosa.

4. I read the book An American Marriage last year and couldn’t put it down! It is a wonderful fiction read that relates to current times. I’m telling you, the story and characters will touch your soul.

5. The colorful spring/summer collection from The Tiny Tassel is beyond adorable and cheery. Use code “HAPPYTASSELING” for free shipping on orders over $75.

6. I’m really loving the birthstone stacking rings from this new-to-me Etsy shop!

7. Hearing RAVE reviews about this healing whipped skin soufflé. I can’t wait to try it! It received Allure’s beauty award last year too so you know it’s fantastic.

With Love from R&R:

1. Black businesses, bloggers, creators, and Instagrammers to know, love, support, follow, and shop.

2. Last week’s Weekend Reads: parenting education resources through a critical race sense, a roundup of antiracist books, how to stop institutional racism, where to donate, becoming antiracist, and more. 

A Few of this Week’s Favorites:

Reward Style Loads


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