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Weekend Reads, No. 132

Charleston, South Carolina
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Happy Sunday! I always start my Weekend Reads post by declaring happy Sunday! Of course, some Sundays are happier than others but I still wanted to start this post with a positive sentiment. There is no doubt that this week has been tough. It’s impossible to put into words the horror, confusion, and sadness we as Americans have felt while watching racial tensions hit a breaking point with the despicable, evil actions of Derek Chauvin. He is a murder. Full stop. It is also impossible to know the “right” thing to say in such a climate. As a white American, it is also impossible for me to relate to what black Americas are feeling and going through.

What I do know is that this week has been heartbreaking and straight up sad. On the flip side, I also know in my bones that God is good and love always conquers evil in the long run. I have been reading so much this week, reflecting, and thinking about what I can do. It might not feel like it but the actions and words of each one of us make a difference.

In my links this week, I’m sharing resources and ways to help financially and through action.

I keep feeling stronger and stronger that the most effective way to create positive change, is to start at the most basic, personal level… with our families and friends. These conversations can be hard but it’s harder not to say anything at all. Talk to your children, friends, etc. about racism and antiracism and the history of this country. I’m hopeful for the future. I read something this week from someone who was questioning bringing children into this world. I felt quite the opposite. What better time to raise up the next generation then now when you can openly have tough conversations with them and create a generation of positivity, action, and change.

We all have the power within us to help and ignite change for the better. Every single life matters and every human being on this earth is one of God’s children loved equally and wholly by Him. Keep reading for my Weekend Reads No.132 complete with parenting education resources through a critical race sense, a roundup of antiracist books, how to stop institutional racism, where to donate, becoming antiracist, and more.

P.S. I decided to keep the usual shopping section on this post as a small, superficial pick-me-up.

Practicing love for all + Weekend Reads, No. 132 | Rhyme & Reason

Weekend Reads No.132:

1. Before this week, I was unfamiliar with The Conscious Kid. It is an incredible resource! The Conscious Kid’s mission is to create parenting and education resources through a critical race lens. They recommend diverse books that serve as conversation starters for parents and children to openly talk about race. Their Instagram account is also chock-full of information.

2. Speaking of books, this is an incredible roundup of antiracism books. You can shop them all here on to support independent bookstore at the same time.

3. Being antiracist and how to create an equal society in all aspects of our lives. (

4. How white people can hold each other accountable to stop institutional racism. (

5. Have you signed the #JusticeforFloyd petition? Click that link to learn more. It takes 1 minute. You can also text “floyd” to 55156 to accomplish the same thing. (

6. Breaking down the “I’m not a racist” defense. (

7. Looking to donate but not sure where? I always recommend doing research on your local community and its needs that align with the cause. Also, here are a few places to investigate donating to: Minnesota Freedom Fund, George Flyod’s family’s GoFundMe page, Black Mamas Matter, The Bail Project, Black Visions Collective, and the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. These are just a few suggestions of the many places to donate.

8. On becoming anti-racist. (

Shopping & Sales:

1. Tory Burch launched green spongeware! I’m in love. This pitcher!

2. My bestie, Allison, declared her love for these lounge pants and I immediately ordered them. Such a great price and classic color choices!

3. I just discovered Molly B. Totes this week on Instagram and thought they were such a breath of fresh air for summer. We chatted and you can DM her for info! So cute.

4. Lake Pajamas just launched a new summer collection! Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this a new silhouette? It’s so fun! I also love this in “surf,” this in “cobalt,” and this in solid white (I don’t think Lake has ever done solid white before!).

5. I shared Honey Bear Pages on my Instagram Story but wanted to share again here. How adorable are their paper goods? I got this notepad and enclosure card crest set and love it!

6. Another Etsy shop find (don’t you love Etsy!?)… Donovan Design Linens has the prettiest monogram handkerchiefs, napkins, and embroidered linens.

7. I can’t wait to read this memoir.

With Love from R&R:

1. How to store purses in your closet + purse organizing essentials.

2. One convenient place for all my Amazon favorites.

3. Neutral colored clothing wardrobe staples to love all summer long.

4. Last week’s Weekend Reads: how to start needlepointing, sweet thank yous for teachers after a trying school year, why you need a travel advisor for your post-pandemic vacation, a 10 minute summer berry pie recipe, ’90 romantic comedies you should rewatch, what the “Devil Wears Prada’ got wrong about Anna Wintour, a Charleston guide to Netflix’s ‘Outer Banks,’ steps for mixing up an amaro spritz, and more!

A few of this Week’s Favorites:

Reward Style Loads

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  1. Thank you for sharing this message in your Weekend Reads – I too am trying to educate myself as much as possible in light of what’s happening in our country. The term “anti-racist” was a new one to me until this past week and I think it makes such an important differentiation between believing but not doing anything about it and taking action.

    Let’s continue to do better on a daily basis!


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