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Weekend Reads, No. 112

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It’s been such a busy week! Last Sunday, Edwin and I went to St. Michaels, Maryland for our two anniversary! We stayed at The Inn at Perry Cabin, which we loved! I’ll be sharing more about the trip so stay tuned. It was an incredible few days away that my parents surprised us with. We truly could not have been more grateful! We were in Charleston mid-week briefly before we flew to Montana on Thursday for a wedding at Paws Up. We’re flying back home today and really looking forward to getting home. If you’re considering a trip to Paws Up, then definitely email me or DM me because I have thoughts to share that I think would be helpful.

At this point, we’re closing in on our house move-in date. We are dying with anticipation! Last week, we had a major setback with our floors that pushed us back a week so all our fingers are crossed that our new official move-in date sticks. I hope y’all have a fantastic Sunday!

Keep reading for my Weekend Reads No.112 complete with where to eat in Napa, a hypothesis for why you never see your friends anymore, the 8 best hot springs to visit in the US, a case for aging well, the pros and cons of false lashes, where to buy practical baby clothes, a new tv show announcement I’m looking forward to, a new can’t-miss earring collection, the denim jacket I wore the whole time in Montana, and more!

The Inn at Perry Cabin in the Fall + Weekend Reads No.112 | Rhyme & Reason

Weekend Reads No.112

1. Where to eat in Napa. (

2. Why you never see your friends anymore. So interesting. So true. (

3. Edwin and I really want to visit Salem, MA one day. I’ve heard it is wonderful in the fall and especially spooky in October. I’m saving this guide for maybe next October! (

4. Travel enthusiast, you’ll love this fun list: the 8 best hot springs in the US for every type of traveler! I’ve been to #5 but would love to check more of these off the list. (

5. Nine Revolutionary War sites in Charleston. (

6. Is a healthy gut the key to aging well? (

7. In 2017, I jumped onboard with the false lashes trend for about 4-5 months. There were aspects of it I loved and aspects I really didn’t love. If you’re thinking about it, then read this guide to the pros and cons of false lashes… I pretty much agree with everything Julia said! (

8. Such a cleaver post idea: great places to buy practical baby clothes. (

9. What’s left of Condé Nast. (

10. If you read Normal People, then this news will excite you! (

Shopping & Sales

1. This Nicola Bathie earring collection is so dreamy. I absolutely love these floral studs!

2. A few cozy sweaters I’m loving right now: one // two // three // four // five.

3. I’ve been looking for a great pair of brown boots since last year (I ordered 3 pairs last year and returned them all because they weren’t right) and I’m thinking these boots look like a beautiful option.

4. I wore this sherpa lined denim jacket the whole time in Montana. I can’t recommend it enough!

5. My blush suede buckle bag from last year is available again this year and currently 35% off! (as seen on me here and here)

6. I’m having a moment with plaid blazers and particularly loving these two: one // two.

With Love from R&R:

1. I’ve been wearing this cozy neutral fall outfit on repeat lately.

2. Fall shoe trends + the classic fall shoes I love year after year.

3. Olive green pants: how to wear them + my favorites to shop right now.

4. Last week’s Weekend Reads: a can’t-miss new podcast (fans of The Office will love it!), an interview with one of my favorite editorial stylists, great tips for how to start a conversation, the trailer for one of fall’s most anticipated show returns, tips for how to use Instagram for travel ideas, thoughts on why the iPhone 11 Pro should be the next camera you buy, and more!

A Few of this Week’s Favorites

Reward Style Loads

Photograph from our trip to The Inn at Perry Cabin – more to come!

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