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Weekend Reads, No. 12

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This week has been a bit up and down for me. Nothing in particularly good or bad happened but I was just exhausted. It was a week where I felt like I was constantly trying to race after my schedule and to do list with very little success. Truthfully, I also missed Edwin a ton because we only saw each other for a few hours this week due to work schedules. When I think back on the week and cut myself some slack, I realize I really did get a lot done but just not as much as I wanted. I got a big shoot in for R&R, I worked on wedding planning (save the dates, hotel room blocks, engagement party planning etc), and I worked a lot on my grad school classes I’m taking to clear my teaching credential (it’s a California requirement that I don’t think all states require, woof!). I also went to work, went to tennis, saw some family, paid some bills, etc. but I also fell behind on emails and barley posted on here (which I’ve really been kicking myself for).

I did read something this week though that really, really resonated with me. It resonated with me so much that I actually felt the feeling of shock. My friend Mackenzie’s post on loosing things and gaining perspective literally mirrors my life. She writes about loosing things lately and seemingly loosing her mind and thus being hard on herself for it. Recently, I’ve experienced very similar circumstances – I’ve walked into an airport only to realize that I left my entire purse at home, I’ve gotten off an airplane and almost driven away in a taxi only to realize I left my purse on the plane, I’ve lost an entire purse in an airport (after tirelessly calling and looking for it, it still never showed up again), and I’ve done one more majorly forgetful thing that I can’t even remember right now (must ask my mom!).

Like Mackenzie, what’s so starling to me in these situations is the feeling of forgetfulness and confusion because, believe it or not, I am not a forgetful person. It has left me feeling very uneasy. So, to conclude this long stream of consciousness, I read Mackenzie’s post and felt a huge connection to her thoughts. I was reminded of how important it is to gain a little perspective. This coming week, I’m really going to try to get to bed a little earlier because I know I’m sometimes overbooked with work, grad school, planning my wedding, R&R, and real life. Christmas break couldn’t come at a better time! I hope this post wasn’t too much of a downer… some weeks just aren’t your week but I’m happy to say that I’ve had a seriously wonderful weekend with my mom and sister in town! Cheers to a happy Sunday and one more week before winter break! I’m going to brunch and a gingerbread decorating party today! Hope you enjoy my weekend reads. xx

Hot Cocoa Holiday Party on Rhyme & Reason

Mugs (they are released every year in gold just for the month of December so now is the time to buy!)


Weekend Reads:

1. I love this holiday post from Sarah! (

2. Three festive holiday cake toppers. (

3. How the new Instagram algorithm is hurting the honest blogger. I found this article very interesting as someone who has never bought an Instagram follower and who works very hard on my Instagram feed!

4. Clean lines and lots of plants in this blogger babe’s apartment. (

5. This looks down right delicious: the ultimate autumn smoothie bowl. (

6. I’ve been obsessing over Ali’s holiday outfit all week. (

7. According to psychologists, this is how to motivate yourself to workout. (

8. If you read Garden & Gun, then you must check out this interview with G&G’s brand development director. (

9. The link I mentioned up top about loosing things and gaining perspective.

10. Seven treats to make this holiday season. (


Shopping & Sales:

1. Do you have a holiday wreath for your front door yet? Shop for them here and here.

2. The holidays are here with these mini ornaments, gold star garland, reindeer swizzle sticks, cocktail napkins, Christmas tree pajamas, jingle bell bottle toppers, and this be merry glass set.

3. Really, really into this denim jacket with the shearling lining.

4. Well, well aren’t these the most fun party earrings around town?

5. Gigi New York is offering 20% off sitewide this weekend with code HOLIDAY16.

6. The J.Crew sales just don’t stop! This weekend the crew is offering 30% off your entire order under $200 and 40% off your entire order over $200 with code PRESENTS.

7. I’m in love with all the ornaments at Anthropologie right now!

8. More Anthropologie news… Anthro is offering 30% off clothing and free shipping on orders over $150 all day today!


With Love From R&R:

1. New outfit post featuring 3 different navy layers.

2. A brand spanking new gift guide for the jetsetter in your life! Check out my other gift guides: for the girls, for the boys, for the beauty babe.

3. There’s nothing like a little holiday cheer!

4. A holiday red outfit + where I buy all my ornaments.

5. Remember these posts! Here are a few of my favorite winter outfits from last year: Hunter boots in the snow, pop of winter red, pom pom beanie, Christmas turtleneck, sequin holiday dress, fair isle sweater, and pajama party.


A Few Of This Week’s Favorites:

Reward Style Loads

Photograph by Valorie Darling

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  1. Mackenzie’s post really resonated with me too and I’m so glad that you also said it was a startling realization, because that’s how I felt! I’ve never been a forgetful person (even my lists have lists) and to say I’ve been scatterbrained lately would be a vast understatement. I think it’s a good reminder for all of us to slow down. I hope you give yourself some credit, because your plate is incredibly full! Have a great week 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Jess!! Can’t believe you’ve been feeling the same way too! I so appreciate your comment and your sweet words! Have a wonderful week too… it’s almost the holidays! xx

  2. Welcome to my world, filled up to the mountain tops with scattered cliff hanging, roller coaster scenarios. Not overstepping my bounds hopefully in offering this suggestion, whenever, I trip over my own feet aimlessly searching for that one thing under my nose, I know where to go. I’ve discovered through the course of going around the mountain, without, reaching the mountaintop; visualizing what it would be like just to view the landscape from the top, in peace: didn’t seem possible at the pace I was going. It wasn’t long thereafter, I discovered, once I slowed down… GOD was close by holding every item forgotten, with open arms. Right then, I knew, the full schedule, emotionally and physically, wherein my cup runneth over needed a Savior. I find spending time with God before I do anything else, take one step, or breathin another must do, unwinds my mind, refocuses my plans, directs my paths, and stills my heart. Psalm 46:10 Be still and Know that I am God. We recognize God’s love and unlimited power when we slow down.

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