Wedding Wednesday Wedding Body Part 3 on Rhyme & Reason Skincare

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Body Part 3

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I’m back with another Wedding Wednesday post today! Today’s post is Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Body Part 3, aka my third and final post in my wedding body mini-series. You may remember my first wedding body post on my wedding diet and my second wedding body post on my workout routine. Today’s post is dedicated to skincare and what I’m doing to have beautiful, glowing skin on my wedding day. Skin is your body’s biggest organ so it’s so important to treat it with care! P.S. none of the below is sponsored… it’s really what I do, use, and love.

Wedding Wednesday Wedding Body Part 3 on Rhyme & Reason Skincare

If you’ve been following me for awhile, then you’ve probably heard me mention here and there that I’ve struggled with acne since middle school. Because of this, I love skincare and take it pretty seriously. I never ever miss a face wash before bed! If you’ve ever struggled with acne, then I don’t have to tell you how challenging it can be! So, over years of trial and error, reading and researching, and experiencing changing skin due to growing older, I’ve learned a lot and was ready to kick it into gear when I got engaged to ensure beautiful skin, without any breakouts, on my wedding day. Until recently, I got 1-3 underground pimples in my chin area a month and I deal with scaring from acne and the sun. I like to take a natural approach and I am not ready to do anything as extreme as Fraxel or other skin lasers. I am not against such treatments, I just personally don’t agree with the trend now to push such extreme treatments on young girls in their twenties. With that being said, here is a comprehensive list of everything I’m doing for my wedding skin:


I think regular facials are the single best thing you can do for your skin for maintaining a natural glow, preventing acne, and protecting against aging. Allison tipped me off to Amy Rae awhile ago and I absolutely can’t imagine my skin without her. If you live in Los Angeles, then look into seeing her! The facial I get with Amy Rae consists of a regular facial and then a segment of LED lights: blue (for acne prevention), red (for cellular repair and collagen production, aka anti-aging), and green (for hyper-pigmentation). LED Light Therapy is completely painless and 100% works. I saw huge results from blue light treatments in high school too when my acne was at it’s worst.


This spring, I decided that there was more I could be doing for my skin so I reassessed my makeup routine. I realized that while I liked my makeup, it was full of harmful chemicals that absolutely do not aid in my quest to maintain a clear completion. So, I researched other options and really loved what I read about Beauty Counter. Beauty Counter maintains a ‘Never List’ made up of more than 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals that they never use as ingredients in their products. These chemicals are prevalent in the mainstream beauty industry in the United States so I feel so happy about my makeup switch (yes, the brands I was using had chemicals from this list in their products). I’m currently using and loving these Beauty Counter products: tint skin foundation, Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer (goes on more like sunscreen than moisturizer), Touchup Skin Concealer Pen, Mattifying Powder, Color Sweep Blush Duo, Lengthening Mascara, and Sheer Lipstick (I love the ‘rose’ color). They have a lot more products that I am anxious to try too.

Daily Routine:

Since working on my skincare for my wedding, I have changed a couple things up in my daily routine…

1) I used to wash my face day and night religiously. However, I have combination skin so I learned from countless facialists and dermatologists that I only need to wash my skin with face wash at night. In the morning, I just splash my face with warm water. At night, if I’ve been wearing makeup, I double wash. The first wash is to remove makeup, pollution from the air, and sweat. The second wash is to actually clean my skin. I also use my Clarisonic a few times a week for an extra deep clean.

2) I switched from a face lotion to a face oil. I was so nervous and skeptical of this but Amy Rae educated me on the benefits of skin oils (a quick google search can fill you in but in non-science terms, oils help with hydrating your skin, locking in water and other moisturizing essentials, protecting your skin from outside toxins, reducing wrinkles and enlarged pores, and calming enflamed skin). I immediately took her advice and ditched my old face lotion for the ISUN Sunstone Facial Oil. I use it morning and night after I splash water on/wash my face. ISUN uses only organic and natural ingredients so you are safe with their products. This brings me to my third change to my daily routine…

3) Also, thanks to Amy Rae’s advise, I now exfoliate daily using ISUN Crystal Cleansing Exfoliant. I use it at night, after I wash my face and before I apply my face oil. I expressed my concern for my acne scars and sun spots to Amy Rae and asked for her advice as dermatologists have recommend treatments like Fraxel and V-Beam Skin Lasers to treat these scars. She said that a natural exfoliant is so much better for youthful skin and will help with natural cell reproduction. So, painful and invasive dermatologist procedures can be easily avoided at my age.


I already shared a lot about my wedding diet but it plays a role in my skin too. Kelly LeVeque recommends for all her clients to eat healthy fats (examples: avocado, wild salmon, and walnuts) at every meal. Healthy fats help maintain a natural glow in your skin, reduce inflammation, eliminate toxins from your body, and so on. I also use this collagen (recommended by Kelly) in my Fab 4 Smoothies every now and then to help maintain skin elasticity.

Wedding Wednesday Wedding Body Part 3 on Rhyme & Reason Skincare

I’m wearing a pair of PJs from my favorite pajama company, Lake Pajamas. They are the softest pajamas ever! Edwin jokes that he sees me in them more than in regular clothing. I’m wearing the Marine Stripe Shorts Set here but I also just snagged the Blossom Pants Set earlier this summer because I’m obsessed.

Wedding Wednesday Wedding Body Part 3 on Rhyme & Reason Skincare

I hope you loved this Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Body Part 3 post! I am passionate about skincare and love to talk about it. If you have any questions about my experiences with any of the above, then feel free to email me at I’m an open book! xx

Photography by Jessi Burrone



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