Wedding Wednesday: My Engagement Ring

Wedding Wednesday: My Engagement Ring

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Happy Wedding Wednesday love bugs! Today’s post, Wedding Wednesday: My Engagement Ring, is all about the story behind my ring. I felt a little weird about sharing anything specific about my ring but, as a girl, I love reading stories about other girls’ rings and engagement stories so I thought I’d give it a go.

P.S. keep reading for the full scoop on my gorgeous vintage inspired, monogrammed ring box.

Wedding Wednesday: My Engagement Ring Wedding Wednesday: My Engagement Ring

I’ve found that girls find their dream ring so many different ways. Some girls try on rings with their mom or boyfriend/girlfriend, some Pinterest stalk photos, some gain inspiration from the rings of people they know, some land on a family ring, and some girls never even look into rings before they get engaged. I love to follow along with Stone Fox Bride on Instagram for ring Inspiration and to read ring/proposal stories. So, how did I fall in love with a ring?!

Wedding Wednesday: My Engagement Ring Wedding Wednesday: My Engagement Ring

I never tried on rings. My ring finger is very small (size 3.5!) so even when I do try on rings, I can never get a good gauge of how they will actually look on my finger because every ring is too big. I did know though that I didn’t want anything trendy because I wanted to still love my ring in 5-10 years and because going the trendy route isn’t really me (I’m not trendy enough!). So, for me, that ruled out things like uncommon cuts and different metals.

Wedding Wednesday: My Engagement Ring

I fell in love with two rings I’d seen on people that were once removed from me (a friend’s cousin’s ring and a friend of a friend’s ring). Both rings were very similar with pavé bands and round cut diamonds. I saw one and then I saw the other and I was sold… I’ve had endless hearts in my eyes ever since. I just love the cleanness of a round cut with a detailed band. So, the next step was hinting to Edwin that I had a good idea of what I hoped for.

Wedding Wednesday: My Engagement Ring Wedding Wednesday: My Engagement Ring

Edwin’s sister saved the day! Edwin and she schemed a little behind my back and decided that she would help find out what I wanted. For us, it kept the process a little more romantic and secretive because Edwin and I didn’t pick out the ring together and I truly had no idea what I would receive and when. Edwin’s sister and I chatted rings and she asked to see photos of what I liked. She is a ring expert because she developed and designed my favorite gift to give newly engaged girls, Bling Wipes (you saw them in my bridesmaid boxes). This conversation happened months before Edwin popped the question so I was totally thrown and had no idea when the proposal was going to happen. It was definitely an exciting time!

Wedding Wednesday: My Engagement Ring

When Edwin proposed, I almost didn’t even see the ring because my eyes were full of tears! When I finally saw the ring and realized the whole proposal was actually real life, I thought (and still do) that the ring was more perfect than I ever could have imagined. Edwin put his own special touches on the ring when he designed the band and how the ring is set on the band. Every time I look at my engagement ring, I think of Edwin, which is exactly how I’d wanted it to be!

Wedding Wednesday: My Engagement Ring

I keep my ring safe when I take it off to work out etc. in my Mrs. Box. My Mrs. Box is honestly my favorite little bridal accessory I’ve been given so far. When I got it in the mail, I said out loud, “Oh no! They sent me the wrong box. This one has an E on it instead of an A.” My roommate laughed and reminded me that I’m going to have an E for my last initial soon, ha! The boxes come in lots of different colors and I just love the monogram. Along with Bling Wipes, I think a Mrs. Box is the absolute best gift to give a girlfriend or loved one after getting engaged. I’m excited to photograph my ring in my Mrs. Box on my wedding day too!

Wedding Wednesday: My Engagement Ring

Thanks for reading all of my Wedding Wednesday: My Engagement Ring post! For more Wedding Wednesday content, click the “Categories” section of my menu and find the Wedding Wednesday tab.

Photography by Valorie Darling

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