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Valentine’s Day Table Setting

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s time to embrace the spirit of love and appreciation, not just for your love but for friends and family as well. While I know some folks view Valentine’s Day as a commercialized holiday, I think there’s undeniable charm in dedicating a day to celebrate the special connections in our lives. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a gathering with loved ones, setting the table can elevate the occasion, setting the mood for an evening filled with warmth and affection. Today, I’m excited to share some table setting ideas that will infuse Valentine’s Day with a little extra dose of love and joy and create lasting memories for all who gather around the table. for another extra dose of love and joy this Valentine’s Day, read my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for women and littles.

How to set the table for a luncheon | JillianEversole.com
Valentine's Day Table Setting | JillianEversole.com

Parterre Tablecloth (more here) / Maison Margaux Placemats / CeCe Barfield Napkins / Sabre Silverware / Herend Plates (our wedding china (!) – the whole collection here) / Paul Arnhold Tumblers / Wine Glasses (similar) / Sharland England Vase / Issy Granger Candlesticks

How to set the table for a luncheon | JillianEversole.com
Valentine's Day Table Setting | JillianEversole.com

Valentine's Day Tablescape | JillianEversole.com
Beautiful ideas for at-home spring tablescapes | JillianEversole.com

10 Valentine’s Day Table Setting Ideas

Keep It Simple And Sweet

For my Valentine’s Day Table, I wanted to keep it aligned with how I feel the holiday should be by making it simple and sweet. Other than the Valentine’s Day table settings, I did not clutter the table with anything other than a beautiful splatter vase (comes in multiple color combos) full of fresh flowers and two lovely glass blown candlesticks (they come in 4 colors). Valentine’s Day can be known for being stuffy so I wanted my table setting to be anything but! The un-fussy dining table has room to breath so loved ones can sit and chat for hours around it. Perfect for a romantic dinner with your love or for a fun-filled dinner with your best girlfriends, your Galentines.

Roses Don’t Have To Be Red

I love a classic red Valentine’s Day rose but I also love to jump at the chance to embrace the unexpected. This Valentine’s Day, break away from tradition and embrace the beauty of roses in a spectrum of colors, from delicate pastels to vibrant hues, to express your love in a unique and personalized way. Consider opting for romantic shades like blush pink, soft lavender, or even sunny yellow, each carrying its own symbolic meaning. I think roses in other colors can add an extra layer of heartfelt surprise to a Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day table. I had lots of fun playing with shades of pink and yellow for my florals.

Write Love Notes

Layer love letters into your Valentine’s Day meal in one of three ways: 1) Ask your spouse or your love to write a letter ahead of time and exchange them as your gifts to each other over your Valentine’s dinner at home. 2) Place blank cards on your table so you can write each other heartfelt notes during your meal (being in the same time and place might inspire you). 3) If you are doing a family Valentine’s Day meal, make homemade Valentine’s with your children before the meal and place them all on the table in your dining room at everyone’s plate so each family member has a little pile of love notes to open and read at the table.

Embrace Red, White, And Pink

Embrace the quintessential colors of love this Valentine’s Day by incorporating a palette of pink, red and white into your Valentine’s Day table decor, evoking a romantic ambiance that captures the romantic holiday. From a pink and white tablecloth (more here) and scalloped napkins to classic silverware done in a punchy pink, each element contributes to a captivating tableau that sets the stage for a sweet celebration of your love. For a true embrace of a red, white, and pink Valentine’s Day, don’t miss this stunning more is more Valentine’s table by my friend Samantha Varvel. What a Galentine’s celebration! I love all the Tara Roma Valentine’s collection items she used.

Mix In Unexpected Colors

I love that my table setting plays up lots of pinks but also includes other unexpected colors as well like bright blues. I sprinkled blues in with my lovely scalloped edge ditsy floral print placemats (I love to use these January – August), my glass blown candlesticks (such mini works of art and the best price considering they are made by hand!), and my favorite splatter vase in its gorgeous blue and pink colorway. And I also mixed in unexpected colors with my florals and greenery. It makes it feel like this table could just as easily be set for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, or any spring or summer gathering.

Celebrate Your Galentines

It is lovely to have a romantic valentine but Valentine’s Day is also a fantastic excuse to get together with your best girlfriends. Gather your closest gal pals and indulge in a little Galentine’s celebration at home, complete with decadent treats, sparkling drinks, and heartfelt conversations that celebrate the power of female friendship. Set the mood with festive decorations, exchange small tokens of appreciation, and revel in the joy of spending quality time with the wonderful women who enrich your life.

Add Personal DIY Touches

Add a personalized touch to your Valentine’s Day table with a little something DIY like DIY twisted taper candles. Crafted with love and creativity, they enhance the romantic ambiance of your celebration. They serve as eye-catching decor but also infuse your table setting with added charm because you created them yourself. I recently saw Mary Everard share how she creates her DIY tapers and now I can’t wait to try making them for myself.

Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Any excuse for festive dress is a YES in my book. I love to dress for a holiday so I have a few options for you here to wear all the hearts and look the part.

For a casual Valentine’s Day at home with your family, I love these flats in “ecru” paired with this chunky sweater in “ecru” or this perfect sweater in “blush,” these jeans, these heart earrings, and a swipe of this lipstick in “babe.”

For a lively Galentine’s with your best girlfriends, I love this sequin dress. These drop earrings, and these braided heels.

For a romantic Valentine’s with your love, I love this one shoulder dress, these platforms, and these heart earrings. Or I love these two red hot dresses (one, two) with these heels.

For a Valentine’s Day daytime date, I love one of these three dresses: berry, red, or stripes with these heeled sandals.

Involve Your Littlest Valentines

Get your little ones involved in your Valentine’s Day festivities by hosting a family cooking session where they can help prepare heart shaped treats or decorate cookies with pink and red icing. Engage them in setting the table with festive decorations and encourage them to create homemade cards for each family member to spread love and cheer during the Valentine’s meal. Valentine’s Day, for me, is about taking time to remind Edwin how strong our love is but it is also just as much about showering my children in love.

P.S. Act fast on Valentine’s for your kiddos with my classroom Valentine gift ideas. I also have tons of Valentine’s gift ideas for littles in my Valentine’s Day with Kids Gift Guide (it includes gifts for women and children).

Set The Mood

The last piece of the puzzle when thinking through your Valentine’s Day table setting is the mood. Do you want a casual family affair with homemade Valentine’s, a light and airy table for an easy celebration, a moody romantic setting with your love, or a lively bubbly vibe with your girlfriends? The type of Valentine’s celebration you’re having will dictate the mood for your table.

Easter table ideas | JillianEversole.com
Beautiful ideas for at-home spring tablescapes | JillianEversole.com

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Easter table ideas | JillianEversole.com
Beautiful ideas for at-home spring tablescapes | JillianEversole.com

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