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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her

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Valentine’s Day is a week from tomorrow! Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone, which I completely understand but I try to think of it as a lovely little reminder to tell any and all love ones how much I care for them. When Edwin and I do gifts, we focus more on Christmas and birthdays as Valentine’s really is just a silly little day (although I love it!) but we always like to do a little something.

That little something takes different forms every year… sometimes it’s breakfast in bed, sometimes it’s splurging on a really nice bottle of wine, and sometimes it’s a little luxury. That’s where my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her comes in… it’s full of little treats that will certainly bring a smile to the face of you, your sister, mother, or best friend (feel free to share this guide with the men in your life, ha!). Keep reading for a breakdown of what I’m loving for Valentine’s Day this year. Sending each one of you Valentine’s love for reading this post! xx

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Her full of the best gifts to give and get in 2018 // Rhyme & Reason

Pajamas / Love Necklace (also comes in a smaller version) / Face Cream / Socks / Personalized Phone Case / Purse / Rose Tinted Sunglasses / Perfume / Eye MaskPotted Hydrangeas / Earrings (also love these natural earrings) / ScarfLipstick (also adore this one in ‘rose’) / Bow Top (also love this top)

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Reward Style Loads

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Reward Style Loads

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her

Pajamas: Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a special pair of pjs! I adore this short sleeve heart set and like that it comes in blue so it’s more year round. Although, I also have my eye on these other five pajamas: one, two, three, four, five.

Love Necklace: My parents got this for me as an engagement gift and I absolutely adore it! It’s the perfect gift to hint at with your special someone if you know they are looking to gift you an investment piece! P.S. it also comes in a smaller version and a ring.

Face Cream: In my opinion, Valentine’s gifting is all about little luxuries. That’s exactly what this face cream is. I got it for Christmas and am obsessed! It feels like a luxurious beauty product when I apply it because it is so yummy, soft, and smooth. I know it’s expensive for a cream but I’ve already seen it nourish my skin so much and a little goes a very long way so it lasts.

Socks: I’m a self-professed sock lover, if that’s such a thing! J.Crew always has my heart with their too cute socks. I have socks with skiers on them, elephants on them, flowers on them, you name it! So, these je t’aime socks have my name all over them. P.S. I also can’t get enough of these adorable socks.

Personalized Phone Case: To put it in one word, obsessed! I love these phone cases! They can be completely personalized with different fonts, colors, monograms, names, phrases etc. If you want a phone case you won’t get tired of, this is it.

Purse: I have this pink purse in a clutch version (last see here) and love it. It’s on the dressy side so it’s perfect for date night. I can’t recommend this beauty enough!

Rose Tinted Sunglasses: My Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses are my all time favorite sunnies. I’ve been wearing them since high school. I like this pair with the rose tinted lenses so much because it’s a fun twists on a classic style.

Perfume: The most ladylike, feminine perfume ever. It’s so lovely… another perfect example of a little Valentine luxury.

Eye Mask: Eye masks are often thought of as a silly little thing that gets stuffed in bedside tables but they are currently making a huge come back on the beauty scene. Turns out, eye masks help prevent wrinkles and promote better sleep so, again, another little luxury you need! It comes in multiple colors too if pink isn’t your color.

Potted Hydrangeas: Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers so that + the cute woven basket pot make this a lovely gift. After all, every girl loves receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day! P.S. I also love these faux roses and these faux peonies.

– Earrings: Statement earrings and I go together like peanut butter and jelly. Aka, I love them! The pink earrings will be a hit all through spring and summer so why not snag them now for Valentine’s Day? P.S. I also love these similar natural earrings and think these earrings are super fun for Valentine’s Day and spring.

Scarf: I included this scarf because not only would it be so special to wear, but I absolutely love the idea of framing it as a piece of art. What a special gift that would be! P.S. this simple pink cashmere scarf is heavenly too.

– Lipstick: This lipstick is beautiful. One swipe of it and you’ll feel ready for a night out on the town. It’s the perfect spring color for your beauty cabinet too. P.S. I also adore this one in ‘rose’.

– Bow Top: This dusty pink bow top is smart but also playful. It will look so perfect paired with blue or white jeans as well as skirts (I’m envisioning a floral midi length skirt). P.S. I also love this top too… so cute!

Happy Valentine’s Day shopping loves! xx


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