Things To Do With Your Best Friend In Winter | Rhyme & Reason
Things To Do With Your Best Friend In Winter | Rhyme & Reason

15 Things To Do With Your Best Friend In Winter

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What are everyone’s thoughts on winter? I think most years, I welcome the chance to slow down a bit and spend more time at home being cozy. In general though, I think winter makes me want to do one of two things: 1) Nestle up at home or 2) Get outside in the cold fresh air and take advantage of the season. Two polar opposite things, I know. Either way, spending time with your best friend is a great way to enjoy the winter and to embrace the slow season. Doing things together with your best friend helps you create those lifelong memories and nurture your friendship. I especially love to put an emphasis on this after the madness of the holiday season. Slow down and spend quality time with your best friend… nothing beats it! Here’s a little list of 15 things to do with your best friend in winter to get your creative juices flowing.

Things To Do With Your Best Friend In Winter | Rhyme & Reason
Things To Do With Your Best Friend In Winter | Rhyme & Reason

15 Things To Do With Your Best Friend In Winter


I’m sad to not be skiing this year since I am pregnant, especially because skiing each winter often brings me together with my best friends! We plan get togethers around ski trips and use them to as an excuse to gather somewhere we all love. I’ve met my best friends to go skiing in special places like Jackson Hole, Vail, and Park City. Of all the winter activities, skiing is probably my most favorite way to have a good time in the cold weather with my favorite friends. Head to the bottom of this post for some slope style!

Hot Springs

At the top of my winter bucket list includes a trip to Telluride. And then a few days nearby at Dunton Hot Springs. Every winter, I also dream of taking a trip to Iceland to visit their hot springs. I can’t think of a more fun way to embrace the winter season with best friends than with a trip to such a magnificent destination. One of my best friends was born on Valentine’s Day. So we’re scheming of a winter hot springs birthday trip for her one year!

Ice Skating

I admit, I’m not a huge ice skater but on a snowy trip with friends a few years ago to Vail, we all ice skated outside one day and had a blast. It was so fun to see some of my friends actually be really great at ice skiing when I had no idea of their secret talents. Ice skating is good old fashion fun so other childlike fun broke out from there around the ice skating rink… snowball fights were had and a few people even took on building a snowman. The whole afternoon brought me back to childhood with my besties.

Movie Marathon

Last weekend in Charleston was super cold with intermittent freezing rain. We were fortunate enough to be in California for my sister’s engagement party. But a handful of my friends hunkered down back in Charleston with a movie marathon. Cold weather can really make me want to stay home, get cozy, and watch movies with a cup of hot chocolate. A few of my favorite winter movies (that aren’t Christmas movies) are Little Women, Serendipity, Sleepless in Seattle, Miracle, Groundhog Day, Cool Runnings, and Molly’s Game.

Break Out The Games

My friends and I have a lot of fun playing games. Card games and dice games are our go-tos. But there’s nothing like a cold winter day to make you want to puzzle or play board games. Games also go really nicely with a few cups of hot cocoa too.


My Charleston bestie and I love to get together for needlepoint dates. It holds us both accountable to keep up with our needlepoint projects and is the most perfect winter cold weather activity to do inside. We get to gab and chit chat for hours (usually with a Nancy Meyers movie playing softly in the background) while we both chip away at our current needlepoint projects.

Acts of Kindness

In the warm summer months, we all get carried away and get busy. The winter is a great excuse to slow down and to do a few random acts of kindness for your best friends. Maybe that means checking in more with long distance friends or sending little thoughtful gifts to your besties who live too far away or dropping off homemade muffins at the homes of your nearby friends. Acts of kindness let our friends know we’re grateful for them and they are on our minds and hearts! You can also do random acts of kindness with your friends like volunteering at a food kitchen or shelter together.

Indoor Workouts

Get together at one of your houses for an indoor workout. It can be hard to self-motivate in the winter to workout and to keep fitness a priority because it is so much easier to stay home and be comfortable and warm. So, why not sync up with your best friend and meet at one of your houses (where it is warm and you are comfortable) to do an indoor workout together. Working out is more fun when done with friends!

Do Closet Clean Outs Together

I always love the scene in Sex and the City when Carries moves in with Mr. Big and the girls come over to her apartment to help her go through her closet. They have music blaring, are drinking champagne, and they rate Carrie’s outfits as keep or not keep. Cleaning out our closets is ALWAYS easier too when you have a friend to help you be realistic with what to keep. Take turns and do it at each others houses. It’s fun and productive!

Enjoy a Spa Day

One of the most fun ways to enjoy time with your best friend is with a spa day. I’ve actually been wanting to do a full spa day with a girlfriend for a long time! Book a day of spa treatments and enjoy each other’s company between treatments in the sauna and at lunch at the spa café. Sounds like heaven!

Plan a Spring Trip Together

Is winter really not your thing? If you and your bestie are dreaming of warmer weather, then spend a cozy winter day at home planning a spring trip together. I’ll tell you what, I would not hate a spring trip with my bestie this year!

Go See Oscar Movie Nominees

One of the best parts of winter is that all the Oscar movie nominees are out in theaters. Do a best friend date night and go see one of the Oscar nominees you’re most excited about. Dinner and a movie with my best friend sounds really fun!

Do A Baking Date

Spend a freezing winter day warming up inside with your best friend trying out a new baking recipe or two. Bake cookies, bake a seasonal pie, or bake breakfast tarts.

Have a Recipe Swap

Swap favorite recipes with your best friend and both try out cooking each others recipes for a cozy dinner at home one night.

Try a Cooking Class

If you’re looking for an entertaining indoors activity during the winter months, try out a cooking class with your best friend. There are a few different cooking classes that I’ve done in Charleston over the years and it is always such a blast. Each time, I’ve come away with new cooking techniques, enjoyed delicious food, and had a fun time.

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