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Things To Do At Home Alone | Rhyme & Reason

Things To Do At Home Alone

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I’ve been trying to create some posts in light of the COVID-19 world we’re living in because things are undeniably extremely different in every way, shape, and form right now. For starters, I wrote a post on my take on Coronavirus that includes where to get hard facts at the national level and local Charleston level as well as meaningful ways to help. I’ve also penned these three posts in light of the pandemic: How to Stay Positive When Things Go Wrong // Fun Things to do with your Partner at Home // How to Schedule your Time Wisely (since so many people are working from home).

In addition, I’ve shared a few fun shopping posts to help keep our spirits up right now like Wearing Two of my Favorite Charleston-Based Fashion Brands to Support Local Small Businesses and Enjoy The Stay At Home With The Cutest Grandmillennial-Approved Robes. Today’s post is another one I thought would be helpful right now as it’s dedicated to things to do at home alone. If you live alone, then this post applies all the time! However, we’re all home right now way more than normal so, if you’re running out of things to do, here are a few ideas!

Things To Do At Home Alone | Rhyme & Reason
Things To Do At Home Alone | Rhyme & Reason

How To Keep Yourself Busy At Home Alone

Let’s dive in! How do you keep yourself busy at home alone? I bet some of y’all have some fantastic ideas and tips (which I’d love to hear in the comments!) that have been helping you. For me, a lot of it goes back to attitude + outlook and scheduling + staying busy and entertained. I’ve spent some days during the quarantine letting the day take me where it wanted to go but I always end up ending those days feeling unaccomplished and listless. Using my time wisely, setting a schedule, and focusing on ways to be productive are all crucial habits for me when staying home alone. I share lots of tips for scheduling + my favorite time management apps and tools here.

It’s also so imperative for me that I focus on the positives and get fresh air everyday. These are the two most powerful things that keep my attitude up, my spirits high, and my mental health solid. I think you need to have a content or a positive attitude to keep yourself busy at home alone and to reduce stress (the reducing stress aspect specifically applies to life right now)! Being entertained sure does help with alone time too…

strawberry shortcake
strawberry shortcake

Things To Do At Home Alone

Try Baking a New Recipe

Baking can be so relaxing so I always gravitate toward it as an activity to do to keep myself entertained while spending time home alone. As seen in the photos of this post, I tried baking strawberry shortcake for the first time this week! I didn’t quite get my shortcakes to rise properly but now I’m excited by the challenge to master this recipe! If you are looking for healthy new baking recipes to try, then look no further than Sweet Laurel Bakery. The Sweet Laurel cookbook is incredible and a must-order!

Read a New Book

What’s better than reading a book?! Next week, I’ll be sharing the books I read in April but you can find other book recommendations in my past reading guides or with my new book club. My book club is currently reading The Two Lives of Lydia Bird.

Reorganize your Closet

Ready for a big undertaking!? If yes, then reorganize your closet. There are few things as therapeutic as reorganizing your closet. Here are three guides to organizing your closet that I think are super helpful: One // Two // Three. The best part of reorganizing your closet right now (other than that it will keep you entertained for hours) is that there are so many people in need right now so your clothing donations from purging and organizing your closet will go to people who are tremendously grateful. P.S. If you live in Charleston and are looking to donate, I donate all my clothing here.

Reorganize your Makeup Drawer

Reorganizing your makeup drawer is also really therapeutic. When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? If you don’t remember, then I highly suggest doing that asap. The Container Store is currently offering 20% off all bathroom organizational and storage items! Sounds like a great project to undertake to me.

Give yourself a Facial

Doesn’t a facial sound divine right about now? I know it does to me! One of my favorite and trusted clean beauty brands, True Botanicals, created an outline for how to give yourself a facial at home. They recommend their products for each step but you could just as easily follow the steps and use your own favorite products at each step.

Give yourself a Nontoxic Manicure

The Water Room is selling nontoxic at home manicure kits through their Instagram! Simply shoot them a DM to snag one. I also love this article from Goop’s beauty director on her best tips for an at home mani-pedi.

Take a Bath

I literally never take baths. But I have a few friends who swear by them. I completely believe my friends who proclaim the wonders of baths, I just never give myself the time to take a bath. Spending time at home alone can allow for more time in the day. Why not use the time you would be using to commute to work to take a bath with some lovely bath salts! This ’emotional detox’ bath soak has my name on it!

Enjoy the Sunshine

Sunshine and vitamin D are keeping me going right now while home spending so much time alone! If you have an outdoor space, I can’t recommend spending some time everyday in it. Even if you just sit outside for short little bursts of time like to eat breakfast or take a 15 minute reading break, it will make your alone time at home more enjoyable. If you don’t have an outdoor space available to you, then sit by a window. I’m telling you, it helps! Don’t forget sunscreen!

Brainstorm Business Goals

I’d venture to bet that every single one of us has business goals that we want to lay out or take a first stab at but we can never find the time. While spending so much time at home, take the time to brainstorm your business goals, put pen to paper, and start taking action. Try to look at this time at home as a gift to be able to work on and develop business goals.

Take an Online Fitness Class

It’s hard to find an excuse to not workout while home alone. There are so many amazing workout programs and streaming classes available right now. Your favorite local studio is probably offering classes online in some way. I’ve been living for Peloton app workouts! Also, my girlfriend Carly rounded up the best at home workouts. Trust me, she’s an exercise expert!


I admit, it can be difficult to take the plunge into starting to meditate but once you do, the benefits can be incredible. If you’ve never meditated before, then I recommend starting by using one of two apps, Calm or Headspace. They are great for all ages, kids to adults, and will help you get into the practice of meditation (I used to do them with my elementary school students). If you’re really looking to elevate your meditation game, then check out this meditation pillow set. It looks divine!

Watch a Classic Movie or New Show

Turn alone time at home into an enjoyable evening by watching a classic movie or by starting a new show. We recently watched the shows Little Fires Everywhere and Outer Banks (filmed all in Charleston!). I also shared some movie marathon, movie jar night, and backyard movie night ideas in this post. They can be done with your partner, family, or alone.

Indulge in a Nap

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a napper. I struggle to let myself do it. Edwin, on the other hand, is an excellent napper! I’ve gathered some inspiration from him this spring and indulged in a nap here and there. It’s been really nice to take my time at home alone and spend it with a rejuvenating nap.

FaceTime your Friends

Feeling alone at home? FaceTime your friends! I’ve written about my feelings on friendship a few times on the blog because I cherish my friends so much! Here are my tips for how to keep a long distance friendship as well as my thoughts on the importance of making time for friends as an adult. For two fun reads on friendship, sneak a peak at these posts: long distance friendship gifts and your most frequently asked questions about my friendship with Allison.

Learn a New Skill

Embrace your creative side by using time at home alone to learn a new skill. Sometimes it takes extraordinary events to make us start something we long to do. For instance, I had always wanted to needlepoint because both of my grandmothers were avid and talented needlepointers but I never found the time. It wasn’t until I hit a really dark time in my life that I decided I needed to do something new for me. Hence, I learned a new skill and started needlepointing. Whether Coronavirus is representing a particularly dark time for you or not, it is no doubt providing you with more time at home so it’s a great time to learn a new skill. A few ideas in the needlepoint wheelhouse: Beginner’s Guide to Needlepoint // Embroidery Classes for all Levels // DIY Embroidery Kits // Sewing Kits.

Learn an Instrument

As with learning a new skill, spending alone time at home presents the opportunity to learn an instrument. Now, there are so many resources online to help teach instruments! Maybe you’re fortunate enough to be quarantined at home with your parents who have a piano. Have you considered teaching yourself? Or order an instrument online and take some online classes and watch YouTube videos.

Take an Online Course

What do you want to learn? Enroll in a college course (here’s a list of free Ivy League college courses you can take right now!), take a business course, or take an online class on something really fun like a new skill or an instrument (see above!).

Plan your Instagram Grid

I mentioned in this post that I use the app Planoly to plan my Instagram grid. Planoly is so incredibly helpful. If you run a business through or promote a business through Instagram, then having a thoughtfully planned Instagram feed is crucial. I might be alone with this but I think it’s fun to spend down time alone planning my Instagram grid!

Write Letters

When my family went through my grandparents’ house after my grandfather passed away last spring, we were brought to laughter as well as tears of joy and tears of sadness while reading my grandparents’ handwritten letters that they saved. It was an incredible experience. Their generation left such a legacy through handwritten letters that I’m afraid our generation won’t have. Spending time alone at home feels like a really great time to write a loved one a letter. I adore these notecards and these options for letter writing paper!

The best things to do at home while alone | Rhyme & Reason
How to keep yourself busy and entertained when you are at home alone | Rhyme & Reason

Photography by Edwin Eversole

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