The Top 2019 Wedding Color Trends Straight from a Wedding Expert | Rhyme & Reason

The Top Wedding Color Trends Straight from a Wedding Expert

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Happy Wedding Wednesday! I always say that, when I was engaged, the first question I’d get asked was “what are your wedding colors?”. I was honestly shocked by how often I was asked this question and shocked by how many people asked it. I’ve since learned that color talk is a big topic point when planning a wedding. So, today’s post, the top wedding color trends straight from a wedding expert, is a deep dive into the “what are your wedding colors?” question. I’m thrilled to have my wedding guest contributor, Lindsey Boyce, back again today with this must-read post on color trends for weddings! P.S. for more on Lindsey and her incredible career, read this post!

The Top 2019 Wedding Color Trends Straight from a Wedding Expert | Rhyme & Reason

Hello! Lindsey, back again!

I thought this week I could share my thoughts on upcoming color trends. I know for most brides this can be a really great starting point to their design. This will typically happen for brides organically with the time of year, the story of their bridal attire, their natural style preferences, and the venue. You can spend a little time figuring out what type of floral you like and how it grows during your season, as well as looking at high end fashion.

Inspiration is everywhere if you think of it less in the box of “wedding colors,” and more in the realm of what’s beautiful together. Start exploring colors that give you the right feeling. A feeling of airiness, vibrancy, or neutrality. There is no wrong answer, just what feels right to you. If you are someone looking to explore trending color combinations, here are a few to get you started!

The Top Wedding Color Trends Straight from a Wedding Expert

Marigold, Lavender, and Terra Cotta

I must be honest. I love this color combination so much! It feels like the perfect balance of spring and fall. The terra cotta rust grounds the more delicate lavender and lemon tones in the most beautiful way. Think of the lemon/marigolds as an option to bring in a metal as well. Brass would pair so beautifully with the purple tones!

Marigold, Lavender, and Terra Cotta colors | Rhyme & Reason

Citrus, Land, and The Sea

I think there is a trend going back to the beauty of yellow. In this case, I think it’s really helpful to bridge the gap between beautiful greens and blues you see in nature. The colors are fresh, beautiful, and truly cheery. You can darken all the colors to meet a more fall/winter palate with marigolds, slate blues, and dark greens.

Top 2019 Wedding Color Trends: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter | Rhyme & Reason

Black is the New Black

Okay, so there is nothing new about the classic combination of black and white…but can you get behind using the black in a focal role? It’s so dark and beautiful and timeless. The dark hues remind me of a beautiful night out in New Orleans. Rich, dark, and timeless. You can expand from here with shades of greys and taupe’s and still keep it monochromatic and clean.

The Most Popular Wedding Color Trends For 2019 and 2020 | Rhyme & Reason

XO, Lindsey

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