The Best Items I Bought on Amazon in 2021 for Me | Rhyme & Reason
The Best Items I Bought on Amazon in 2021 for Me | Rhyme & Reason

The Best Items I Bought on Amazon in 2021 for Me

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My final Amazon 2021 recap post is here! This post is dedicated to the best items I bought on Amazon in 2021 for me. It appears you guys have enjoyed these 3 Amazon posts, which makes me happy. I always always share products and brands I genuinely love but these posts have been nice too because they include products I genuinely love but also genuinely rely on.

My roundup of my favorite Amazon purchases in 2021 for me includes a curated list of 12 items that cover beauty, fitness, and fashion. There’s also a gadget you don’t want to miss that I use at night! You can’t go wrong with a single item on this list, although I do reveal below which one item I think you should buy if you were only going to buy one thing from the below list. I hope you enjoy and find this post useful!

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The Best Items I Bought on Amazon in 2021 for Me | Rhyme & Reason
The Best Items I Bought on Amazon in 2021 for Me | Rhyme & Reason

Sneakers (and don’t miss my adorable stripe blanket!) / Face Sunscreen

The Best Items I Bought on Amazon in 2021 for Me

Reward Style Loads

1. Workout Shorts:

These workout shorts are a must. I’ve never had a pair of exercise shorts with a cell phone pocket before these. I’m not going to lie, it is pretty nifty! These also come in tons of colors.

2. Curling Iron:

The best curling iron on the market! I love this guy so much. I only wish I allotted more time for it and for curling my hair. My hair curling process is faster with this iron than most though.

3. LED Neck Reading Light:

This is one of those amazing little things that is actually life changing! I use it to read in bed and to needlepoint in front of a movie when the lights are down. It can really be used in a lot of instances and is so handy! Do yourself a favor and snag this one.

4. TRETORN Canvas Sneakers:

Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed. I wear these canvas sneakers constantly (clearly because in the above photo you can tell they need a wash)! They are comfortable and classic with just a hint of color. As you can see in the above photo, I have them in white with green, which is a color combo I adore. With sneakers getting so expensive, these are fantastic coming in at under $100!

5. Le Specs Wayfarer Sunglasses:

These were an impulse buy for me last spring that proved to be worth every penny. I constantly have these sunnies in rotation. I love the blonde color of the glasses as a nice alternative to tortoise or black sunnies. Plus, they have polarized lenses and are affordable!

6. No Show Socks:

Without a shadow of a doubt, these are the best no show socks I have ever had. If you add 1 thing to your cart from this post, it might need to be these! They don’t slip down and are super comfortable.

7. High Waisted Yoga Pants:

I had a moment when I needed new pants like this for pilates and walks with Rowan but I didn’t want to spend the money on Lululemon or another brand like that. Insert this Amazon find! They are so affordable and run true to size. They also have a cell phone pocket, which is clutch when I’m walking Rowan.

8. Hydro Flask:

Hydro Flasks are just the best reusable water bottles. They are vacuum insulated, dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and non-toxic. I like all the colors but have loved the simple white one I bought this year,

9. Facial Sunscreen for Sensitive or Acne-Prone Skin:

I never don’t have a bottle of this face sunscreen at my house. I wear it every single day of the year, without fail. It is a holy grail product for me and so incredibly necessary for skin protection. This face sunscreen is so widely recommended and beloved for a reason.

10. Everyday SPF 50 Lotion:

This a great clean ingredient sunscreen for sensitive skin to have on hand at your house. It is water and sweat resistant and works really well against the sun. If you haven’t switched to clean sunscreen yet, this is a great first step one to try.

11. Natural Toothpaste:

Tom’s of Maine is the only toothpaste I use. After switching to it so I could use natural toothpaste, I can hardly stand the taste of regular toothpaste anymore. This is a reliably clean toothpaste and always on order at our house.

12. Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads:

If you have an Oral-B electric toothbrush, then you need these replacement brush heads. We order these multiple times a year to keep our toothbrushes fresh and to protect our teeth and gums. I love my Oral-B toothbrush so much!

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