The Best Items I Bought on Amazon in 2021 for Babies | Rhyme & Reason
The Best Items I Bought on Amazon in 2021 for Babies | Rhyme & Reason

The Best Items I Bought on Amazon in 2021 for Babies

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On Monday, I shared a post on the best items I bought on Amazon in 2021 for the home that included 16 everyday essential items for your kitchen, laundry, and closet that make your life easier. My thought process is that if I’m going to shop from Amazon and not from a small or local business, then it should be for things that make my life easier and are just too convenient to shop via Amazon to pass up. When you’re a new parent or the parent of a baby, then convenience and ease is KING.

In my early middle of the night moments of desperation and sleep deprivation, I would order anything that someone ensured me would help stabilize my life. Amazon really is incredible for that! This post is for anyone with a kiddo in their first year of life (or beyond!). It includes the best items I bought on Amazon in 2021 for babies including 28 must-haves.

The Best Items I Bought on Amazon in 2021 for Babies | Rhyme & Reason
The Best Items I Bought on Amazon in 2021 for Babies | Rhyme & Reason

The Best Items I Bought on Amazon in 2021 for Babies

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1. Zip Top Reusable 100% Silicone Baby + Kid Snack Containers:

These containers are easy for moms and kids alike. They stand up, stay open, and zip shut with no lids necessary. They are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe so the ease continues! We fill these with snacks for outings and use them for snacks for Rowan when he’s at preschool.

2. Waterproof Sleeved Bib:

My girlfriend recommended sleeved bibs to me as a regular bib alternative and sometimes they are sooooo much more helpful than standard bibs. They keep Rowan’s sleeves and outfits cleaner, which saves me time all around!

3. KYTE BABY Rompers:

We LOVE Kyte Baby products in our house! Kyte clothes are made from the softest stretchiest material so they are a dream for littles. They come in tons of colors and are Rowan’s favorites!

4. KYTE BABY Pajama Set:

As Rowan has gotten older, he has started wearing the Kyte pajama sets more than their onesie options. They are made of the same soft, stretchy material that makes the brand so comfortable. Rowan almost always sleeps in Kyte jammies or Lake pajamas (he’s about 50/50 with these two brands).

5. KYTE BABY Bodysuit:

Rowan lived in these Kyte bodysuits in the first year of his life. In the summertime, he would sleep in one of these bodysuits without pants inside of his sleep sack. They are incredibly easy for babies, so comfortable, and really simple to wash. A MUST for parents with kiddos 1 and under.

6. Cozy Fleece Baby Booties:

These unisex booties come in sizes for babies up to 18 months. They are cozy and easy to put on babies when it is cold outside. I found that socks wouldn’t stay on Rowan’s feet when he was really little but these booties stayed on and kept him warm.

7. Video Baby Monitor:

At home, we use the Nanit monitor but before our first trip with Rowan, I realized we needed another monitor system. I was pretty last minute so I hopped on Amazon and looked for a monitor with great reviews. This is the one I settled on and its been great! It reaches far in rental houses and hotels and has a good video screen + sound system. I would totally recommend it.

8. From One Mom to a Mother: Poetry & Momisms:

I discovered the author of this book of poetry, Jessica Urlichs, on Instagram and liked her right away. So I ordered her book of motherhood poetry when I needed a pick-me-up in the first 3 months of Rowan’s life. I love it! She does such a wonderful job of putting the emotions of motherhood into words and to reminding us why we do it in the hard moments. I keep this book in my bedside table to pull out easily.

9. Formula Dispenser:

When I switched from nursing to formula, I loved this formula dispenser. It has a compact and handy design (it slips into a purse so easily!) that is perfect for storing baby formula powder on the go. It is divided into 3 sections that each hold a 9 oz. serving of formula so you’re good to go when you leave the house!

10. Stay Put Suction Bowls:

This set of 3 differently sized bowls is in daily use in our house! I would call these a must because the strong suction base helps prevent messes and spills, which are so common with littles. Without the suction, Rowan would simply pickup his bowls and pour his food everywhere, ha!

11. Spacesaver Vacuum Storage Bags:

I use these space saver vacuum storage bags to pack away and store the clothes, blankets, swaddles, etc. that Rowan has outgrown. I pack up a new one every few months and fill it up. They have helped me stay organized and store Rowan’s baby items we are saving for future littles without taking up tons of space.

12. Breathable Swim & Sun Bucket Hat:

Rowan definitely has fair skin so I am vigilant with sun protection. This sun hat is made to have all-day breathable sun protection when wet or dry. It dries quickly and is made of a great breathable material that keeps baby cool and comfortable when it’s hot outside.

13. Inflatable Baby Pool Float:

This pool float for Rowan was a hit last summer. It felt easy and safe + Rowan had a blast playing in it. I can’t wait for pool season again with Rowan!

14. Infant Life Vest:

Living in Charleston, Rowan is no stranger to boats so, last spring, we knew we needed to get Rowan an infant life vest. This one had great reviews on Amazon so we trusted it and have had no complaints.

15. Stroller Fan:

This small portable baby fan has an easy flexible tripod design making it great for strollers (what we used it for all summer long in Charleston!). The flexible legs allow you to secure the fan to a baby stroller, car seat, or anything to keep your baby cool.

16. Travel Booster Seat:

We haven’t packed this with us on any trips but it would be super easy to. This booster seat collapses easily and comes with a simple storage bag. We keep it in my car at all times and pop it out whenever necessary at restaurants, the beach, and most recently for Rowan’s first haircut.

17. Gentle Silicone Spoons:

We loved and used these gentle silicone spoons everyday when Rowan was 6 months – 12 months old. They are simple and easy to wash!

18. Toddler Forks and Spoons:

As Rowan has gotten a bit older, we’ve started using forks with him and this bigger spoon. This little set has been perfect for us! We use these utensils everyday.

19. Toy & Highchair Cleaner Spray:

Rowan’s highchair can get very dirty even after just one meal! I also love to clean his toys (and give them a deep clean after we’ve traveled or he’s taken his toys on outings with him) so this spray makes it really easy. It is made from gentle plant-based ingredients (no harsh chemicals, ammonia, bleach, phosphates, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, fragrances or dyes) that are safe enough to use around your baby but powerful enough clean any mess. 

20. Boogie Wipes:

These will be your best friend when your kiddos get sick. These are essentially wet wipes made with natural saline, which is gentle on skin, helps clean and dissolve snot and boogers, and wipes away dirt and germs. They’re gentle enough to be used on noses, faces, and fingers.

21. Velvet Non-Slip Clothes Hangers:

These are the little hangers we have in Rowan’s closet. They are perfect for small closets with adorable small little clothing items! A baby clothes must-have.

22. Clear Outlet Covers:

When we did some baby-proofing around the house as Rowan got more mobile, these clear outlet covers did the trick! There is nothing special about these, they are just a great necessity.

23. Organic Formula:

When I stopped nursing Rowan and he started drinking Formula, we went with this organic formula. I wanted an organic formula that was also easy to get anywhere, anytime (there are some amazing European formulas that are more highly regulated than those in the US but I’ve heard so many stress stories of moms running out and not being able to get their formula quickly and readily enough). It is modeled after breast milk and made with carefully sourced premium ingredients! Organic formula is more expensive but worth it to me.

24. Straw Sippy Cup:

Rowan had zero interest in drinking out of a straw for the longest time but it finally clicked with these straw sips cups that my sister-in-law recommended. They are durable, easy to clean, easy for Rowan to hold onto, and I haven’t found them to spill. I love these sippy cups!

25. Divided Plates:

These divided plates are all we’ve been using at our house for the past few months. They are 100% Non-Toxic: BPA, Phthalate, PVC and Melamine FREE. Plus they can be microwaved for 20 second bursts. They stack really easily for simple storage and do the job. We also have them in this blue and green color combo.

26. Water Wipes:

Oh the all-important Water Wipes! These really are the best baby wipes on the market because they are unscented and hypoallergenic for sensitive newborn and baby skin. We have had these on constant order since the day Rowan was born and use them for diaper changes, at mealtime, and I always have them in his diaper bag or my purse.

27. Honest Overnight Diapers:

Overnight diapers from Honest are lifesavers. They work so well and, for the most part, overnight diapers keep Rowan from wetting his jammies and/or sleep sack in the night. My link takes you to size 4 because that is what Rowan is wearing right now but, if you head to the Honest Amazon Storefront, then you’ll find all the sizes.

28. Honest Diapers:

In addition to Honest overnight diapers, Rowan wears regular Honest diapers. I love that I can order Honest diapers on Amazon and have them so quickly at my house. Visit the Honest Amazon Storefront for all their diaper sizes and prints.

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