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A roundup of the best Thanksgiving nail polish colors & why each nail polish is the perfect color to wear for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Nail Polish Colors

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Can you believe that Thanksgiving is around the corner!? You might be thinking seriously about what to wear on Thanksgiving especially if you are spending Thanksgiving with family, a significant other’s family, or if you have a big Friendsgiving coming up. Last year, I wrote my guide on what to wear on Thanksgiving (complete with 14 outfit ideas!) to give y’all some inspiration for casual and dressy holiday celebrations. Since, I’ve got outfits covered, I thought I’d move on to Thanksgiving beauty.

I love a great manicure and pedicure appointment so I wanted to share my top Thanksgiving nail polish colors. I haven’t had my nails done since having Rowan earlier this fall so I’m dying to sneak away for an hour or two to get a mani pedi at my favorite Charleston spot, The Water Room. It sounds downright heavenly to have quite time to myself while freshening up my nails with a touch of holiday cheer. A manicure is an easy way to add a little festive flare to a holiday look. So, read on for my must-have nail colors and nail brands for Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving Nail Polish Colors | Rhyme & Reason

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Thanksgiving Nail Polish Colors

Below, I’ve spilled on some of my top picks for nail polish colors for the Thanksgiving holiday. All of the polishes are pretty, rich fall color tones or neutrals with a bit of depth to them. I am one of those rare birds that really dislikes gel nails (I’ve only ever had one gel manicure and I hated it so I immediately went back to regular nail polish) so you won’t find any gel polishes below. Fall nail colors are so beautiful, smart, and polished so I hope you find a new color you adore after reading this post!

Top Nail Colors For Thanksgiving

Miami Beat by OPI

I discovered Miami Beet by OPI a five or six autumns ago when I went on a mani pedi date with my bestie, Allison. We have both been obsessed with the polish color ever since and get so excited to whip it out every fall. We both wear it on our fingers and our toes. It’s not quite red, not quite plum, not quite burgundy… it’s just right. I like to call it wine colored! In my mind, it feels less bold than a true red and feels just right for fall before the holiday season officially kicks off. This color is especially perfect if you aren’t a huge fan of bold red polishes.

In Stitches by Essie

I love this nail polish color for Thanksgiving because it is the perfect fall take on a dusty blush pink. In Stitches by Essie also has a way of feeling like a neutral but with a little extra punch… it will effortlessly take you from Thanksgiving games during the day to Thanksgiving dinner at night. A deep, dusty pink color tone is a surefire way to my heart.

Toasted Sugar by Tom Ford

When I found Toasted Sugar by Tom Ford, it was love at first sight. This is currently my favorite taupe colored nail polish because of its creamy, toasty, almond tone. It’s a great subtle nail color to wear on Thanksgiving that will pull your whole outfit together. I love a bright white nail polish color (this white is my favorite!) during the winter but prefer a neutral taupe during the fall. Trust me, toasted Sugar is perfection!

Rouge Red by Chanel

There’s no denying it, red nail polish is glamorous. The holiday season is the time of year to indulge in a little glam so a bold red nail polish is the way to go. Rouge Red by Chanel is, without a doubt, one of the best red nail polishes in the game. If you’re feeling fiery this Thanksgiving, then look no further than this color by Chanel. Overall, Chanel makes all the best red nail polishes!

Across the Pond by Butter London

Forrest green is a staple color in my fall wardrobe so why not paint it on my nails? Across the Pond by Butter London is a bit of a different take on Thanksgiving nail polish because it’s outside the box of standard nude, red, and plum colors but it works just the same. The dark tone will shine green during the day and look almost black at night for a sleek look. It’s a perfect color for a dressed up Thanksgiving.

Magnetic by RMS

If you are into green, clean beauty, then you need to stock up on RMS Beauty. I’ve always loved all things RMS Beauty, which included their nail polish line! This post is from a previous year that I’ve updated for this holiday season because it always gets a lot of love. Unfortunately though, that means that I have to share that RMS has discontinued their nail polish line since I originally wrote this post. It makes me so sad because the polishes were beautiful!

Magnetic by RMS was one of my go-to metallic colors for fall because it was a beautiful metallic brown tone, which felt super appropriate for the time of year and the Thanksgiving holiday. In its place, I’ve found a few other similar metallic nail polishes so you can snag the glamorous look: Canotier by Chanel, Vibrato by Dior, and Radiate by Deborah Lippmann. They are all gorgeous!

Lady is a Tramp by Deborah Lippmann

Y’all know how much I adore burgundy, especially in the fall. I’ve written a whole post before on the topic of a burgundy style guide after all. So, a fabulous burgundy nail polish is right up my alley. Lady is a Tramp by Deborah Lippmann is burgundy at its finest. I love the idea of wearing a burgundy dress to thanksgiving and pairing it with a burgundy manicure for a stunning tone on tone look. Perfect for Thanksgiving!

Bleu Cobalt by Yves Saint Laurent

In recent years, the metallic trend hit runways in a major way and also struck a cord in the beauty department in the lips and eyes categories. So, it was just a matter of time before metallic nail polish took center stage. I have loved the shimmery midnight blue color of Bleu Cobalt by Yves Saint Laurent for years for a bold manicure or a great pedicure during Thanksgiving. My bottle recently ran out so I just went online to reorder and realized it is now discontinued (so sad! I did find it here but for double the cost). So, I found a few other super similar options: Rolling in the Deep by Deborah Lippmann, Brolly by Butter London, and Yoga-Ta Get This Blue by OPI, Bobbing for Baubles by Essie, and Elliot by Zoya.

Cheers to a little holiday beauty inspiration! Some of these colors are fun and punchy enough to paint on as an accent nail or to use with nail designs and nail art. Whatever strikes your fancy! Happy holiday season! xx

A roundup of the best Thanksgiving nail polish colors & why each nail polish is the perfect color to wear for Thanksgiving by Rhyme & Reason

In Stitches by Essie / Toasted Sugar by Tom Ford / Lady is a Tramp by Deborah Lippmann / Magnetic by RMS (discontinued – similar options above) / Across the Pond by Butter London / Miami Beat by OPI / Bleu Cobalt by Yves Saint Laurent (discontinued – similar options above) / Rouge Red by Chanel

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