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Jillian Eversole shares her tips for creating a welcoming Easter or spring table | Rhyme & Reason

Tablescape Ideas For Easter

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Easter is one of my favorite days of the year. I have so many beautiful and fond memories of growing up spending our Easters on Sea Island with my grandparents. It was (and is!) the most magical place to celebrate Easter because the little seaside barrier island is bursting at the seams with spring flowers, sunshine, smells, weather, and more. Growing up, we would either attend a sunrise Church service on the beach or go to my grandparents’ church before having a decadent brunch at The Cloister. In the afternoon, we would do some activity consisting of usually beaching, exercising, or bike riding and then we’d watch The Masters if it lined up with Easter Sunday. It’s hard to dream up a better Easter! I will say that I also couldn’t love the Charleston Easters we’ve enjoyed the last handful of years since my grandparents are no longer with us.

Like Sea Island, Charleston is in full bloom during Easter so the setting is picture-perfect. Easter is the most important holiday in the Christian faith and as such, it’s a wonderful day to celebrate faith, forgiveness, and salvation. Regardless of how religious you are or not, Easter is a beautiful day to celebrate and gather with family. An Easter tablescape can set the tone of your celebration so I’m here to share easy-to-make tablescape ideas that will make your Easter weekend unforgettable. A beautiful Easter table can be formal, playful, colorful, or whatever your heart desires! Here are my tablescape ideas for Easter but I’d love to hear yours as well!

Tablescape Ideas For Easter

Tablescape Ideas For Easter | Rhyme & Reason
Jillian Eversole shares her Easter 2021 table | Rhyme & Reason

On Jillian: Dress / Slides (old – similar)

On the Table: Tablecloth / Placemats / Napkins / Chargers / Dinner Plates / Bread Plates (antique – similar) / Flatware (more options) / Candleholder / Rattan Bunnies / Spongeware Pitcher (antique – similar)

Tablescape Ideas For Easter | Rhyme & Reason
Pink and green Easter table ideas | Rhyme & Reason
Tablescape Ideas For Easter | Rhyme & Reason
Pink and green Easter table ideas | Rhyme & Reason

Pick your Color Palette

My suggestion for selecting your color palette is to pick one Easter table decor item to plan the whole spring tablescape around. The color(s) of the focal point you pick will drive your tablescape color direction. I suggest selecting a tablecloth or table runner, set of plates, or flower variant/theme to be the item you plan your table color palette around. For my table, I started planning around my mom’s green Mrs. Alice tablecloth and placemats and went from there with green as my main color. Green is so fitting for spring and Easter! I also always gravitate toward everything pastel colored during the spring so you can’t go wrong with that look.

Pick Mix Matched Spring Garden Flowers

Mixing and matching florals to create your flower arrangements is a beautiful way to set the tone of your Easter table setting. I love the idea of going for a garden party theme here if you really want to play up the flowers and make them the highlight of your Easter tablescape. Flowers generally sit at the center of the table after all so they serve as natural Easter centerpieces. My suggestion is to highlight flowers that are in season during the spring like garden roses, tulips, lilacs, daffodils, daisies, orchids, violets, peonies, pansies, azaleas, poppies, dahlias, sweet peas, zinnias, and lilies.

Head to your local grocery or flower shop and buy flowers to create your own mix and matched floral arrangements. Always remember to cut about an inch off the bottom of your floral stems when you buy fresh flowers. For my flower arrangements, I scooped up flowers from both Whole Foods and Traders Joe’s. The two are usually a winning pair when it comes to flower shopping.

Get Creative with your Place Cards

Place cards are a spot on the table where you can get creative! You can DIY your place cards, use chic Easter themed place cards, or you can add an antique touch with silver napkin rings with everyone’s names (p.s. this is a wonderful collection to start for your family!).

If you have an interest in DIYing your Easter place cards, then I have a few ideas for you: paint each guests name on Easter eggs to have at each spot at the table, use personalized Easter baskets at each place setting around the table, or create your own Easter themed watercolor place cards (psst, you can download some precious Easter bunny ones here). I used beautiful spring-y place cards that my Aunt Patty gave me! You can write guests names on them in marker and then wipe the names off after the meal. So genius and beautiful on an Easter brunch table!

Raid Your China Cupboard

Or shall I say raid your mom’s or grandma’s china cupboard? Creating a beautiful table is made even more special when it is a family affair that uses items from every generation of the family. So, I suggest leaning into the tablescape ideas of your mom, aunts, grandma’s, sister, or whoever and building a table with a combination of your items and their collections of china, silver, flatware, glasses, linens, and more. For my table, I used my mom’s Herend Rothschild Bird china, which is one of my forever favorite china patterns!

Sprinkle in Table Decor

Between your place settings and flowers, fill in your table with pretty table display items like decorative Easter eggs, chocolate Easter bunnies, candles, Herend Easter bunny figurines, or other Easter decor items like these sweet little potted cabbage plants. Natural elements like loosely picked flowers from the garden work well strewn across the table too.

Create your own Whimsical Easter Baskets

I’m so excited to fill Easter baskets for Rowan as he grows up! I love the idea of getting really creative with them and making them equivalent to a Christmas stocking but at Easter time… full of treasures, spring treats, and items that spark the imagination of littles. Easter baskets can sit pretty at your table as an easy Easter touch by placing them on everyones chair or by using mini ones as place cards. Here are a few ideas for what to put inside your Easter baskets:

For the little lady:

bunny glasses / floral bunny stuffed animal / book / soother / gummies / bathing suit / PJs

For the little boy:

beach play set / book / blue bunny stuffed animal / mini chocolate eggs / ninja soap / boardie shorts / PJs

For your mom or sister:

reusable cups / sugar cookies / pareo / sunnies / bud vase / alphabet cocktail napkins / pouch / nightgown / playing cards

For your husband, dad, or brother:

book / wireless charging block / AirPods / socks / baileys truffles

Let the Food Do the Talking

If you are more at home in the kitchen than in the dining room or on the porch setting the table, then my #1 tablescape idea for you is to let the food do the talking. Let your creative juices come out through the delicious menu you create. That will surely create lasting memories for your guests. I have a roundup of delicious homemade Easter dessert recipes that is a must-read if you’re planning on baking a sweet for your Easter brunch or Easter dinner!

Beautiful and Easy Easter Tablescape Ideas to Make | Rhyme & Reason
How to set a beautiful table for Easter | Rhyme & Reason
Jillian Eversole shares her tips for creating a welcoming Easter or spring table | Rhyme & Reason
How to set a beautiful table for Easter | Rhyme & Reason

01Dogwood Hill Lily of the Valley Easter Brunch Invite

Why not send out an Easter invite to your family this year? It’s extra little touches like this that will make your Easter memorable.
Lily of the Valley Easter Brunch Invite

02Dogwood Hill Garden Tales Market Notepad

Market lists don’t have to be scribbled on the back of recipes. This sweet little market notepad will put a pep in your step while grocery shopping for your Easter brunch!
Garden Tales Market Notepad

03Chefanie Bunny Basket Cocktail Napkins

I have two words for these cocktails napkins: TOO CUTE! These little cuties are a must for Easter weekend happy hour.
Bunny Basket Cocktail Napkins

04Issy Granger Pom Glass Carafe

Grab your favorite drinking bunny and pour a few mimosas for Easter brunch while using this beautiful glass carafe. I just love the whimsical bobble design!
Issy Granger Pom Glass Carafe

05Mrs. Alice Gingham Ruffle Placemats and Napkins

These feminine linen gingham ruffle placemats and napkins come in a delightful shade of pistachio green with a chic frilled border. They are sure to give your table a sprightly, effortless feel!
Mrs. Alice Gingham Ruffle Placemats and Napkins

06Penny Morrison Green Summer Flower Salad Bowl

Bring a hint of floral fancies to your Easter table with this lovely salad bowl. The delightful green summer flower pattern is part of a whole set so you can scoop up plates and bowls too if you like.
Penny Morrison Green Summer Flower Salad Bowl

07The Avenue Stripe Glass Goblets

Designed and made by Italian artisans, the craftsmanship and quality in this glassware is unparalleled. Whether for water or wine, day or night, these will certainly be a delight to set the table and sip on. I’m wanting them to add to my Easter Sunday table! They come in other colors too (the blue is gorgeous!).
The Avenue Stripe Glass Goblets

08Mrs. Alice Moss Bunnies

This delightful pair of moss bunnies with their pistachio gingham ribbons will bring a spring magic to your home. All generations will smile seeing these on your Easter table and around your house this spring!
Mrs. Alice Moss Bunnies

09Caroline’s Cakes Lemon Raspberry Cake

Oh my goodness this cake! A sprinkling of fresh raspberries are baked into four layers of delicate lemon cake. Plus, it has alternating raspberry and lemon curd buttercream filling and is topped with light lemon buttercream… yum!
Caroline's Cakes Lemon Raspberry Cake

10Estelle Colored Glass Cake Stand

You’re going to need a beautiful cake stand for your lemon raspberry cake. This gorgeous blush pink hand-blown stand is a work of art!
Estelle Colored Glass Cake Stand

11Juliska Rabbit Salt & Pepper Shakers

This playful pair of rabbit salt & pepper shakers are the dream addition to your Easter table. Full of personality, these rabbits are meant to be treasures for years to come.
Juliska Salt & Pepper Shakers

12Herend Blossom Bunny

Nothing says Easter quite like a Herend bunny figurine! I’d really love to build up a collection of Herend bunnies. This one clutching a tulip is a beautiful bunny to start your collection with.
Herend Blossom Bunny

13Berner & Co. Twist Candles

These hand-lacquered twist taper candles are handmade in Italy and come in a bunch of spring-y colors making them little works of art. I love colorful tapers and the detailing on these is stunning!
Berner & Co. Twist Candles

14The Well Appointed Home Embroidered Daisy Dinner Napkins

These hand embroidered daisy dinner napkins will dress up your table instantly and put a smile on every guest’s face!
The Well Appointed Home Embroidered Daisy Dinner Napkins
Tablescape Ideas For Easter | Rhyme & Reason
How to set a beautiful table for Easter | Rhyme & Reason
Tablescape Ideas For Easter | Rhyme & Reason
Beautiful and Easy Easter Tablescape Ideas to Make | Rhyme & Reason
Reward Style Loads
Pink and green Easter table ideas | Rhyme & Reason
How to use your Herend China to set a spring or Easter table | Rhyme & Reason
Beautiful and Easy Easter Tablescape Ideas to Make | Rhyme & Reason
How to use your Herend China to set a spring or Easter table | Rhyme & Reason

I love enjoying Easter at home so setting the table is a bright spot in the weekend! Setting the table is a wonderful activity to do with your family too. Your table can set the tone for your whole Easter brunch or Easter dinner. While setting the table, ask your family members about memorable Easter tables or meals from their past. I bet you will learn something new! I personally can’t wait for Easter Sunday with my family and to see some beautiful Easter tablescapes on Instagram. Last year was Rowan’s first Easter and it felt so special. I’m excited for this Easter with two little ones. Another exciting first! I hope you found my tablescape ideas for Easter helpful! xx

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  1. Jillian,
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