Summer Date Ideas 2020 that are safe and fun in the world of Covid | Rhyme & Reason
Summer Date Ideas | Rhyme & Reason

Summer Date Ideas

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There is no doubt that summer looks, feels, and is different this year. Like so many of you, Edwin and I have canceled plans and travels and have/are sticking close to our house or the houses of family and close friends. We did have plans to stay at a hotel for our babymoon this month but had no choice but to cancel the trip due to quarantine restrictions. We are hoping to book something in the next 3 weeks to somewhere easy that we can drive to most likely (although I will say that after flying to California, I felt really safe on my flights – it honestly felt safer and much more controlled than stepping out to run necessary errands some days).

Bottomline, wearing a mask and doing what is right for you and your family is what is important. Anyway, I digress… Regardless of this summer being different than the summers we’re used to, there is still something to be said about the summer mindset. At least I think so! While the summer season usually involves outdoor concerts, local festivals, big backyard barbecues, and lots of travel, there are still a lot of fun ways to embrace summer and live out your summer mindset. I’ve created a list of safe summer date ideas that will have you grateful for summer 2020 in spit of everything going on in the world.

P.S. On the flip side, if you need a quiet or rejuvenating day to yourself this summer, here is my guide to fun things to do at home alone.

Summer Date Ideas 2020 that are safe and fun in the world of Covid | Rhyme & Reason
safe date alternatives during COVID-19

Summer Date Ideas

The below is a list of fun, creative, safe summer date ideas to do this summer with your significant other or with a best girlfriend, mom, or sister (because dates with our gfs and family are just as fun!). Some of these ideas are pretty budget-friendly, which is great in the world of Covid when many of us are making less this year than expected. I’ve included at-home dates as well as dates that involve getting out of the house. I also touch on travel with my tips for how to make it safe and as stress-free as possible!

Let’s get inspired with our summer date ideas! Since this is Edwin’s and my last summer just the two of us before we welcome our little one in the fall, we’re trying to take advantage of every opportunity we have to steal away little dates here and there… at home dates and dates out of the house.

Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market

While some farmers markets and farm stands have been put on hold this summer, I know a lot are still taking place. I honestly love to check out a local farmer’s market to support local businesses and to head home with a bounty of beautiful produce and flowers. The best part about making a date out of visiting a farmer’s market, is that if your community is practicing safety around Covid-19, then your community has put in safety precautions and measures for how the farmer’s markets can be run, scaled, and organized. So, grab your mask and head to farmer’s market! It’s one of my favorite ideas for summer, year after year, and this year is no different.

Summer produce is simply the best! Plus, you can probably sit outside in a nearby park and enjoy your farmer’s market fresh foods for lunch or enjoy lunch from one of your favorite local food trucks that visits farmer’s markets.

Visit a Vineyard for Wine Tasting

Every summer, one of my favorite days is the day we visit Wölffer Estate Vineyard in Sagaponack with my aunt and uncle. This will be the first summer in years that this day won’t take place because traveling into New York isn’t really possible right now. However, if you live in New York and head to the Hamptons to get out of the city, then I highly recommend a visit. I’m recommending visiting a vineyard for wine tasting as a wonderfully fun and safe date idea for summer because every vineyard I’ve ever been to in California, New York, or elsewhere has naturally allowed for social distancing with ease. Summer is the ideal time to go wine tasting because the warming weather makes it a perfect time of year to be outside sipping a cold glass of rosé.

Sunset Bike Ride

Summer sunsets are hard to beat. This summer, get out of the house together by going on a sunset bike ride. Sometimes, Edwin and I find that we only do this type of activity when on a vacation where leisurely time is aplenty. However, we’re making a point of enjoying sunset bike rides at home this summer because getting outside for mental clarity is more important than ever and because why not? We don’t need to be on vacation to enjoy simple, slow time together like the time spent on a bike ride.

Take a Walking Tour of your City

When you’re on vacation, I’d venture to guess that you always set aside time to walk and explore your destination. Do you ever do this at home? Taking a self-guided walking tour of your city is a great day or evening date idea for the summer time when the days are long and the sun is shining! A few ideas I have for this are to head to a part of town you don’t get to spend time in frequently and walk around, explore your city’s local parks or hidden alleyways, wander around your city’s botanical garden, or enjoy your city’s historic neighborhoods with neighborhood walks.

Dinner and a Movie at Home

The classic dinner and a movie date night doesn’t have to disappear if you aren’t comfortable or aren’t able to eat out at restaurants. Instead, create your perfect dinner and a movie night at home. My recipe for success: tuck your phones in a drawer, set a candlelit table, cook a delicious meal together, pop on a movie neither of you have seen, and enjoy each other’s company and laughter into the night. If you’re still energized after the movie, stay up enjoying a game together to keep the fun date going strong! If you are comfortable and able, then you can always enjoy a dinner out at a restaurant on an outdoor patio and a drive-in movie (p.s. the Terrace Theatre is doing drive-in movies all summer long in Charleston!).

Enjoy the Happiest Hour

This summer, take advantage of the happiest hour, aka cocktail hour! Enjoy happy hour at a restaurant with a large socially distanced patio or at home in your outdoor space. I love Charleston evenings when the frogs start croaking, the crickets start chirping, and you can hear the joyful sounds of families oozing out of backyards. Try your hand at creating fun new cocktails or mocktails all summer long like these strawberry basil margaritas!

Pick Your Own Fruit

In the summer, there are lots of opportunities to pick your own fruit because summer produce is so abundant. Picking your own fruit is a perfect, safe date idea because you’re outside in a large space so social distancing should be a breeze. In the spring, we went strawberry picking in Charleston so I’m now looking for a summer fruit picking opportunity when we’re home.

Active Outdoor Day Date

The summer season is the best because the days are longgggg. A date night is always something to look forward to but I personally love a day date so much. Get active with an outdoor day date based on where you live… spend an entire day at the beach or the lake, try out a new hike you’ve been talking about doing forever, or create a memorable pool day.

Road Trip

I mentioned above that I felt pretty safe flying recently (I’ve also read a ton about airplane air filtration and what airlines are doing to ensure the safety of their passengers!) but a road trip is always a good idea, during Covid or not. If you’re seeking out ultimate safety and social distancing, then a short road trip that requires minimal stops is best. A road trip is the ultimate summer date idea is you want to extend your date out over a couple of days! If your road trip involves a stay at the home of loved ones, then be sure not to show up empty handed! Snag one of my summer hostess gift ideas to be the best house guest.

I’ve written a few posts on weekend getaways that might be helpful if you spot a destination that is close to where you live: East Coast Summer Getaways and Quick Spring Getaways. Also, my sister recently created this incredibly comprehensive California Hotel Guide that includes what safety measures hotels are enforcing.

Dates to do this Summer Specifically at Home

Earlier during the Covid pandemic, I wrote this post on fun things to do at home with your husband! If you are really hunkering down this summer, then this list is for you and your significant other.

Summer date ideas during quarantine | Rhyme & Reason
How to enjoy a perfect summer date this summer + 10 fun summer date ideas | Rhyme & reason

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Enjoy a summer full of joyful, safe, and memorable dates! xx

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