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How To Style White Jeans

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Ohhhh white jeans. Do you have a love, hate relationship with them? The truth is, most women do. However, white jeans and white denim provide such versatile looks that should be loved and embraced all year long and not as a seasonal summer style. I wear white jeans so much, as evidence in this post. So, I thought I should share a guide about how to style white jeans with y’all.

I love to wear white jeans in multiple styles including skinny, boyfriend, and straight leg. White jeans are so great because they are actually more versatile than you think. Yup, they aren’t just meant to be paired with a tank top or a blue and white stripe tee after a day on the beach. Although you can never beat that look. Rather, white jeans can be dressed up just as easily as they can be dressed down. They can also definitely be a more work appropriate look than blue jeans depending on your office dress code. Don’t forget date night! White jeans are perfect for a night out with your loved one.

I also completely disregard the old rule that you can’t wear white after Labor Day… winter white is one of my favorite looks! Keep reading for my tips for how to style white jeans + where to buy the best white jeans out there for comfort and look. Get ready for all the different ways I wear white jeans including the ways featured in a few recent outfits: what I wore in Savannah // where to buy unique sweaters // pink and white on Nantucket // heading out to sea in Charleston  //  rainy day outfit idea  //  the cozy chic top I can’t stop wearing  //  winter wonderland in Jackson Hole.

How To Style White Jeans - What to Wear in Savannah, GA | Rhyme & Reason 1
How To Style White Jeans - What to Wear in Savannah, GA | Rhyme & Reason 2
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How To Style White Jeans

My best tip for styling white jeans and white pants is to wear them if you love them and feel confident doing so! This applies to everyone. Even those who don’t necessarily think white jeans are the most flattering look on them. Trust me, when you walk out the door and feel confident, people pick up on that energy! The key is to find a pair that are flattering that you feel great in… they are out there! Most women have a bunch of blue jeans (we save old pairs of blue denim for forever, right?). But the truth is that most women only have 1-2 great pairs of white jeans because when you find a pair that works, you stick to them and rock them.

I have four pairs of white jeans that I wear all the time:

I love white jeans so I wear them a lot but those are the only pairs I need! When finding the most flattering pair of white jeans for your body, there are a couple things to keep in mind. This includes the wash, stretch, rise, and leg style (i.e. skinny, cropped, wide leg etc).

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Slimming White Jeans

So many women have a fear of white jeans being not flattering on them because we don’t always like to draw attention to our bottom halves. However, over the years, I’ve noticed a handful of things to keep in mind when shopping for white jeans that will completely change your mindset on the wardrobe staple.

1. Stretch and Thickness:

First off, I suggest considering the stretch and thickness of the white jeans you’re buying. If you’re shopping online, retails usually reveal how much stretch and thickness are in the jeans but if not, always read shopper reviews. White jeans that provide a lot of stretch are incredibly comfortable.  It also provides a good amount of support so you will feel confident with your look. Snag a pair of white jeans that are thicker than your usual blue jeans because they are more forgiving and don’t show off everything on display. Good American jeans is a modern denim line that came out with women in mind who love stretch and who have curves they are proud of. So, I highly recommend trying them out! The brand has been super successful and well received for a reason.

2. Leg Style:

The leg styles of jeans can make or break how you feel in them. If you want to stick to black or blue skinny jeans, that’s okay because there are loads of other denim styles besides the skinny jean. For women with athletic builds and/or for women who have hips, a booty, or thighs, one of the best tips for styling white jeans in a super flattering way is to wear a straight leg, flared (I love a cropped flare), wide leg, or boyfriend style. This doesn’t mean you’ll look like you’re straight out of That ’70s Show. Straight leg, flared, wide leg, and boyfriend jeans are always in style.

They are so great because they can be fitted around the waist and even the hips but this style isn’t clingy and tight in the thigh and legs. You’ll notice I wear by button-up white straight leg jeans all the time on Rhyme & Reason (most recently here, here, and here) and I’m obsessed with my wide le cropped white jeans as seen here!

3. Rise:

Rise is another thing to pay attention to. I, for one, don’t miss the days when low rise jeans were in! Does anyone!? I love solid mid-rise and high-rise jeans so much! Two of the best of-the-moment denim styles right now are the high-waisted and cropped flared or wide leg cropped silhouettes. These looks works on pretty much every female body type because the fit is more like that of a traditional pant or trouser. I think this style of jeans looks so cute with booties, heels, and other shoes that come up to your ankle. High-waisted cropped flared jeans and high-waisted wide leg cropped jeans are super flattering. They are also completely on trend right now, which will just boost your confidence level when wearing them in white.

4. All White:

Try a head to toe all white outfit. Monochromatic outfits by nature are always super flattering but too often we only consider this to be true with black on black looks. Well, the same holds true for white on white… the look elongates you and creates a slimming silhouette. It’s also such a bright, happy look that it’s impossible not to have a little extra pep in your step when wearing all white. You’ll notice in the photos from this post that I’ve done it before a couple times on R&R! A white top, white skinny jeans, and bright white or off white anything works!

5. Brands:

My last tip is to find a brand of jeans you know works well with you and stick to them. I personally love J.Crew jeans, Madewell jeans, and Frame Denim jeans but my sister loves AG jeans on her body type. Two years ago, I tried my first pair of Everlane jeans because the price point can’t be beat. I really like them! Everyone is different. My go-to places for jean shopping are J.Crew and Madewell (on the topic of denim, don’t forget their denim jackets either like this one!).

In addition, I think Nordstrom is the easiest place to shop for jeans. This is a huge tip so listen up! Nordstrom is the best place to look for jeans. This is because they have the best search capabilities on the left side of their site. You can pick whatever specific style of jeans you want (ex: high-rise cropped raw-hem white jeans) and narrow all the way down.

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White Jeans Outfits

Colorful Prints or Bright, Solid Tops

A great way to feel good in your white jeans is to style them with colorful printed tops or bright, solid tops. The trick here is that these types of tops will bring attention to the top half of your body. Therefore, attention on your white jeans will fade. So, your white jeans end up serving as the perfect base to build your outfit off of. Snag the colorful print/bright solid top look:

Reward Style Loads

Nautical Tops

No matter what, white jeans really do hold a special place in the summer wardrobe. For me, that’s because I love to create nautical blue and white outfits with white jeans serving as the backbone of the look (as seen here). With summer in full swing, there’s no better time to shop for nautical inspired tops (i.e. lots of stripes!)…

Reward Style Loads

Cozy Sweaters

Cozy sweaters that have a relaxed or oversized fit pair great with white jeans. Especially skinny or hip-hugging white jeans. A relaxed cozy sweater will offset the snug fit of white jeans. This creates a balanced look from top to bottom. This is one of my favorite ways to style white jeans. Wear it on a cool summer night by the water or in the fall/winter.

Reward Style Loads

White Out

An all white look is always timeless and fresh. Style a tailored pair of straight leg white jeans with a crisp white cotton poplin top or a flowy lightweight white top for a stunning summer look!

Reward Style Loads
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Reward Style Loads

Thanks for reading! I hope this post gave you a little inspiration for how to style white jeans! Style white jeans with bright colors, with black and white pieces, and more! xx


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  1. Love this post! I love white jeans as well! Personally I love the all white look. I think it’s so classy and feminine ?

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