Setting a Fresh Table for the New Year | Rhyme & Reason
A springy tablescape to bring to your home in 2021 | Rhyme & Reason

Setting a Fresh Table for the New Year

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When I woke up on January 1st, my creative juices were flowing. After months of feeling too drained or overextended to have a single creative thought run through my mind, it felt wonderful to tap back into my creative side. It wasn’t that long ago that I wondered if I’d ever feel like myself again. Other moms ensured me that I would and, of course, they were right. Now that I’m passed the early postpartum months and more comfortable and confident with the schedule of a baby, I’m able to manage my free time a bit more. Most of the time, my free time is spent doing non-creative things like laundry and washing bottles but I’m now leaning into enjoying some of my free time for myself… what a concept!

On New Year’s day, I had a pocket of free time and decided to use it to do something that made me feel inspired and happy. I took this as an omen that I’ll hopefully be able to manage my time with and without Rowan better and better as the year progresses. So, while Edwin whipped up a New Year’s brunch, I set the table. Setting a fresh table for the New Year gave me the mental boost I needed to enter the new year feeling like myself as an individual and not solely as a mother. So I hope this tablescape puts a little pep in your step as we head into the weekend! I highly suggest setting the table this weekend for your family. The practice of setting a table really will bring a smile to your face and power your creative energy.

Setting a Fresh Table for the New Year

Setting a Fresh Table for the New Year | Rhyme & Reason
How to set a blue and white table | Rhyme & Reason

Tablecloth / Placemats (vintage from my grandparents) / Custom Embroidered Napkins / Candle Holder (also comes in a candlestick version and pink or white) / Dinner Plates / Salad Plates / Bamboo Flatware / Water Glasses / Champagne Glasses / Candles / Vase / Wedgewood Pieces (similar, similar)

Blue and white tablescape ideas | Rhyme & Reason
grandmillennial table setting tips | Rhyme & Reason

For me, setting a fresh table for the new year was an opportunity to use our wedding china. We selected Herend ‘Chinese Bouquet’ for our wedding china and I still couldn’t be happier with the choice. It’s so fun to find excuses to use our china set. New Year’s Day felt appropriate! I paired our wedding china with my new Mrs. Alice tablecloth that I received for Christmas. It is such a gorgeous table linen and pairs beautifully with my grandparents’ vintage lace placemats. I added on other cheery green, blue, and white items to complete the table. With the addition of my bamboo flatware that y’all know I love, the table was complete! The camellias I cut from our yard were the final touch! Below I rounded up a bunch of dreamy green, blue, and white table items for y’all to use to bring people together in your home.

How to set the table like a grandmillennial | Rhyme & Reason
Setting a Fresh Table for the New Year | Rhyme & Reason 1
Green, blue, and white table setting ideas | Rhyme & Reason
A springy tablescape to bring to your home in 2021 | Rhyme & Reason
Reward Style Loads

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! If you’re spending time close to home, you can still make it special and memorable by trying a new recipe and setting a beautiful table! xx

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