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Savannah, Georgia
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Oh Savannah, my are you a special city! Savannah, Georgia is truly a one of a kind city filled with interesting people, the most picturesque town squares you can imagine, fantastic food, a plethora of ghosts, and so much more. I’ve been to Savannah more than a handful of times so, while I’m definitely not a local, I do feel like I know the city pretty well. Savannah is a great place to go for a girls’ trip or on a trip with your significant other so I’m here to share all my inside scoop on the charming city. I do have to say that it is one of the prettiest and most romantic cities in all of the country. I know you’ll fall in love! So I hope you enjoy my Savannah Travel Guide!

P.S. This post has a mix of old iPhone photos from over the years and new photos we just snapped while in Savannah this January of 2020.

The best rooftops in Savannah, Georgia | Rhyme & Reason

Sweater / Jeans (old – similar, similar, similar, similar) / Coat (old – similar, similar) / Sneakers (old – similar, similar, similar) / Hair Barrette

Where to eat, shop, drink, sleep, and explore in Savannah | Rhyme & Reason
Where to eat, shop, drink, sleep, and explore in Savannah | Rhyme & Reason
Savannah Travel Guide on Rhyme & Reason

Savannah Travel Guide

Where to Stay in Savannah

Perry Lane Hotel:

The Perry Lane Hotel is the newest crown jewel of Savannah. It opened its doors in summer 2018 and immediately became a beloved destination in the heart of the Historic District. The hotel beautifully blends the historic charm of Savannah with a sleek contemporary design. The rooftop bar is super fun too! I’ve stayed here and love it! Stay here if you’re looking for a true hotel experience. Located on Perry Street.

Hamilton Turner House:

The Hamilton Turner House is an old house (with a rich history!) that has been turned into a boutique bed and breakfast hotel. It is absolutely gorgeous and simply oozing with Southern charm and character. They serve a delicious breakfast every morning and drinks in the evening so you’ll feel right at home. Every room is decorated differently, all in a Southern fashion, and the bathrooms are spacious, bright, and beautiful. I’ve stayed here and love it! Stay here if you’re looking for a historic upscale bed and breakfast experience. Located on Abercorn Street.

The Alida:

The Alida Hotel is a fresh, contemporary take on southern hospitality in Savannah. It is located on the riverfront, which can be really enjoyed from the spacious rooftop bar. At The Alida, guests will also find a pool, a full service restaurant, and a mix of rooms and suites. The Alida is a Marriott so it’s a wonderful option for those who love their Marriott points! I’ve stayed here before and would recommend it if you’re looking for a great, pretty affordable hotel experience. Located on Williamson Street.

The Windrose Apartment Hotel:

The Windrose Apartment Hotel is unique because guests can cater the number of rooms to meet their needs creating more of an apartment feel than a traditional hotel feel. Guests can book a regular 1 bedroom suite or a whole floor at The Windrose with up to 6 rooms. For this reason, The Windrose is great to book for group trips like family trips, couples trips, and bachelorettes. Rooms have kitchenettes and amenities that come in very handy! It’s also located directly above the restaurant Fat Radish, which is amazing! Located on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

The Kimpton Brice:

The Kimpton Brice hotel is located inside of an old Coca-Cola bottling plant, which lends itself nicely to the contemporary cool vibe of the hotel. It’s situated on one of Savannah’s lovely squares and has bikes available to guests to cruise around town with! Located on Bay Street.

Eliza Thompson House:

The Eliza Thompson House is a gorgeous B&B in a great location. It is nestled in among the charming homes on Jones Street (one of my favorite streets to walk) so you could almost miss it. It has beautiful southern decor and a private, peaceful feel. Located on Jones Street.

Mirabelle Hotel:

The Mirabelle Hotel is a beautiful little vacation rental spot with a handful of one-bedroom suites. It’s perfect to stay at with a significant other or with your best girlfriend. The Mirabelle Café is located on the bottom floor so guests have easy access to morning coffee. It’s also located right by the center of town. Located on Abercorn Street.

Wedding Cake Mansion:

Year after year, this house is awarded the ribbon for being the most photographed house in Savannah. So, you know it’s an amazing place to stay. You can rent out the whole house for your family or group so it’s a really special place to call home for your trip. Located on Taylor Street.

Where to Eat in Savannah
Where to Eat in Savannah
Where to Eat in Savannah

Where to Eat in Savannah

The Grey:

The Grey is arguably the most famous restaurant in Savannah. It was nominated as the best new restaurant in America the year it opened (2014) and has received accolades ever since! I love the story behind the restaurant! It got it’s name because the restaurant is housed within a refurbished 1930s art deco Greyhound bus terminal. So, the whole vibe of the Southern food spot is funky and and cool. If you have one night in Savannah, then make a dinner reservation here. Located on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

The Grey Market:

The Grey Market is the second outpost from the culinary team behind The Grey. The team is from New York but calls Savannah home. So, The Grey Market strives to create an atmosphere and experience that is a cross between an NYC bodega and a southern lunch counter. As such, it is a great super casual spot! Grab pastries or food to go or enjoy a laid back meal at the counter. I like snagging a to-go item here to nibble on while wandering the city! Located on Jefferson Street.

The Collins Quarter:

The menu here is a blend of Southern and Australian cuisine and simply delicious. I recommend going for brunch and ordering the avocado smash (it’s stacked sky high with fresh avocado), the watermelon peach burrata salad, a Vietnamese ice coffee, and the drunken berry mimosa. You’ll thank me later! It is also a bright and beautiful space with a very Instagram-worthy bar area. Located on Bull Street.

The Fat Radish:

If The Fat Radish sounds like somewhere you’ve been before, you’re not wrong. The original location of the restaurant is in New York City but the second location, the Savannah location, is just as special and delicious! The menu leans toward the healthy side of the spectrum, which is always something I seek out when I travel (because I generally eat and drink more than normal when traveling). At The Fat Radish, the produce is incredible, the cocktails are memorable, and the atmosphere is inspired! P.S. Thursday is oyster night, which is so fun! Located on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.


I love Atlantic for it’s laid-back neighborhood vibe… it’s housed in an old gas station! Even though the restaurant is decidedly casual, the food is fantastic and really foodie. Every dish I’ve ever eaten at Atlantic has been delicious. On the menu, you’ll find creative New American dishes as well as an extensive wine list. Located on Victory Drive.

Squirrel’s Pizza:

You heard it here first, Squirrel’s is Savannah’s best wood fired pizza! The menu consists of mouthwatering crispy Neapolitan style pizza, salads, sandwiches, and more. This restaurant burst onto the Savannah food scene with a splash and instantly became a neighborhood favorite! I crave their pizza! Located on Bull Street.

Sandfly BBQ:

BBQ lovers will not want to miss this spot. With its casual diner atmosphere and it’s mouthwatering brisket, pulled pork, and Brunswick stew, you’ll be in food heaven and leave with a very full belly. Located on Barnard Street.

Cotton & Rye:

At Cotton & Rye the menu is a blend of New American fare with classic Southern influences. It could be called a Southern style gastropub. Edwin loves a good gastropub so I thought I’d give Cotton & Rye a shoutout in case any of you are traveling with a male like Edwin. Located on Habersham Street.


Gryphon is the SCAD coffee shop and café (also known as the cutest college coffee spot ever). It’s very intimate and elegant as the walls are lined with carved-mahogany bookcases and stained glass panels original to the building. The food is delicious and always a Savannah favorite! Located on Bull Street.

The Wyld:

What’s not to love about dining on the water? At The Wyld, you can do just that! It is a casual dockside restaurant that serves up Southern seafood and New American fare. It’s a great spot to sit outside with a cold beer and some shrimp corn fritters on a beautiful spring evening. Located on Livingston Avenue.

Big Bon Bodega:

Big Bon Bodega is the place to go for bagels in Savannah. Made to perfection, Big Bon Bodega serves up fresh hot-out-of-the-oven Montreal style bagels Tuesday – Saturday. The bagels + bagel sandwiches are delicious! Located on Bull Street.

Flock to the Wok:

Flock to the Wok is a modern family style Chinese food restaurant. The menu has an entire section of the most delicious handmade dumplings, which is really the standout part of the restaurant! If dumplings aren’t your thing, you can enjoy rices, noodles, veggies, fish, and more all while nursing one of their specialty craft cocktails. Head here for your Asian food fix while in Savannah. Located on Whitaker Street. Located on Whitaker Street.

St. Neo’s Brasserie:

St. Neo’s is a charming oyster bar and seafood brasserie. The menu is upscale but comfort food at the same time giving it the perfect southern balance. In addition to the oysters, the raw bar menu is what I love most about this spot! Located on Drayton Street.


Garibaldi can best be described as swanky old school Savannah. The atmosphere and interior of the building has a ‘more is more’ vibe creating a buzzy atmosphere. To give you an idea of the menu, Garibaldi is known for its veal chop. Located on Congress Street.

Elizabeth on 37th:

Elizabeth on 37th is an old school Savannah restaurant that has been on the block for decades. The restaurant specializes in southern seafood cuisine and is known for its high end service. the menu changes seasonally and there is always an array of specials! It’s the kind of place that’s fun to take your parents. Located on E. 37th Street.

Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room:

This southern diner has been family owned since 1943 so expect to be treated like part of the family. You’ll be served at communal tables and won’t believe your eyes when you see the lunch portions. Located on Jones Street.

A blogger's guide to the best restaurants in Savannah | Rhyme & Reason
Where to Eat in Savannah

Where to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth in Savannah


Oh me, oh my you absolutely have to go here even if you don’t like chocolate. The owner of this fabulous little chocolate shop is a true visionary with a passion for chocolate! The store is designed like a library and each bookshelf is filled with books and different flavors and types of chocolate. It is without a doubt the best chocolate shop I’ve ever been to! I recommend getting a bag of chocolates and walking over to the nearby Chippewa Square to sit on a park bench and sample all of your delicious bites of Heaven. Located on Bull Street (there is more than one location but this one is my favorite).


Go here to get your ice cream cone fix. You should absolutely expect a line outside on a warm night but their ice cream is definitely worth the wait. They have some super yummy southern flavors too! Located on Broughton Street.

Back in the Day Bakery:

Patrons of Back in the Day Bakery have a nostalgia for traditional Southern baking and Southern recipes. You’ll find mouthwatering menu items like sweet potato herb pies and egg & bacon brioches with green tomato marmalade. It’s a Savannah classic! Located on Bull Street.

Savannah Travel Guide on Rhyme & Reason

Where to Drink in Savannah

Mirabelle Café:

This is the perfect neighborhood coffee shop that should become your go-to while on your trip. Their coffee is yummy but they are also known for their famous waffles. It’s also a charming spot with a mix of exposed brick walls and ditsy floral wallpaper. Located on Abercorn Street.

Gallery Espresso:

A bohemian style coffee shop with light food. They have great wifi so it’s a good place to pop into to catch up on emails while in town. Located on Bull Street.

Artillery Bar:

What a wonderful bar this is! It’s the perfect place to go for an after dinner nightcap or to go out on the weekends because it has such a great energy. The bar has standing room but if you sit at the bar or in a booth then you get your own special doorbell. The bartenders and waiters don’t come around to you and bother you, instead you ring your bell every time you need something or want to order and someone appears within moments… it’s wonderful! Plus, their craft cocktails are out of this world good! Located on Bull Street.

The Lost Square:

The Lost Square is a rooftop bar on the river. Savannah is historically a port city (which is why it is the oldest city in Georgia!) so it sits on the Savannah River. Head to The Lost Square for evening drinks to catch the sunset and relax after a busy day of touring around. P.S. it’s on the roof of the Alida Hotel. Located on Williamson Street.

The Street:

Yup, you read that right. In Savannah, there are no open container laws so you can walk around the whole city with a beer, glass of wine, or a cocktail in your hand. It’s really quite amazing and so fun if I do say so myself!

The best bars in Savannah, Georgia | Rhyme & Reason
Where to eat and drink in Savannah | Rhyme & Reason

Sweater / Jeans (old – similar, similar, similar, similar) / Coat (old – similar, similar) / Sneakers (old – similar, similar, similar) / Hair Barrette

Where to Shop in Savannah

The Paris Market:

The Paris market is a reason in and of itself to love Savannah. It is a two story treasure trove full of every trinket you can image from candles to jewelry as well as décor items, cookbooks, furniture, and more. Grab a basket, wander around, and before you know it, your entire basket will be filled with goodies! It also has its own little café and coffee shop and is delicious and adorable in its own right. Located on Broughton Street.

Courtland and Co:

If you love monograms and embroidery, then this is the place for you. It is truly monogram heaven! This shop is two stories of napkins, towels, bedding, robes, pajamas and more… basically everything you can think of to monogram. Everything they sell is beautiful and they can do really special monogramming. For instance, if you have a wedding crest/logo/monogram you can bring it to them or send them a digitized version of it and they can print in on pillows, napkins, or anything else for your wedding. Courtland and Co. did a few special touches for my wedding (napkins, a ribbon on my bouquet etc.). P.S. Courtland and Co. was previously called Number Four Eleven before the store did a rebrand. Located on Whitaker Street.

Andie Kully:

Andie Kully is a wonderful women’s clothing and accessories boutique located inside the Perry Lane Hotel. Don’t be fooled though into assuming that it is a standard hotel boutique because it is so much more. Expertly sourced, everything in the boutique is something I want in my closet! They carry wonderful brands like Solid and Striped Swimwear and unique accessories. This is my favorite clothing boutique in Savannah! Located on Perry Street.

Alex Raskin Antiques:

Alex Raskin Antiques is the mother of all antique stores! This four story antique destination is known as Savannah’s “most interesting shop” for good reason. It is fantastic! The building itself is the last unrestored historic grand mansion in downtown Savannah. It is truly a work of art in and of itself. Add in the four floors of antique furniture, art, and trinkets and you can get lost inside for hours. Located on Bull Street.

E. Shaver Bookseller:

E. Shaver Bookseller is a wonderful local bookstore in downtown Savannah. The bookstore is in an 1840s home so the shop flows from little room to little room creating a very inviting feeling. You could easily find yourself wasting away an entire afternoon in this friendly shop. Pro tip: If you haven’t read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, then pick up a copy of the renowned Savannah novel here to enjoy on your trip! Located on Bull Street.

One Fish Two Fish:

This is a beautiful local home and gift store that I love popping into when I’m in town. Anyone who is forever inspired by home design should pop into this store. Located on Whitaker Street.

Savannah Travel Guide on Rhyme & Reason
Savannah Travel Guide on Rhyme & Reason
Savannah Travel Guide on Rhyme & Reason
Savannah Travel Guide on Rhyme & Reason
Savannah Travel Guide on Rhyme & Reason
Savannah Travel Guide on Rhyme & Reason

What to Do in Savannah

Read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil:

I read this book years ago and loved it. If you are planning to go to Savannah for the first time and you haven’t read this book then I highly recommend it. This book really put Savannah on the map on a national scale back in the late nineties. It tells stories of the rich history of Savannah and the people who’ve made the city so colorful. It’s a wild read! On another cultural note, you of course have to watch Forrest Gump before you travel to Savannah!

Walk the Town Squares:

Savannah is so incredibly unique because it sits on 24 town squares. I always set aside time to go to parks and squares when I visit different destinations so you can imagine how much I swoon over and enjoy the square in Savannah. Each one has something different about it that makes it special and beautiful (examples: Chippewa Square got its fame from Forrest Gump and Wright Square is the place to go for a dose of haunted Savannah). Give me a Southern live oak trees with dripping Spanish moss and I’m a happy girl.

Visit Forsyth Park:

Forsyth Park is a beautiful 30 acre park in the historic district of Savannah. If you spend an afternoon walking the city to visit all the squares, then add Forsyth Park to your list of stops. It’s also the home of the Savannah farmer’s market! Located on Gaston Street.

Carriage Ride:

Because there are so many squares to see and so many different picturesque blocks to cover, I recommend doing a carriage ride on your first day in Savannah. You’ll get the lay of the land, quickly see more than you would just from walking, and you’ll hear stories of Savannah past from the settling of the colony to modern times. Yes, this is touristy but yes I love it!

Historic Home Tours:

There are handful of historic homes to tour in Savannah. I love history so I’ve toured a bunch of them. There standouts are are: Sorrel Weed House, Owens Thomas House, and Harper Fowlkes House.

Walking Ghost Tour:

My siblings, cousins, friends and I seriously loved the ghost tours when we were kids. They are also very touristy but quiet a hoot. You’ll hear stories from the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, of scandalous affairs and murders, and of creepy cemeteries. Edwin and I recently did one as adults and loved the experience. It is good old fashioned fun.

Walking History Tour:

Savannah is a city that is oozing with history. Every single building, street, and square has a story to tell. I love exploring a new city with a walking tour. There is no better way to experience the city, take in the architecture, and learn something new.

Telfair Museum

The first public art museum in the United States. It has a focus on Georgia’s history, art, and architecture (and a great place to pop inside to beat the heat of the summer). Located on York Street.

SCAD Museum of Art:

The SCAD Museum of Art is a contemporary art museum that is part of the Savannah College of Art and Design. The museum has a focus on international artists and always has an Impressive roster of rotating exhibitions. It’s a nice way to experience contemporary culture in such an old historically rooted city. Located on Turner Blvd.

Visit Tybee Island:

The beautiful southern beaches of Tybee Island are just 20 minutes away from downtown Savannah so it’s the perfect place to go on your trip if you’re looking for another outdoor excursion. After all, nothing beats a beach day! My grandmother used to take us to all the southern lighthouses that she could so I have a sweet spot for them. Therefore, I’d be remiss if I didn’t recommend going to the Tybee Island Lighthouse while on Tybee as well.

Savannah Travel Guide on Rhyme & Reason
Savannah Travel Guide on Rhyme & Reason
Savannah Travel Guide on Rhyme & Reason
Savannah Travel Guide on Rhyme & Reason

As always, if you are planning a trip to Savannah, feel free to email me with any questions at! xx

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