Our Summer 2021 Plans | Rhyme & Reason
smocked summer dresses for summer 2021 | Rhyme & Reason

Our Summer 2021 Plans

Charleston, South Carolina
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The longest day of the year was earlier this week so summer is officially underway! After summer 2020 where we were largely restricted from traveling very much, I know I’m not alone in looking forward to the travel that this summer brings! I thought it would be fun to share a bit about our summer 2021 plans because I feel like it is already flying by and going to be incredibly fast, full, rich, sun-drenched summer.

We kicked off summer Memorial Day weekend with a glorious weekend at home in Charleston full of lots of family and friends. The weather was spectacular without summer heat or summer humidity so we spent every minute Rowan wasn’t napping outside. If Memorial Day weekend was a sign of the summer ahead, then I’d like to bottle this summer up forever because Memorial Day weekend was a perfect few days in Charleston!

Our Summer 2021 Plans | Rhyme & Reason
Our Summer 2021 Plans | Rhyme & Reason

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Jillian Eversole shares her summer 2021 plans | Rhyme & Reason
smocked summer dresses for summer 2021 | Rhyme & Reason

Our Summer 2021 Plans


June is already almost over, holy wow. This month started with a splash when my best friend and her mom visited Charleston for a mother daughter weekend! We were going going with delicious meals, Spoletto garden tours, beach walks, downtown strolls, shopping, toasting, and more. Allison and I have been attached at the hip since kindergarten and the cherry on top is that our moms are best friends too!

After that weekend, we marked and are marking this month with time at home and with weddings + wedding events. We spent 6 days in Southern California for some of our best friends’ wedding. The groom is Edwin’s best friend, business partner, and Rowan’s godfather. Edwin was the best man, which was quite an honor! We couldn’t love Jack and Kenzie more and celebrating them tying the knot was a blast! We were skiing with them in 2018 when they got engaged so this beautiful union was a long time coming!

The following weekend, we had two weddings and, with Rowan, it was just too much to drag him along for back to back weekends and get a sitter he didn’t know while we were away. So, I sadly skipped both weddings and Edwin went to Palm Beach for 4 days to be a groomsman in one of the weddings. He had an absolutely knockout time and I was living through him and my friends at the Connecticut wedding I had to miss.

This coming weekend, Edwin and I both have bachelorette and bachelor party weekends.

This time around, I am heading out of town for the celebrations and Edwin will be home with Rowan. He sadly has to miss his bachelor party but is excited for a little father son weekend! Rowan is at an age where he is genuinely FUN and the time spent with him couldn’t be more of a joy. I think it is special that we each get a solo weekend with him this month at his age. I am off to Nantucket for my girlfriend’s bachelorette this weekend and I’m giddy to have the chance to celebrate her, get to know her other non-Charleston friends better, and be in one of my favorite places!

June is and has been busy with weddings/wedding events, which I’m so grateful for. What a gift to be able to gather, celebrate those we love, raise a glass, and enjoy this beautiful life!! June is certainly filling my cup.

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I live for July. It is a special, special month where the days are long and full of so much joy. I honestly feel like a kid every July. It is such a great month to play hard outside and enjoy all that life has to offer. I’ve spent every single Fourth of July in California apart from maybe two in my life. We are currently waiting to hear about shoot dates for a job Edwin has that will dictate whether or not we go to California this year for the holiday but I am hoping it works out. July 4th, at the beach, in California is really engrained in me and who I am. I’d love to see Rowan spend more time with his cousins in California too and to see my sister’s new house! Fingers are crossed.

I never forget a Fourth of July, but I know this July will really be marked by the two weeks we’re spending on Nantucket with my family and some friends. I’ve spent long stretches on Nantucket before and been fortunate enough to have summers filled with multiple trips to the island but this summer has me so excited because it will be my first time there with Rowan. Last summer on island, he was in my belly. This summer, he’ll be wiggling around the island with me. To say I’m excited is an understatement! I already know I’ll tell him about his first time to Nantucket for years to come.

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August and September

Edwin doesn’t have a spare moment in August! He has the incredible opportunity to go on a father son fishing trip with his dad in Alaska at the beginning of the month. I am over the moon for him to have the experience. Trips like that and dedicated time spent with family like that is what life is really made of. Unfortunately, it conflicts with a bachelorette for me that I’m heartbroken to have to miss but I will be home snuggling with my little Rowan and celebrating my beautiful bride-to-be girlfriend from afar!

We then have the joy of heading up to Woodstock, NY to see some of our favorite people say I do!

Rowan will be coming with us so it will be a full weekend of playing with Rowan outdoors during the days and celebrating love when the sun goes down. We’re staying at a very historic inn that I already know I’m going to love! I can’t wait to toast to these two lovebirds!

Edwin then has a job the rest of the month in Texas so Rowan and I will have some quality time at home in Charleston before we fly west to spend time with my family in the mountains. We’ll be lakeside in Idaho with my parents, Montana to see my amazing cousin marry his sweet bride (where Edwin will join us!), and Colorado to watch one of my best college girlfriends marry her perfect match!

We’ll be in the mountains for a bit and I know it will fill my soul up to the tippy top. I can’t wait to see my parents living summer life in a place they have grown to love so dearly. Rowan has proven to be a great traveler so far and adapts his schedule to time changes easily so we’re rolling with that. He will be visiting a handful of new states and places this summer. My little traveler.

Guys, we’re busy!

We have just shy of 15 weddings this year and we’re trying to celebrate them all in some capacity. Our fall weddings kick off in late September and our wedding calendar continues through New Years! I feel like it is such a gift to have so many treasured people in our lives who are having the chance to celebrate their love in the presence of loved ones. I’ve always loved weddings but last year really put things like weddings into perspective for me.

Notably missing from our summer is a trip to visit my aunt and uncle in Sag Harbor, which I hate to miss. My aunt is a fantastic cook and her gardens are breathtaking. We love our time up there with them every year so this year we’re so sad to miss it. A priority for next summer! We also won’t be in Jackson Hole this summer as of now. We’ve gone every single August of my life to visit my grandparents but, without my grandpa with us this year, we don’t have a trip on the books.

My parents are planting some of their own roots in the mountains in Idaho, which has us thrilled for them! We’re so excited to visit. We’ll always continue to spend time in Jackson too down the road and are grateful to have family who still live there. Our summer 2021 plans are booked with lots of travel surrounding family and weddings with cherished time at home sprinkled in-between too. What a blessing this season of life it!

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