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Jillian Eversole shares her New York City Babymoon | JillianEversole.com

Our New York City Babymoon

New York, New York
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Last Thursday, Edwin and I hopped on a plane and headed north to the city for our New York City babymoon for baby #3. Before this trip, we hadn’t been to New York City together since the summer of 2018. It had been such a long time so we really relished the time together just moseying around the city. We made nighttime plans and then had a loose idea of things we wanted to do but, for the most part, we let the days unfold naturally. It was fun and leisurely! The city isn’t always leisurely so it was a great way to spend a few days there, especially while 31 weeks pregnant. My aunt and uncle weren’t home at their apartment so they graciously offered to have us stay, which was the loveliest treat ever!

They live uptown so we decided to lean into our location and do an uptown trip. We are both usually downtown when in New York and then make jaunts uptown so it was a wonderful change! We didn’t go downtown once and jokingly called our trip a tour of New York institutions. Because, for the most part, we went to classic NY spots. We relaxed but also got lots of steps in and loved wandering around. It was slow but flew by! The perfect kind of trip. Below was our itinerary for anyone heading to New York soon + some notes addressing the questions I was asked the most.

Our New York City Babymoon | JillianEversole.com
Jillian Eversole in snowy Central Park | JillianEversole.com

Our New York City Babymoon


We got to my aunt and uncle’s apartment in the late afternoon and just relaxed for a little bit. When you’re pregnant and away from the regular programming of life at home, it really is such a gift to just be able to put your feet up without anyone needing a snack, a change of clothes, a diaper change, etc. Pure bliss.

We then had an early 5:30pm dinner reservation at The Polo Bar. I saw so many DMs coming in asking how we got a reservation and I’m afraid I have no secret advice for you – I just called the restaurant and made it. I called and gave them the dates we were in town, said we were super flexible on timing, and they told me they had a 5:30pm time available for our first night. It was perfect! It’s already dark by 5:30pm in January and I knew we’d be tired from the week leading up to our trip so we loved the early reservation. We planned to go to Bemelmans Bar on the way home after dinner but ended up being too sleepy after our long, leisurely meal so we just headed home.

Jillian Eversole shares her New York City Babymoon | JillianEversole.com
Jillian Eversole shares her New York City Babymoon | JillianEversole.com

The best classic New York City restaurants | JillianEversole.com
The best classic New York City restaurants | JillianEversole.com
The best classic New York City restaurants | JillianEversole.com



Edwin and I both have internal alarm clocks that didn’t let us sleep in but we truly savored not having to jump out of bed before our kids to prep for the day or at the first sound of our kids if they woke before us. On the recommendation of my aunt, Edwin popped out to Patisserie Vanessa and brought quiche, croissants, coffee, and tea back to the apartment for a relaxed breakfast. I absolutely savored the slow morning!

Neue Galerie

We then popped out for a day around the neighborhood. We started at the Neue Galerie as Edwin had never been and it was on our way to our next stop. I could spend forever with their collection of Klimt paintings (p.s. if you haven’t seen the movie Woman in Gold, then I highly recommend giving it a watch for more on Klimt’s famous Woman in Gold painting. She is now housed in the Neue Galerie.). It had been a few years since my last visit so it was a treat. Afterwards we went for a snowy walk through Central Park together. Fluffy snowflakes were falling from the sky while New Yorkers walked their dogs and took their kids sledding. It was cold but not that cold and really wonderful.

Matisse and Derain Exhibit

After our stroll through the park, we went to The Met and took in the final weekend of the Matisse and Derain exhibit. The exhibit explored the works of art the two masters created in the summer of 1905 while in the fishing village of Collioure on the French Mediterranean. The two painters’ works out of that summer are considered to be the start of Fauvism. What a colorful joy this exhibit was! I learned so much and marveled at how much knowledge I used to have, when I was in school, about topics like different art movements and cringed at how most of that knowledge has now escaped me.

And I can’t wait to relearn it along side my kids as they go through school. I had a few really wonderful art teachers throughout my education and loved my AP art history class in high school as well as all the art history I took in college (in particular, when I studied abroad). I said on my Instagram but it is so true that I’ll say it again here, every time I’m in The Met, I feel fortunate to be there.


We were meant to have an afternoon appointment at the Soane Showroom next but they sadly called me Friday morning to inform me that they had to close early due to a burst pipe in their building. It was a shame because I was so looking forward to it and to getting a little inspiration for some house projects I’m working on (as I mentioned here). Next visit! I also wanted to go to the JAMES Showroom but alas, it isn’t uptown and we really were sticking around there. Instead, we ducked into a Serafina and split a margherita pizza before doing a little window shopping along Madison.

Dinner & Broadway

We freshened up back at the apartment and set out for the evening. First to a delicious and lively dinner at Monkey Bar and then to the Broadway play & Juliet. I saw so many DMs come in about Monkey Bar! Everyone was curious about how it was after they redid and reopened the restaurant and all I can say is that it was fantastic. The atmosphere is New York at its finest, the food was divine, and our server was excellent. I highly recommend a visit next time you’re in the city. Now onto the play… & Juliet was lots of fun – it is a take on what could have happened if Juliet ditched her fateful ending with Romeo and set out on her own path to independence.

The whole play is set to modern music to you know every word to every song throughout the musical. Shakespeare is played by the same actor who played Hamilton in the original Broadway production of Hamilton – I loved seeing him on stage again. He’s so good. Overall, do I think Shakespeare is rolling over in his grave? Yes. Was it a fun play to see? Yes.

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Our New York City Babymoon | JillianEversole.com 2

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Sant Ambroeus

On Saturday, we enjoyed another slow, quiet morning sans-children (although we FaceTimed them and missed them terribly!) before heading out to brunch with two of Edwin’s friends at Sant Ambroeus. You just can never go wrong with a meal at Sant Ambroeus. We had a jolly time catching up with old friends and keeping warm inside while it was absolutely freezing outside.

Antique-ing in NYC

I wanted to do a bit of antique-ing while in New York but was conscious that I had Edwin with me along for the ride, I opted against the larger Winter Show that was going on in New York while we were in town and instead paid a visit to the smaller Antiques Art & Design at Wallace Hall show. So we took in the collections from the different antique dealers and then set back out into the cold and visited KRB and Creel and Gow. We ran out of time but I also wanted to see the new Sid and Ann Mashburn store on Madison but that will have to wait for our next trip.

J.G. Melon

We hit one of our favorite New York institutions, J.G. Melon, for a late lunch of cheeseburgers and fries. It doesn’t get much better! Their fries just get me.

Drinks & Dinner

Afterwards, we changed back at the apartment and then went to Bemelmans for a quick pitstop before walking to Melody’s Piano Bar for pre-dinner drinks with friends. It was such fun seeing one of my dearest friends, Lauren. She’s been in the city since we graduated college and is my favorite to visit! Melody’s was a great vibe – we loved the music and I really fancied my cocktail. I hear it gets fun late night too. Edwin and I enjoyed our final dinner in New York at another of the city’s institutions, La Goulue. We loved closing out the last night of our trip with a French bistro atmosphere and split a very French meal.

New York City might not be the obvious choice for a babymoon but we loved every second of our trip. In fact, it is a widely different destination than our previous two babymoons here and here. It was exactly where we wanted to go through and a special few days together. Our lives are about to change drastically so it was fun to spend a few days chatting and daydreaming about what that might look like with three children. Can’t wait!

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Jillian Eversole shares her New York City Babymoon | JillianEversole.com

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Places We Ran Out Of Time For

There is never enough time when it comes to New York! If we had had more time, we would have made a visit to both The Frick Collection and the Guggenheim. We also would have snagged coffee at Poppi and at Ralph’s, sipped hot cocoa at Glace by Noglu, gotten drinks at Jacques Bar, spent more time at Bemelmans, and visited Le Chalet in Saks (a fun recommendation from Nan!). Also, Chelsea reminded me of this phenomenal list of NYC home stores from Annie Meyers-Shyer that I wish we had had time to chip away at. Of course, there are a million and one more things to do and places to go but this is what we fit into our little trip.

Shopping Notes

I received a handful of DMs from people concerned I was freezing when I wore a dress, sneakers, and high socks out on our snowy day around the city. I so appreciated the concern! Since it was snowing, Friday was actually the warmest day we had so I really was totally fine even with a little leg showing. I just don’t really have pants that fit me right now and I didn’t have a great non-heeled pair of boots that matched my outfit. I knew we’d be walking a lot, so sneakers with a little leg showing felt like the right choice and, it turns out I was right.


Which brings me to my point – my sneakers! They are a new item in my closet from Sezane. I ordered them right before our trip and was really happy with them! If you are between sizes in shoes (sometimes I’m a 6.5 and sometimes I’m a 7, then I recommend going with the larger of two sizes). I love the multi colored design of the sneakers and the blush color palette. Big fan! I logged about 15,000 steps on Friday and was completely comfortable all day long in these sneakers even though they were brand new and not broken in at all. I wore them with these cute socks.

As an aside, I also have these sneakers from Sezane that I bought 5 or 6 years ago. The brand still makes the style so you know they are good. I love them as a classic neutral and basic in my closet. They have held up great too! Again, if you are between two sizes, then size up.

Belly Oil

I packed this belly oil with me and, I have to say, it is the best belly oil to travel with when pregnant! It glides on as a roller so there’s no risk of the oil leaking out into your cosmetic case (the absolute worst!).

Outfit Details

I didn’t get a great outfit shot on Friday night but I wore this colorful La Double J dress – absolutely smashing – with one of my favorite Christmas presents that I received, an Olympia Le-Tan purse. I’m completely and utterly smitten with it! My exact purse is sold out but you’ll love these similar designs. This champagne design is probably the most similar to my purse but this love letters purse is so perfect for this time of year and this Klimt design, this Van Gogh design, this Monet design, and this Degas design would have all been perfect for our trip as we saw so many of their works of art. This skiing purse takes the cake for me though!

Another Christmas present that I wore out in New York were these platform heels. I’ve worn them a few times now since Christmas and it’s quite shocking how many compliments I have received about them each time I’ve worn them!

On Saturday night, I wore this gorgeous jewel tone jade green dress (more sizes here). Alas, again, I didn’t get a great outfit photo. It is extremely bump friendly but also fantastic when not pregnant. It comes in lots of other gorgeous silhouettes too like this skirt, this flutter sleeve top, this long sleeve top, this flutter sleeve dress, and this pleated dress.

When Max Mara frequently charges over $4,000 for coats, these styles and prices all feel really great (My camel coat pictured above is a Max Mara and most certainly not $4,000, ha!): one, two, three, four, five (my favorite!), six.

The fur stole that I wore every single day was Edwin’s aunt’s that she so generously gave to me. I adore it! Similar here, here, and here.

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  1. Thank you so much for doing this labor of love for us readers. I especially love when you include outfit details with your trip info. I am trying to add more class and sophistication to my outfits here in sunny San Diego, but it is so against the norm. Regardless, I am determined to invest slowly in forever pieces. Thank you for helping me!

    1. Hi Sarah! Awww thank you so much for such a thoughtful message!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! We LOVE San Diego and spend a lot of time there but know what you mean, it is a casual (but so happy!) town. I hope this post gave you a little inspiration 🙂 Thank you again for reading! x

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