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40 New Year Affirmations |

40 New Year Affirmations

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I absolutely love the energy of a new year! I love the joy and merriment of the holidays and then I love to pick up where that falls off with motivation, positive intentions, goals, and optimism for a new year ahead. It feels so empowering to start a new year and to create family goals, financial goals, work/career goals, and personal goals. Edwin and I have blocked off our calendar one morning next week to sit down and have a family planning meeting for 2024. It is a daunting task but one I am really looking forward to. And one I have done a lot of prep and organization for. A girlfriend of mine recently told me that she and her husband do these check-in meetings throughout the year and call them ‘State of the Union’ meetings. I love that and am adopting that terminology for our family.

Our upcoming family planning meeting, my new year energy, my pregnancy nesting mode and motivation. And some end of year reflections I’ve had recently have me thinking so much about 2024 and what is to come, hence this uplifting post on 40 new year affirmations. I am striving to start the new year off on the right foot and focus on what matters most to me to create the life of my dreams. In many ways, this really will be the year my dreams came true in so many ways as we welcome our third child.

New Year Affirmations

I shared a poem recently that I am still reflecting on because it left such a wonderful feeling inside of me. And made me think about something I like to keep top of mind – how I make people feel or how I treat people. From the poem, I declared that I’d like the line “Distribute spoonfuls of joyfulness for others to find” to be my mantra going into 2024. I’ve been thinking a lot about New Year’s resolutions, intentions, mantras, and affirmations. Which brings me to this post, 40 New Year Affirmations. There have been times in my life when I’ve really felt the power of affirmations. I’ve jotted down affirmations and kept them on my bedside table to read when I wake up and when I go to sleep. Lovely reminders that what I need, am searching for, am working towards, and am hopeful about can and will change.

Some years, New Year’s resolutions feel more pertinent to me. Whereas other years I feel more called to set an intention or a word for the year. Some years, it’s all about goals and how to set realistic goals for the new year. This year, I thought I’d mix it up by sharing 40 New Year affirmations in case any of you have an area in your life that needs a little positivity. I’ve broken the affirmations down into categories: positive affirmations, self love affirmations, morning affirmations, money affirmations, and love affirmations.

What is 2024 calling you to do? Set resolutions, determine a word to empower your year, remind yourself to keep the positivity through affirmations? I love hearing everyone’s new year energy and philosophy around the topic.

Blooming crepe myrtle trees in Charleston, SC |
40 New Year Affirmations |

40 New Year Affirmations

Affirmations or positive spoken statements and declarations, can serve as a compass guiding us towards a positive and intentional new year. They can take the shape of a New Year’s resolution by reading “I resolve to do x, y, and z in 2024” or can be more general and lighthearted. By repeating positive affirmations, we start to believe in them and this is where positive change happens. Affirmations are a simple tool I love to use to dismantle any the barriers around negative thoughts, doubts, fears, or a struggle to find light and hope.

I like affirmations too that aren’t necessarily so focused on flipping negativity on its head but are just general words of positivity like “Distribute spoonfuls of joyfulness for others to find.” I absolutely think that can be an affirmation! It is a positive reminder. Simply put, at the start of a new year, affirmations can be a positive and powerful ritual to shape our intentions, goals, and resolutions, paving the way for a optimistic mindset focused on kindness, growth, resilience, hope, and success.

To inspire a fresh start, I’m excited to share a curated roundup of 40 New Year affirmations.

Each affirmation below is one I love and would say to myself in the right time. I’m not always one to embrace change, but the new year is always when I’m the most open to it. These affirmations encourage me to do that and to project myself towards my best self this coming year. I will surely have tons of change ahead of me in 2024 with the birth of our third child so the time is now to embrace it and think about what I hope 2024 will be and mean for me.

Let these 40 New Year affirmations be the guiding light as we step into the new year with a fresh start free of limiting beliefs and full of renewed hope, purpose, and the unwavering faith that we have the power to create the life we desire and to create a dream life. After all, we only get one life so let’s live it well, beautifully, and with purpose.

It may sound a little silly to say these out loud to yourself but they all have really happy messages and sometimes we need happy reminders.

40 New Year Affirmations |
Blooming crepe myrtle trees in Charleston, SC |

Positive Affirmations

Distribute spoonfuls of joyfulness for others to find.

I choose joy and find it in the little things.

My life is a reflection of the positive energy I put out into the world.

I appreciate all the beauty in my life.

I’m determined to go ahead and achieve my dreams.

I am excited about my future.

This is my year.

2024 is a year of wonderful surprises, good decisions, and creative solutions.

I always treat others the way I expect to be treated.

Self Love Affirmations

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. (This affirmation or prayer has carried me through many of my losses and heartaches. It has lived in a drawer in my bedside table for more than a decade now.)

I am a magnet for miracles, and I am open to receiving them.

Gratitude fills my heart, attracting more blessings.

Every day, I am becoming a better version of myself.

I am a magnet for joy and positive energy.

I trust myself to make the right decisions.

I am stronger than anything life throws at me.

I love and appreciate my body for all that it does for me.

My creativity is limitless.

Morning Affirmations

Every day is a new opportunity for growth and joy.

I trust the journey, even when I do not understand it.

Each day is a step closer to my dreams becoming reality.

I choose happiness, peace, and love in every aspect of my life.

I have the courage to pursue my dreams.

Today, I count my blessings and acknowledge the good in my life.

I am thankful for the breath in my lungs and the beating of my heart.

I prioritize my time and energy for the things I love this year.

I am at peace with the ebb and flow of life.

I’m ready for a new beginning.

I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

I create my own future.

Money Affirmations

I am proud of all that I have accomplished and I look forward to even greater achievements.

Everyday, I am moving towards my goals.

Challenges are opportunities for my growth and learning.

I attract prosperity with each positive thought this year.

I deserve success and will achieve it through hard work and determination.

Love Affirmations

I am surrounded by love and support.

I am open to new possibilities, and I trust that the universe has incredible things in store for me.

I am grateful for the people in my life.

I attract positive and loving relationships into my life this year.

My relationships are a reflection of the love and kindness I cultivate within.

I am ready to receive love, happiness, and success in my life.

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