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Nautical Stripes: The Perfect Blue & White Tops

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Nautical stripes are an absolute staple in my summer wardrobe (a staple in my life really!). As a nod to this, I decided to roundup my favorite blue and white striped tops for the summer season. I find that nautical stripes never fail me. When I’m in a hurry, I reach for blue and white stripes. When I’m picking out an easy travel outfit, I reach for blue and white stripes. Also, when I’m dressing to feel comfortable and most like myself, I reach for blue and white stripes. When I’m dressing up for an occasion, I reach for blue and white stripes (in a dressy silhouette or material). Simply put, you can never go wrong with nautical stripes.

Thanks to the likes of visionaries like Coco Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier, nothing says ‘summer wardrobe’ like a Breton stripe top. Everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Brigitte Bardot to Pablo Picasso agree (me too!). These tops are must-haves for the remainder of the summer season and beyond! Here y’all go… nautical stripes: the perfect blue & white tops.


Nautical Stripes Fashion


Reward Style Loads


Reward Style Loads

As you can see, I included a range of different stripe tops for summer including casual tees and sweaters as well as dressier tops and button-downs. I personally love nothing more than a great striped tee like this t-shirt, this 3/4 inch tee, and this long sleeve tee. However, I’m a softy for a crisp classic blue and white stripe button-down. If you’re in the market for a stripe sweater, then sneak a peak at these two (one and two) as they are easily my favorites right now. Lastly, I’m completely giddy over this chic Tibi nautical stripe top on sale. What is your favorite nautical blue and white stripe top look?

Pssst, these two stripe shirts are only $25 and oh so cute: one and two!

Nautical Stripes Fashion for Summer | Rhyme & Reason

Happy summer stripe styling and shopping!

P.S. Blue and white stripes have a rich history! If you’re like me and you find fashion history fascinating, then keep reading for a brief history of the Breton stripe. The Breton stripe is so iconic but have you ever wondered why or how it got its name? Brenton stripes are horizontal navy and white stripes that got their start with the French navy – hence their nautical nature. Specifically, Breton stripes originated in Northern France in Brittany (aka Bretagne), which is how the stripes got their name.

The French navy introduced uniforms of Breton stripes in the form of thick cotton shirts in 1858. The original seaman uniform design consisted of 21 stripes. Each stripe represented one of Napoleon’s victories. It was said that the Breton stripes were chosen for the uniforms because the eye-catching stripes made it easy to spot sailors in an emergency or seaman who had fallen overboard.

In the early 1900s, Coco Chanel took a trip along the French coast and was taken by the uniforms of the French sailors. She traveled home and designed her 1917 collection as a nautical collection inspired by the sailors’ uniforms. With that iconic collection, she revolutionized casual womenswear and inspired designers to move away from the very popular corseted styles of the time. Breton stripes have stood the test of time as a French classic that look effortlessly cool on both men and women proving that going simple is never a bad idea. I’m guessing most of you have a classic Breton striped shirt in your closet so I hope you found this tidbit intriguing! xx, Jillian

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