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I’m giving 2016 a big hello today after a super fun New Year’s Eve! I started work again today so the new year officially feels like it’s here. I’m excited about seeing my students but I’ve had to remind myself a couple times that I can charge ahead through this day (#Mondays). This past year, I accomplished multiple resolutions I set for the year including joining a charity organization and living in New York City for the summer with my sister. I’ve spent some time thinking about goals and resolutions for 2016 so here is my first go at my new year’s resolutions + a little inspiration for setting your own resolutions.

New Year's Resolutions on Rhyme & Reason Fashion Blog

1. Join a church. I wanted to find a church in 2014 but the year got away from me and I traveled so much that I couldn’t make it happen. I don’t plan to have my traveling slow down on weekends but I’m hopeful I can accomplish this goal. I know I will feel enriched, content, full, and at peace in new ways with this resolution.

2. Continue to grow Rhyme & Reason. I want to continue to grow R&R by improving my work ethic by planning ahead, by sticking to my calendar schedule, and by using my time wisely on the weekends. I always love to hear feedback too so please never hesitate to share!

3. Focus on my finances. A little bit ago, I started thinking about financial routines. In the past year and a half, I’ve made a habit of transferring a small sum of each paycheck into my savings. I don’t transfer a large amount of money each month but it starts to add up over time. In 2016, I want to start another new financial routine – a routine to check in with my finances to maintain a consistent monthly budget. Fingers crossed!

4. Keep my friendships alive & well. As more and more time passes after college, my friends and I are all establishing more independent lives. My friends are getting married and starting families and becoming increasingly more busy. I’m looking down the pipe at the next few years and realizing that many of my friends will move away from LA. I want to make sure I do everything on my end to be a great, communicative, and supportive friend. I’m also excited about the prospect of making more new friends down the road.

5. Travel as much as I can and go to a few new places. I’m excited to see how many new places I can visit! I know my ability to travel will change and evolve over time as my life progresses but I hope traveling never truly leaves my list of yearly resolutions.

If you are still settling on your resolutions then I have a resource that will give you just the nudge you need… Lara Casey. Read her goal setting series for the new year here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with your second resolution! I am really focusing on my blog, Red Velvet Snow to the recipes/content to the photography. I love blogging, and I want to focus on more of what I love in 2016!! Happy new year!

  2. I really understand your fourth resolution! As I enter my 6th year of postgraduate life, I realize that the friends I still have are the ones that are going to be around forever. It makes putting in the effort even more important to me!

    Good luck on your resolutions! Cannot wait to see how they turn out! 🙂


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