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As a mom, I strive to dress my little ones in outfits that are not only comfortable and durable but also reflect their little personalities. Over the years since having Rowan, I have come across several beloved clothing brands that have captured my heart with their exceptional craftsmanship and whimsical designs. There is always a lot of chatter about how it’s harder to dress little boys in an adorable way than little girls. I think this is partially true in the sense that so often I find a brand will release a collection with twice as much little girl product as little boy product. But I find this not to be true because the little boy items are just as cute! I think there’s just less out there.

It’s easy to find adorable clothing for littles when you know where to look though. Today, I’m excited to share my top picks for my favorite clothing brands for children that effortlessly blend style, quality, and playfulness.

We have two boys, so quality really is king because Rowan’s clothes get passed down to Henry.

I’ve become very aware of which children brands hold up and which don’t. I have to say too that my boys wear their clothes hard so we give clothing a run for its money. I’ll never put any negative emphasis on getting dirty as I think playing outside, even in the dirt, is the best thing for young developing kiddos so I want clothes that can last. Sometimes I opt for clothing that is easily washable for this reason. But we also definitely do have some nicer pieces in our boys’ closets that I generally don’t put them in if I know our daily outing definitely calls for getting dirty or calls for an entire chocolate ice cream cone falling down their clothes. It’s a balance!

Finding the perfect balance between comfort, durability, and style can be a daunting task when it comes to dressing our little darlings. However, this compilation of my favorite clothing brands for children offers a delightful array of options that cater to all tastes and needs. Whether it’s the timeless charm of La Coqueta or the adventurous spirit of Oso & Me, these brands embrace the magic of childhood and allow our little ones to express themselves through clothing in the most enchanting way. I love that Rowan is at an age where he likes to look in his drawers and pick out what he wants to wear. Sometimes he picks the graphic tee with the dinosaur on it. And sometimes he picks the adorable embroidered John John (which he calls overalls). He knows what he feels like!

Jillian Eversole shares where she shops for her little boys |
My Favorite Clothing Brands For Babies and Toddlers |

Rowan’s Sweater / Rowan’s Shorts / Rowan’s Shoes / Henry’s Overalls / My Dress / My Necklace

My Favorite Clothing Brands For Littles |
My Favorite Childrens' Clothing Shops |

My Favorite Clothing Brands For Children

1. Minnow Swim

Prepare for clothing that emulates a life of endless fun in the sun with Minnow Swim! Rowan and Henry are wearing head to toe Minnow Swim in the photos in this blog post. This beloved children’s brand, founded by my girlfriend Morgan, captures the essence of coastal living with their timeless swimsuits and beach essentials. As well as their beautiful clothing in classic silhouettes, ensuring your little ones look effortlessly chic while splashing in the waves and living the good life. Minnow clothes on Rowan and Henry in this post: Rowan’s Sweater / Rowan’s Shorts / Henry’s Overalls.

2. Oso & Me

Elevate your little one’s wardrobe with Oso & Me, a charming California-based children’s brand that combines playful style with impeccable craftsmanship. From their soft, organic cotton basics to their whimsical prints and impeccable attention to detail, Oso & Me is one of my top go-to destinations for lovable and sustainable clothing for my littles. The owner, Claire, is a friend of mine and I love everything she stands for. She has set out to make remarkable “play clothes” for littles and she’s done a masterful job. I hosted a lunch for Oso & Me in Charleston almost two years ago and wish we could do it every year! Everything from Oso & Me is the best but their Bingo Shorts and their Willie T-Shirt are INCREDIBLE.

3. Cadets

Discover the perfect blend of timelessness and playfulness with Cadets, a favorite children’s brand of mine for little boys. The quality of Cadets speaks for itself. But I can tell you first hand that their shorts are the best hand-me-downs because they hold up so well. Henry is wearing all of Rowan’s old pairs this summer and it makes me so happy! Cadets does one thing but they do it extremely well – they design and sell shorts. Their mission is to “free the knees,” something I really stand behind! Shorts for little boys should be short to show off their precious legs. The three main styles my boys wear are the Le Club Shorts, Classic Cotton Shorts, and the Classic Cloud Shorts.

4. Janie & Jack

Step into a world of classic, clean-cut, prep style with Janie and Jack, a children’s brand that effortlessly blends tailored pieces with and playful charm. Janie and Jack offers a range of wonderfully crafted pieces that exude all-American style and fantastic quality, making them a go-to choice for dressing my children. Janie & Jack designs their clothing with the idea of passing them down in mind so they ensure their high-quality. Would you believe that Rowan and Henry are currently wearing Janie & Jack clothing that their older cousin Tommy first passed down to his younger brother Casey who then passed them down to Rowan and then Henry. Henry is the fourth boy to get wear from these Janie & Jack clothes. That says something!

5. La Coqueta

Embrace Spanish-inspired charm and impeccable craftsmanship with La Coqueta, a children’s brand that brings a touch of timeless elegance to your little one’s wardrobe. La Coqueta is one of those brands that makes all moms think “I wish we had this quality and beauty in American-made childrens clothing.” Well the good news is twofold: 1) all the brands I’ve included in this post are stars when it comes to quality and 2) La Coqueta ships to America. The brand always has the absolute sweetest details from ribbons and bows to smocking and embroidery to scallops and peter pan collars. I adore it all!

6. The White Company

London-based brand, The White Company, does a lot more than just clothing for littles but their baby & child department is beautiful. I was of course familiar with the brand. But I hadn’t thought to shop it for my boys until my mom ordered some items for my kids from The White Company. Now it is one of the principal brands in their closets. Every item is done to perfection with classic designs like perfect thin stripes and is beautifully crafted with the highest quality materials. So many of my boys everyday cotton play clothes are from The White Company. They don’t follow trends and instead favor timeless classics – it shows.

7. Baybala

I first discovered the world of Baybala at a shopping trunk show of sorts and was immediately drawn to the brand. The founder was there and she was just as lovely as the clothes she designs. Inspired by vintage textiles and heirloom quality details, every Baybala collection is composed of classic color palettes and playful touches while being thoughtfully designed, machine-washable, and easy-to-wear with a slight nod toward the brand’s southern roots. They design clothes with siblings in mind too, which is a really unique perspective.

Jillian Eversole shares her Favorite Clothing Brands For Children |
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The best childrens clothing brands to shop for little boys |
My Favorite Childrens' Clothing Shops |
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8. Bonpoint

When I am looking for something special for my boys to wear, then a first stop for me to browse is the darling brand Bonpoint. The world of Bonpoint is a whimsical one, where elegance meets childhood charm. This special children’s brand captures the essence of French style with their exquisite craftsmanship, delicate fabrics, enchanting designs, and meticulous attention to details and finishes. Dressing your little ones in Bonpoint ensures they are dressed in nothing short of pure beauty that will stand the test of time (and wear so you can hand it down to your next blossoming babe!). P.S. Bonpoint is definitely pricey, which is why I shop it for special occasions. However, it’s a wonderful brand to keep an eye on because they have great sales!

9. Pixie Lily

Pixie Lily is quite possibly the dreamiest children’s line I know of. Everything is designed in Charleston with the intention of mirroring the quality and simplicity of family heirlooms. With “no fuss” elegance, attention to every detail, and the most exquisite materials, Pixie Lily creates bonnets, blankets, dresses, and newborn necessities that embody the magic of having a child. I adore the footie and the converter for when my kids are babies.

10. Pepa London

Pepa London is a traditional children’s and baby clothing boutique based in London, offering enchanting designs from newborn to age 10. The allure of Pepa London can be seen right out of the gates with their quintessentially British designs. Everything from their handsmocking to their timeless designs is meant to be worn with love and cherished by your little one. As Pepa exclaims, “London is our home, our heart and our brand” so you know I’m a super fan.

11. Cygnet Living

With Cygnet Living, clothe your little one in comfortable luxury that gives them a look that says – “this did not come from a big box store.” The founder is a mother to three boys so she is always sure to design clothes for little boys that evoke just as much magic as clothes for little girls. Bravo! The personalization offered by Cygnet Living makes her children’s clothing one-of-a-kind and makes it one of my go-to gifts for children! My boys both have the Merino Wool Name Sweater in multiple sizes because I keep wanting it for them at each age. P.S. More Cygnet Living here.

12. Petite Plume

Embrace the enchanting world of childhood dreams with Petite Plume, a pajama brand that brings bedtime to life through their exquisite collection of cozy heritage sleepwear, ensuring your little ones drift off to sleep in the utmost comfort and charm. Simply put: these pajamas get better with every single wash! I stand by that to the end. I also had the pleasure of meeting the founder and she is fantastic! Learn about her story by listening here and I know you won’t be able to resist ordering a pair of these pajamas. My boys have multiple pairs and they are beyond adorable.

13. LAKE

Known for their heavenly pima cotton pajamas, LAKE Pajamas is a must for children’s pajamas (LAKE + Petite Plume are almost all my kids wear!). Lake has mastered the art of the perfect pajama fit and no-one does stripes better than LAKE. I also adore that LAKE does seasonal prints and cheery holiday prints as well. I find that I just can’t help myself when a new holiday rolls around! Their newest style for babies (it didn’t exist when Rowan was a baby but I’ve loved it for Henry), the Sleeper, is a dream-worthy baby gift too.

14. Marigold Modern

Marigold Modern has the most stunning and inspiring curation of children’s brands. It is actually a brick and mortar store in Columbia, SC but they have an incredible e-commerce site as well with all their product. Marigold Modern strives to curate a mix of modern and traditional brands from around the world so I love the store for discovery. Everything Marigold Modern carries is colorful, playful, and happy! They really celebrate childhood and dressing for the fun in growing up.

Baby boy in a light blue romper from Minnow Swim |
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My Favorite Clothing Brands For Babies and Toddlers |
My Favorite Clothing Brands For Children |

15. Willkies

Willkies is another favorite online curation destination for childrens clothing that I adore. They focus on spotlighting small, sustainable, and ethical brands found all over the world so I’m always stumbling upon something new-to-me. Wilkies also carries items exclusively found at Willkies, making children’s items feel extra special. The brands they carry often manage to product clothing that is both whimsical by nature while also being heritage clothing at the same time – special.

16. Dondolo

Dondolo holds a special place in my heart because one of my best girlfriends designs many of the prints for the brand. So I’m always excited to scoop up whatever is new (like these outfits from this year!). Dondolo does plenty of solids but I think the brand really shines with their colorful, playful prints. They ensure that your littles run out the door with a smile on their faces. The brand also has a very robust give back pillar of the business, which is so rewarding for the entire Dondolo community. I hosted the brand at my house in Charleston the week before I gave birth to Henry, which gave me such an exciting maternal moment before meeting my second son.

17. Dear Georgie

Dear Georgie is making a splash in the swim world with their thoughtfully designed children’s swimwear. The Charleston-based brand, aims to celebrate the fun of time spent by the water with swimsuits, rash guards, and more. The brand’s prints are incredibly sweet and remind you what life is all about – getting outside with our littles!

18. Little English

Little English is one of the highest quality US children’s brands out there. The brand specializes in heirloom quality hand-sewn, hand-smocked, and thoughtfully designed clothing, accessories, and gifts for littles. The quality is so good that the brand’s intention is for the clothing to be passed down and worn by more than one child. My favorite items from the brand are their pieces that feature animals because they do them so simply and so well. This crochet dog playsuit and this bee crochet playsuit are perfect examples!

19. Daniel & Sofia

Daniel & Sofia is one of those companies I kept seeing on Instagram as soon as I become a mother and started paying attention to clothing for littles. The Sydney-based company has the best core values – a belief that children can be both comfortably and elegantly dressed, a promise to never compromise on quality to protect our littles and their skin, and a philosophy of offering traditional clothing opposed to high fashion for children. Daniel and Sofia’s offering extends from babies to children up to 10 years old so littles of every age can enjoy childhood in their pieces made of classic fabrics, little hand-made details, frills, collars, and bows.

20. Harbour

I was introduced to Harbour shortly after I had Rowan by a friend and instantly became a fan of the brand. Harbour describes itself as “coastal-living inspired elegant silhouettes in high end fabrics styled for little bodies that were born to move.” How sweet is that? I want my boys wearing clothes that embody that description. I strive to raise children with cheerful spirits who love to run around and get down on the ground and play. The relaxed clothing of Harbour matches that spirit perfectly. I always feel good when I put my kids in clothing made of natural fibers. Comfort at the core of it all! I also respect a brand that serves with a greater mission behind it too and Harbour does just that by raising money for children in foster care. It is a really beautiful brand inside and out!

21. Classic Prep

Classic Prep is a new favorite children’s brand for me – I discovered it this spring when I was in Connecticut and popped into their flagship store in Rowayton per the recommendation of a local friend. There is something magical about timeless children’s style and Classic Prep captures that effortlessly. They have the comfiest aprés swim summer items (Rowan is obsessed!) and the sweetest boys button-downs ever. They are utter perfection. Rowan has three short sleeve button-downs from Classic Prep and has been wearing them round the clock.

I also adore Gap Kids, J.Crew Crew Cuts, and H&M.

I look here for reliable basics whenever I need to refresh something like khaki pants for my boys. You just can’t go wrong with these retailers. For the purpose of this blog post though, I wanted to focus more on unique, small business, specialty children’s brands. I hope you discovered a new-to-you brand from this compilation of my favorite clothing brands for children.

My Favorite Kids' Clothing Shops |
My Favorite Kids Clothes |
Jillian Eversole shares where she shops for her children |

My Favorite Childens' Clothes |
My Favorite Clothing Shops For Children |

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