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My Fall Bucket List

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I never shy away from sharing my love for fall. There are two quotes that you probably see time and time again every fall that completely capture how I feel about the season. All autumn lovers know these by heart “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald and “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” – L.M. Montgomery. I’ve held on tight to these two quotes for as long as I can remember. Then, When Edwin and I tied the knot in the month of October, both quotes rang even truer for me in a brand new way. I hold autumn and the month of October very close to my heart!

This year, fall will once again carry new meaning for us as we finally move into our house. Would we have liked to move in sooner? Absolutely! Does it seem fitting that we’re moving in in the fall? Of course. We’ll be in our house during the best season and in time for the holidays. I honestly don’t think I can quite express our anxious, excited anticipation! So, here goes with my fall bucket list for 2019.

My Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List: The Best Things To Do In Fall | Rhyme & Reason
1. Move into our house!

It’s probably no surprise that the #1 item on our fall to-do list is to move into our house. We’re in the final stages of counting down the weeks and days really until we move in! I can’t wait for our first sleep in the house, can’t wait to unpack, can’t wait to get settled, and can’t wait to put up some fall decorations!

Fall Bucket List Ideas for a Fun and Intentional Season | Rhyme & Reason
Fall Activities to Add to Your Bucket List | Rhyme & Reason

2. Celebrate Our Two Year Anniversary.

On October 28th, Edwin and I will celebrate two years of marriage! I can’t believe it’s already been two years! We really don’t have anything planned this year but we shall see. This year has had some unexpected turns for us so I’m feeling like it will be really important to mark the joyful date! I’m thinking up special ideas.

3. Host Thanksgiving.

We would absolutely love to host my family at our house this year! However, we won’t have our dining room designed yet. There was talk that we might take my parents dining room table. However, we’ve come up with a plan that works great for everyone… a progressive Thanksgiving. Our kitchen and family room will be done so Edwin and I are excited to host for cocktail and appetizer hour before we all walk over to my parents house for the main attraction.

4. Try New Fall Baking Recipes.

Fall is my favorite time of year to bake and I love trying new recipes. I make the same pumpkin bread recipe every year and I love it. I made this healthy spice cake earlier this month for the first time and it was a real hit! As soon as we get into our new house, I can’t wait to put our kitchen to use to try a handful of new fall baking recipes.

Jillian Eversole's 2019 Fall Bucket List | Rhyme & Reason
Fall Bucket List Ideas | Rhyme & Reason
5. Make A New Book List.

I shared my summer reading list right at the end of summer and am excited to share my fall reading list with y’all soon! I’ve been reading like crazy recently so I have a bunch of fun reads to share.

6. Make Fall Candles.

There is nothing cozier than walking into a room and being immersed in the warm scents of fall. This fall, I want to make my own autumn candles in a candle making class at Candlefish so I can fill our new house with my favorite fall scents.

7. Visit The Boone Hall Pumpkin Patch.

Boone Hall is one of the most beautiful plantations in the Charleston area so I jump at any chance to visit. In the fall, they have a giant pumpkin patch and a handful of other festive fall activities. If you live in Charleston, then add this to your fall bucket list… it’s great for the whole family!

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8. Attend A Football Game.

We had high hopes of going to Boulder for the Colorado USC game later this month as I went to the University of Colorado and Edwin went to the University of Southern California; however, it looks like our schedules sadly aren’t going to allow it. I’d do anything to go to a football game back in Boulder this year though so we haven’t ruled it out!

9. Apple Picking.

Not to sound like a broken record or anything but apple picking is one of my favorite fall activities. We don’t have apple picking in Charleston but Edwin and I might do a little day trip to North Carolina for some apple picking…

10. Take A Scenic Drive For Leaf Peeping.

My final fall bucket list wish is going for a scenic drive for leaf peeping. I’d love to set out with thermoses full of hot apple cider to take in the fall foliage. Hopefully we can link #9 on this list up with leaf peeping!

Seasonal Breakfast and Brunch Recipes for the Fall | Rhyme & Reason
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Photography by Edwin Eversole

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  1. Really enjoyed this post. Fall is my favorite season & we have some similar items on our fall “to do” list too☺️

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