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My Dream Baby Registry

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As this is my third baby, I am not creating an actual baby registry. We thankfully have everything we need from my older children and are prepped with tons of little boy hand-me-downs. Of course, if we have a baby girl, then some new clothing will be in order. Otherwise, after I order some diapers (I have used this brand since Rowan was born and I love them!) and do a little meal prep of the best make ahead freezer meals for expectant mothers, then I’ll be ready to go in a few weeks when the baby makes his or her grand debut. Even so, none of this stopped me from having a little fun and creating my dream baby registry with Over The Moon.

I was touched when they asked me to contribute to their site. Because I could talk baby items all day long! I loved the interview so I decided to give it a little spotlight here too… in our chat about my dream baby registry, I also spilled on our baby names, my favorite motherhood advice, what about having three children I’m most excited for, and more.

My Dream Baby Registry

The joy of discovering the miracle of pregnancy is truly unparalleled! Opting to curate and build an online baby registry adds an extra layer of delight to the whole experience, giving expectant parents the chance to thoughtfully prepare for their new arrival. Over The Moon’s baby registry didn’t exist yet when I had Rowan. So I didn’t have the pleasure of registering there. However, I have to say that it is a seamless and personalized registry experience. (My sister registered on OTM for her wedding too and loved it!). My mother always encourages us to celebrate everything in life – big and small – and there’s nothing more meaningful to celebrate than a new baby (even if it is my third!), which is why doing fun things like creating a dream baby registry with OTM is appealing to me!

How it works:

OTM allows expectant parents to register for items on their site (which is what my dream registry consists of below, because well, it’s all dreamy items! Here are some more practical baby registry must-haves of mine too. If I was creating a baby registry on OTM for my first pregnancy, I would pull all of these items into my OTM registry too in addition to the beautiful items.) but you can also include items from other online destinations like Amazon or Pottery Barn Kids.

Even though they are babies, I believe that it is never too early to start creating a magical little world for your precious bundle of love. Even if you aren’t the type to do a big baby shower, creating a registry gets you one step closer to streamlining your increasingly busy life as an expectant parent (trust me, anything to make your life easier!). Everything I included below is a balance of being beautiful, enchanting, and unique as well as useful, practical, and necessary. It’s the baby’s world, we’re just living in it. So why not make it an easy yet magical world for both the baby and parents to blossom in!? 


Along with playing around with creating my dream baby registry, I also created a registry how-to video here that is a fun watch! Rowan’s little cameo gets me every time!


When I shared my dream baby registry on Instagram, I received so many questions about my dress! It is Borgo De Nor and a dream of a dress. I am wearing my normal size (US 2) – it is very flowy so definitely take your normal size (whether you have a bump or not) or even size down. OTM received a lot of questions about what I was wearing too. So they told me I could share with y’all a 15% off code, OTMBORGO15, to use this week and next. Pretty perfect timing considering how many gorgeous spring dresses the brand has right now!

Jillian Eversole's Dream Baby Registry |

Can you share any details on your little one? Due date, name inspirations, etc.?

We are expecting our third little bundle of love in mid-March. And we can’t believe how close we are getting to the day we will meet him or her. We wait to find out the gender of our babies until they are born. So the birth day is extra exciting because we have such a big reveal take place also! 

For names, we have so far stuck with strictly classic family names for first and middle names. We are lucky to have so many wonderful names to choose from! Our oldest son is named Rowan Clarke and our second son is named Joseph Henry (but he goes by his middle name, Henry). We are thinking we will stick with the same inspiration and choose a complete family name.

How would you describe your aesthetic for the baby’s room and wardrobe?

I love classic pieces that do not go out of style. So far, we’ve had two boys and my second son has worn so many hand-me-downs from his big brother. So, for me, quality is important and fun yet timeless prints and silhouettes are key. (I’m not a big graphic tee gal). 

Since we wait to find out the gender until birth, our nursery is lots of greens, tans, and whites. Our accent color is kind of a seafoam blue but I love blue no matter the gender!

What was your process for choosing items for your Dream Registry?

I love a method to the madness! I opened 4 different windows on my computer and selected items that fit in four different categories (hence four windows): toys, clothes, gear, and nursery. From there, I went through the whole OTM children’s section and opened every link I gravitated toward within each of my 4 categories. I then narrowed down from there. To be honest, everything on OTM is sensational so I knew I couldn’t go wrong!

What were must-have items for your Dream Registry? And why did you choose them?

For me, must-have items fit into one of two buckets: aspirational/inspirational and practical/necessary. OTM also carries products we have used for our boys that I can personally swear by. Like Gooselings bedding, The Snoo, Olli Ella seagrass & ratan items, and Small Foot Toys play equipment. 

Each item in my dream registry is more special and useful than the last. But I simply couldn’t be more excited about this organic cotton sleep suit, this baby book, and this changing basket. I think the print on the sleep suit is just about the cutest print ever for a baby (it comes in blue and pink). This baby book is my favorite one to fill in for my children. I have the same one for my older boys. Also, there is no better changing basket in the world than this Olli Ella one. We have it and I can confidently say you don’t need a fancy changing basket – a simple seagrass one is perfect. We aren’t finding out the gender of our baby until he/she is born so I selected a few dream clothing items for a little boy and a little girl. 

Jillian Eversole's Dream Baby Registry |
Jillian Eversole's Dream Baby Registry + Baby Must-Haves |

What’s an important tip you would give to expecting mothers/couples making their registries for the first time?

I would think about those two buckets: aspirational/inspirational and practical/necessary. Simply put, there are items you need like a high chair, an easy-to-use stroller, and meal sets. However, motherhood can be messy so I also like to surround myself and my baby with beautiful specialty pieces and heirloom quality items they will have forever! I adore the personalized Tricia Lowenfield collection on OTM for this reason. 

How has motherhood differed at all with each child?

Motherhood felt like a night and day different experience with the birth of each of my first two children. I loved the perspective I had with my second son that I simply couldn’t have had as a first time mother. The fear fell away and I enjoyed the quiet moments of the newborn stage so much more because I knew the hard parts would soon end and I appreciated how fleeting it was. I didn’t feel the urgency to get up and be productive (the laundry can wait!) like I did the first time I became a mother. 

What about having 3 kids are you most excited for? 

My husband and I are both one of three so we know that family dynamic and can’t wait for a full house! I am most excited to see my children grow up with each other and form incredible bonds. Years-wise, you know and have your siblings longer than your parents and your children because you grow up at the exact same time. So, I hope they are always close and cherish their unique relationships. 

What’s a great piece of advice about pregnancy/motherhood you’ve been given or would like to give?

Celebrate everything, big and small! Life is so precious and so out of our hands. I never want a day to go by where I don’t celebrate the beautiful life I have or the extraordinary children I have. 

Also, this too shall pass. Children grow up so fast and there are constantly new phases, transitions, and twists and turns. The hard parts do come and go. It can be hard to see that as a first time parent but it couldn’t be more true. 

My Dream Baby Registry |

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