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Yellow Labrador in Charleston, South Carolina | Rhyme & Reason

Looking Back on Two Years in Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina
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I wish time would slow down! I can’t believe Edwin and I moved to Charleston a little over two years ago. Time has really flown by because it has been an incredible two years! In honor of this little anniversary of ours, I wanted to share my thoughts from looking back on two years in Charleston…

Looking Back on Two Years in Charleston by looking at a pink southern town house
Yellow Labrador in Charleston, South Carolina

We feel so incredibly fortunate to call Charleston home!

Charleston is a truly special city full of wonderful people. Not to mention unbelievable food, beautiful landscapes, serene beaches, rich history, and swoony-worthy architecture and neighborhoods. There is a never ending revolving door of new places and things to try. Charleston is so unique because it is a small city that offers restaurants, bars, and culture on a comparable level to big cities. We really feel that it is the perfect balance for us! We feel comfortable yet inspired and at home yet always exploring.

Moody rainy day in Charleston
blooming flowers in Charleston

The best part about our two years in Charleston has been growing here in our marriage.

We moved to Charleston two months before our wedding so we’ve essentially only known it as a married couple. When we lived in Los Angeles, I made my own friends. I had a wonderful teaching job at a great school and built a home in the city. However, Los Angeles really is Edwin’s home and not mine. So, it’s been really fun and interesting to create a mutual home together. To plant roots together in Charleston while on equal footing. This isn’t what works out for everyone or what works best for everyone. But, right now, at this stage in our lives, it’s what’s making us happiest.

The best time to see blooming flowers in Charleston
Crepe Mrytle blooming in Charleston in the summer
a yellow lab in front of a pink door

One of the best parts of growing in our marriage together while planting roots in Charleston has been the community. It is where we’re building our foundation! I can’t tell you how many interesting, kind, welcoming, fun, and creative people we’ve had the privilege of getting to know since moving to Charleston! We feel so grateful to have made so many wonderful new friends and acquaintances in the last two years. I’m really inspired by each new person I meet and each new relationship I’ve formed. Making friends as an adult can be a challenge but it’s certainly one of the most rewarding challenges out there!

King Street in Bloom in Charleston, South Carolina
The prettiest blue and white houses

The other best part about planting roots in Charleston the last two years has been becoming homeowners!

We are so happy, excited, and blessed to be able to call ourselves homeowners. The landscape of real estate in Charleston compared to Los Angeles allowed us to be able to buy a house. We couldn’t be more excited to move in. Then, to start our next phase of life in our house this fall! Hurricane Dorian is currently setting our move-in date back. Our house is boarded up this week but we hope to be moving in very, very shortly!

a pink town house
 pink on pink door in Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston has given us so much and we couldn’t be more grateful!

The city fills me up every single day. I’m not sure a day goes by that I don’t stop and exclaim out loud, “I absolutely love this city and love living here!” I love the life Edwin and I are building here and I love being able to share it with y’all! The best part of every day is walking Maybelle around the neighborhoods of Charleston. We take in all the beauty, charm, quirks, and character of the city. It’s really one of a kind! I can’t wait for more years to come in Charleston! Thanks for reading! xx

pink flowers on a tree

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