Little Luxuries That Beautify Your Life |
Little Luxuries That Beautify Your Life |

Little Luxuries That Beautify Your Life

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I love reviewing and recommending products and brands that I adore so today’s blog post on little luxuries that beautify your life was a fun one for me to put together. When writing this post, I didn’t really have an arch to the post, I just racked my brain and pulled together a list of 21 little luxuries I love in my everyday life. The post ended up having a focus on a lot of beauty items as well as some kitchen items, cleaning items, and personal items. Don’t be afraid of the word “luxury” in the post title. I also included the word “little” in the title so the majority of the items on this list are quite affordable and reasonably priced.

The items I recommend are luxuries that you can technically live without but they are affordable and will bring a smile to your face. I did find that a common theme popped up here and there throughout the post and that was a focus on clean or organic items and brands. I research and use clean and organic products and brands whenever possible so it’s something I am actually quite passionate about. A lot of the items I included in this post are extras to add into your life to enhance your day-to-day or, if you will, beautify your life. However, a lot of the items on this list are also items that you can replace with items you might already have that have unnecessary toxins in them.

Little Luxuries That Beautify Your Life

With this post, I hope you feel inspired to elevate the everyday with a touch of luxury by investing in little indulgences that beautify and enhance your life and well as nurture your well-being. From nourishing skincare essentials to home products crafted with natural ingredients, these affordable luxuries offer a touch of sophistication to your daily routine without compromising on quality. Treat yourself to the simple pleasures of self-care with rich candles that will infuse your space with delicious scents, thoughtful reading material that will inspire your creativity, and pampering body products that you will no longer be able to live without, all thoughtfully curated to enhance your daily rituals and promote a sense of tranquility. Embrace the art of slow living by savoring the simple pleasures of a perfectly brewed cup of tea or slipping into sumptuously soft sleepwear at the end of a long day.

Little Luxuries That Beautify Your Life |
Little Luxuries That Beautify Your Life |

21 Little Luxuries That Beautify Your Life

I know that as a mother of young children, taking care of myself sometimes gets lost in the shuttle. It isn’t my priority because my children are my priority. As I’ve grown as a mother and learned more about myself through motherhood, I’ve come to realize that by incorporating these thoughtful touches into my life, I am able to create moments of beauty and tranquility within the mundane daily tasks and routines that my days are so often filled with.

In all honesty, these little luxuries uplift my spirits and nourish my soul. Sometimes it is the littlest luxuries, the smallest swaps, and the simplest products that can spark the most joy and remind me that everyday life is the most beautiful life of all. As a mom and just a grown person in general in our hectic world, these reminders are so necessary! I hope you enjoy and find something new to love and be inspired by.

1. Kate McLeod Stones:

One of my best friends, Nora, gifted me the Kate McLeod Mama Stone when I was pregnant with Rowan and I’ve been a super fan ever since. The Mama Stone nourishes your belly with its luxurious, nutrient-rich treatment that supports skin as it stretches. The stone reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars and absorbs easily while being mess-free. My absolute favorite way to use it is to take a warm shower and then rub it all over my belly – it literally melts onto my skin and is the absolute greatest pregnancy luxury. Take my word for it with this one.

Kate McLeod offers tons of other stones so, if you’re not pregnant, there is still a stone for you. If you’ve never used a Kate McLeon stone, then try out the Daily Stone (Kate’s original formulation with a subtle floral scent) or the Sleep Stone (a soothing herbal blend that makes for the perfect addition to your evening wind-down ritual, providing an instant dose of calm). They are two of my favorites.

2. Blackberry Farm Body Lotion:

My preferred body lotion. I can’t live without this product. It is the perfect weight – it nourishes my skin in the winter but I also don’t find it to be too heavy to wear in the humid summertime. The bourbon and lavender scent is subtle but sublime and really relaxing. Body lotion is a little luxury that I am personally very willing to invest in.

3. Goop Genes Body Butter:

Goop Genes is the brand’s nourishing repair body butter and nourishing it is. I adore the consistency of this body butter – it is super rich and leaves your skin feeling like it just drank a gallon of water. It smoothes, soothes, and softens your skin. I feel like my skin is healthier when I use this product. It is made with all high performance ingredients because, you know, Goop really does makes products that actually work.

4. Goop Glow Exfoliator:

Goop Glow is the brand’s oh so amazing exfoliator. Gwyneth famously claimed this product is equivalent to a facial and she’s not wrong. It quite literally polishes your skin leaving it smoother, more even, and more glowy. This is a holy grail product that should be in every woman’s bathroom. If you think of a facial as a luxury, then this should be a no brainer.

5. Hanni In-Shower Salve:

Think of this as a whipped conditioning mask for your body. It is the most luxurious hydration treatment that locks in moisture and leaves your skin feeling so soft. When I use this product, it melts into my skin so well that I find I don’t have to use body lotion after the shower – it is that powerful! I saw recently that my girlfriend Nan Philip has a code for a discount – NAN15 for 15% off.

6. Lips:

Three very different, affordable but luxuriously lip products that actually work wonders for your lips are 1) Caudalie’s Repairing Lip Balm 2) RMS’s Lipnights Overnight Lip Mask and 3) Sara Happ Lip Scrub. The Caudaline Repairing Lip Balm is the perfect lip balm. My purse is never absent of this wonderful French product. It has a subtle orange/fruity smell that I really enjoy and goes on so smoothly that it almost feels like it melts on your lips (but doesn’t leave any sort of greasy feeling whatsoever!). On the other hand, the RMS Lipnights is an über nourishing overnight treatment balm that deeply hydrates and soothes dry or chapped lips. My lips have been so dry lately with the winter air and a bit of congestion I’ve been fighting (which always gets worse at night).

My congestion is causing me to have to breath through my mouth some while sleeping, which I despise and find so uncomfortable. But, the RMS lipnights lip mask is literally saving me and the only thing getting me through the night. It is thick so it truly masks the dryness of your lips and helps replenish and repair them. Lastly, the Sara Happ Lip Scrub is the only lip exfoliator I love. Lip exfoliation used to feel like a luxury I didn’t have time for but it makes such a difference in the winter months and it takes a moment to use this scrub. You will love this addition to your beauty routine.

7. Henry Rose Perfume:

I stopped wearing perfume altogether the first time I got pregnant because I couldn’t imagine putting it on my body while growing a baby and then couldn’t imagine exposing my newborns to it while they slept on my body. The only way I’ve felt safe returning to perfume is with Henry Rose perfume because the brand has 100% ingredient transparency and is completely safe. From my research, it is really unlike any other perfume available. P.S. If you want to test out a few different fragrances, they have a sample set you can buy (which also makes for a great gift for a mother, MIL, sister, etc.).

8. Powder Bath Hand Soaps:

Having luxurious hand soaps in your powder bath is just a lovely little addition to life. I always notice it when people have fantastic hand soaps. So it is something I’ve taken note of over the years. Two hand soap brands I like to switch between are Lucia and Baudelaire. In addition, the Birdie Hall soaps are the most fun and spark so much joy in a powder bath.

9. Kitchen Sink Hand Soaps:

I’d venture to guess that you’re like me and you wash your hands all throughout the day at your kitchen sink. Are you using a nice hand soap? Kitchen sink hand washing is such a small part of the day but all of the hand washes add up so I think this is a perfect area in life to upgrade to a little luxury that will beautify your life (and your hands, ha!). I recommend either the Beautycounter Hand Wash and Hand Lotion (+ the hand wash refills) or the Grove Co. Hydrating Hand Wash (+ the refills) or the Aesop hand soaps. Grove Co. has tons of other great cleaning products too, just FYI. While I have your attention around the kitchen sink, this sink brush is so chic.

10. Biom Wipes:

My mom turned me onto Biom wipes and I’ve been a gigantic fan ever since. Biom is a wonderful all-natural brand – all of their wipes are 100% plant-based, biodegradable, and delightfully effective. we have the all-purpose cleaning wipes that we keep in our kitchen and the flushable wipes that we keep in Rowan’s bathroom. I recommend the starter kits because you get the refillable dispenser along with wipes and then you can just purchase wipe refills as needed. What I love about Biom wipes: wipes are necessary to have on hand in our house with the ages of our kids and the dispenser isn’t an eye soar (!!!) to have out + I love that the brand is all-natural when most on the market are full of chemicals.

11. Nantucket Looms Dish Towels:

We have been using Nantucket Looms dish towels in our house for years now. Dish towels are a kitchen item that are visible in your kitchen because you can’t tuck a wet dish towel away into a drawer. So, I believe that nice, quality dish towels are one of the best little luxuries that beautify your life. You use dish towels every single day so why not have them spark joy instead of be an ugly addition to your day? They come in lots of lovely colors too so you can coordinate them with your kitchen. They are handmade and can be tossed into the wash over and over again so they can last forever.

12. Branch Basics Dryer Balls:

Toxic dryer sheets can absolutely not be a part of anyone’s laundry routine. Say goodbye to them in favor of Branch Basic’s wool dryer balls for a wonderful all-natural alternative. They are highly effective at softening clothes while reducing drying time, wrinkles, and static and are made with wool from sheep on an organic farm where no pesticides or harmful chemicals are ever used. Buying these is one of the simplest, easiest, and cheapest ways to remove toxins from your household.

13. Candle Accessory Set:

I light a candle in our house every single day. So I use this 3 in 1 candle care kit on a daily basis. It’s a simple and affordable way to beautiful your life if you are a candle lover, like me. It comes with a wick trimmer, candle snuffer, and wick dipper so your candles can burn to their fullest and longest potential. It makes a difference! My mom, sister, and I all have this little set.

14. Candles:

Candles are one of my love languages. I always have one burning in our house. A great candle goes a long way and a candle that is treated well (see my little luxury #13) goes even longer. For really luxurious candles, I turn to Trudon Candles, a brand that is among the oldest French candle manufacturers. There are so many candle companies I love but two others that deserve a shoutout are Charleston Candle Co. and Carrière Frères.

15. Art of Tea Tea:

My mom should be an influencer because Art of Tea was a brand I discovered through her (like so many brands). Their tea is absolutely delicious and completely delightful. This brand originally piqued my interest because their teas are all organic, hand blended teas. They have teabag sachets and loose leaf teas. I’m a caffeine free tea drinker so this brand is great for me because they have so many caffeine-free teas to choose from + this pack. How very American of me to include tea in a post of little luxuries. To the Brits, tea is a given.

16. Avaline Wine:

Before I got pregnant last summer, we started drinking Avaline Wine. This wine has become more and more buzzy every year since it launched in 2020. It is not surprising why! Wine makes me feel like garbage if I have more than 2 glasses (sometimes even 2 glasses will do the trick) so Avaline makes it possible for me to enjoy wine without the brutal hangover. The wine is delicious but the kicker is that it is made from organically farmed grapes and free from unwanted and undisclosed extras like synthetic pesticides + it has no concentrates, colors, or added sugars. Upgrading your wine to organic wine is such a simple way to beautify your life.

17. French Bloom Alcohol-Free Wine:

There is no shortage of non-alcoholic alternatives in this day and age but the brand I think is the most delicious and beautiful is French Bloom. The brand has a wonderful selection of non-alcoholic sparkling wine, rosé, and white wine that are all festive, elegant, and sophisticated. I’ve been enjoying French Bloom wines while pregnant and can’t recommend the bottles enough as wonderful little luxuries that beautify your life.

18. Reading Material:

I revel in the fact that print magazines are making a slow but steady comeback. Even though I clearly publish here on a digital platform, I love reading something tangible in my hands. These print magazines I am about to recommend are produced in a slow, conscious, thoughtful, and beautiful way. Can you live without them? Yes. They are little luxuries but it is undeniable that reading enhances your life and these publications will beautify your life as well.

I recommend In Kind Magazine for reading that focuses on career, motherhood, personal style, and more (biannual print magazine) – subscribe here. I recommend Frederick Magazine for reading that focuses on the well-lived life, aka it’s an enthusiast’s guide to great design – interior and garden design, architecture, entertaining, art, color trends, gift guides, and more (4 print issues a year). Subscribe here and order back issues here. I recommend Cabana Magazine for reading that focuses on unique interiors and objects around us, inspiring places, spaces, decorative arts, house tours, curated travel guides (their travel recs are really good!), film, books, culture, and more (biannual print magazine) – subscribe here. .

19. Notebooks:

I never don’t have a notebook. I use them to write my daily to-do lists in. It is so satisfying to write out a to-do list the night before (sometimes I loosely write them out for the whole week on Sunday and then fill them in more specifically as the week goes by) and then to physically cross items off my list when I complete them. My favorite notebooks are the Smythson notebooks and the Sugar Paper notebooks. Other notebooks worth recommending that I’ve had over time are the Papier notebooks, the Giannini Firenze notebooks, the Addison Ross notebooks.

20. Sleepwear:

I love finishing off a busy, full day with my kids by slipping into some luxurious sleepwear. To me, there might not be a more worthwhile luxury out there because wonderful sleepwear makes me feel so good. A few options for you that I have and love: LAKE Pima Long Set (on sale), LAKE DreamKnit Short-Long Set, Jacaranda Living Smocked Nightgown (more here), Loretta Caponi Silk Nightgown (as seen here), Parterre Heart Pajamas (as seen here), and If Only If Cotton Nightdress. For two pajama brands with fun prints, I recommend Printfresh and Petite Plume. P.S. This weighted sleep mask is a pretty great little sleepwear luxury too.

21. Hair Towels:

Hair towels are a perfect example of something that belongs on a list of little luxuries that beautify your life – can you live without them? Absolutely. Are they really wonderful when you have and use them? Absolutely. I never used a hair towel in my life until maybe two years ago. And now I can never go back. They cut down on hair drying time and tie up your tresses so you can multitask while getting ready… pretty much everything I need on a daily basis. Two hair towels to choose from that you will adore: Better Cotton Hair Towel and Weezie Hair Towel.

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