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I have a new favorite pair of jeans. Drumroll please…. the J.Crew Toothpick jeans. The Toothpick jeans are J.Crew’s skinniest pair of jeans and they are incredibly comfortable. I admit that I wear a ton of J.Crew but I had not actually bought a pair of J.Crew jeans until recently. I got the Toothpick jeans in the “parker wash” color and was immediately hooked. The jeans are perfect because they are stretchy and comfortable without stretching out after every wear (they last a long time before stretching out and requiring a wash to shrink them back again). I got a size smaller than the size I usually wear in jeans and I’m really happy I did. I recommend going down a size in the Toothpick. I’m also having a moment (I think it will be a lifelong moment) with J.Crew denim because of the price tag. J.Crew jeans are less expensive than a lot of designer jeans. Plus, I got my jeans on a J.Crew sale, which made the price even better! I loved my Toothpick jeans in the “parker wash” color so much than I scooped up two more pairs of Toothpick jeans in black and white during the J.Crew holiday sales in December (I’m wearing the black pair as I write this post!). Keep your eyes peeled for a J.Crew sale to get a great deal too!

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Toothpick jean colors from top to bottom: Grey Dove Wash / White / Hulton Wash / Parker Wash / Classic Rinse / Black / Hanna Wash / Corbin Wash / Kelly Wash

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