How To Store Purses In Your Closet

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The door to your closet is probably one of the first doors you open at the start of every day. Therefore, believe it or not, how organized your closet is has a powerful effect on the tone of your morning and maybe even your whole day. For instance, do you open your closet door to a neatly organized closet that makes you feel on top of things and ready to tackle the day? Alternatively, do you open your closet door to a mini disaster, sigh a big overwhelmed sigh, and immediately add “organize or clean out closet” to a never ending to-do list in your head even though you know today won’t be the day to dive into your closet?

If you closet is well organized, then you will have an easier time getting dressed, save time in the morning, and will most likely feel more inspired by what you’re wearing for the day. Do you see? The benefits of having an organized closet can have a ripple effect on your whole day and mindset.

I try to clean out my closet every year at the end of fall/winter and again at the end of spring/summer to keep things streamlined. In addition, I try to maximize my small closet space by staying very organized with everything down to my purses. Whether you’re heading out into the world or still staying home, it’s a great time to organize your closet because a) it’s the start of a new season b) some people are still advised to stay home because of COVID-19 so projects are great c) you might feel that you didn’t get enough projects done while sheltering in place so mastering how to store purses in your closet is a small, easy project to accomplish.

How To Store Purses In Your Closet | Rhyme & Reason
How To Store Purses In Your Closet
How To Store Purses In Your Closet

How To Store Purses In Your Closet 

Keep your Purses in a Cool, Dry Place out of Direct Sunlight

Many purses and most designer bags are made from leather or fabrics that could fade in the sun. In order to combat this, store your purses in a part of your closet that does not get hit by direct sunlight. Even better, make sure your closet is cool as excessive heat isn’t great for maintaining purse shape, structure, and color.

Stuff Purses to Maintain Original Shape

Don’t you hate reaching for a purse that should be structured or have a specific shape only to realize that it has collapsed or become concave? In order to avoid this happening, I suggest stuffing purses with plain tissue paper (don’t use newspaper as the printing can bleed or rub onto the lining of your purse), out of season items you aren’t currently wearing (i.e. sweatshirts in the summer), or these quilted purse shapers.

Keep your Dust Bags

Many purses come with dust bags when you buy them. Use these guys! I always pack my purses in dust bags when I travel to keep them nice but I also use them for specific purses in my closet that I really want to stay nice (i.e. designer purses). Many dust bags are labeled with the purse brand so, even though you can’t see the purse when it’s in a dust bag, you can see the dust bag label and should be able to use that to quickly identify your purses. These dust bags are also amazing and have label inserts.

Zip, Close, and Fasten Handbags

When you put away a purse, do the following to help it last forever: unclip straps and place them inside the purse, zip or close or fasten your purse closed, and fold purse handles down on top of the purse (don’t forget to stuff them too if need be!).

Don’t Do the Following

I don’t love storing smaller purses inside of larger purses. Sure it’s a great way to maximize space but I can’t see the smaller purses and end up forgetting about them. Out of sight, out of mind applies to purses.

I don’t recommend hanging purses on hooks by their handles. It can cause wear and tear on the handles.

I don’t recommend storing your handbags in plastic. Plastic does not breathe so it can trap wetness. Therefore, mold can form if you store your purses in plastic bags or containers. No thank you!

How To Store Purses In Your Closet

Purse Organizing Essentials

Acrylic 4-Section Purse Organizer

I have this acrylic 4-section purse organizer (as seen in the photos of this post) and love it. It does the trick of making purses stand upright. And keeps purses organized in one place. It is such a godsend to have an organization tool stop purses from falling all over each other, get smushed, or end up stacked on top of each other. It works perfectly for clutches, crossbodies, wallets, small purses, and evening bags. Trust me, it’s fantastic to be able to see your purses and grab the exact purse you need in an instant. 

Acrylic 3-Compartment Clutch & Small Purse Organizer

This acrylic 3-compartment clutch & small purse organizer is a great option because it keeps purses upright, preserves purse shape, and keeps purses dust free. It can be uses horizontally or vertically based on your needs with purse shapes. Again, it works wonders with clutches, crossbodies, wallets, small purses, and evening bags.

8-Pocket Hanging Purse File

This 8-pocket hanging purse file is a wonderful purse organizing option if you have more hanging space in your closet than shelf space. When you hang this purse file on a hanging rod, you keep bags organized and easily accessible. It can hold eight large handbags or multiple smaller bags. Another bonus: the clarity of the material helps you find the bag you’re looking for in a snap. 

Shelf Dividers

These shelf dividers are incredibly versatile so they can organize anything from sweaters to towels to linens to, you guessed it, purses. They easily slip onto any solid shelf and are incredibly sturdy as they are made of heavy-gauge steel wire. P.S. These shelf dividers come in white or chrome so you have options based on what your closet looks like. P.S.S. If you need shelf dividers I have and love these!

8 & 12 Compartment Purse Organizers

This 8-compartment purse organizer is another versatile closet organizer. It has generously sized compartments that can accommodate large shoes and store handbags and clutches. The 12-compartment purse organizer is the same footprint as the 8-compartment purse organizer so it is a great solution for shoes like loafers and low-heeled sandals or for smaller purses and evening bags. The best part is that both the 8 and 12 compartment organizers can be positioned vertically or horizontally to best fit your closet space and they can be stacked or positioned side by side. P.S. Both purse organizers comes in white and natural… White: 8-compartment and 12-compartment. Natural: 8-compartment and 12-compartment.

Linen Storage Bins

These linen purse storage bins are great looking organization solutions for your closet. They work brilliantly for storing purses or can be used for linens or folded garments. They are generously sized to hold plenty of items. There’s also a label on the back of the bins if you want to style them in your closet facing backwards to keep items out of sight (the label allows you to still be able to identify what’s in each bin quickly and easily). P.S. This is a second linen purse storage option with a different shape. P.S.S. These are two great linen storage box options with lids: one and two.

Natural Storage Bins

I found a handful of natural storage bins that work great for sliding onto closet shelves or for using as organization options for those high up, top of closet shelves. Purse storage solutions like storage bins are perfect to use to store summer purses in the winter or winter purses in the summer. You can switch them out as the seasons change and store away the seasonal purses you don’t need high up in your closet. See below for my favorite natural storage bin options… some have lids, some have handles etc.

Reward Style Loads
Purse Organizing Essentials

I hope this post gave you a little mid-week motivation to organize your closet a bit! I also hope you learned a new tip or two for how to store purses in your closet. Trust me, you’ll feel fantastic once you get an organization method down for your purses.

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