How to Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

How to Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

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Well, I’m most likely the last blogger in the world to post about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but I was too caught up on my best friend’s bachelorette. So, here goes today! I’m always in awe when the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale rolls around… how is it already mid-July and how are we already shopping for fall!?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is arguably the single biggest sale of the whole year. In my opinion, it’s also the most unique sale of the whole year. Keep reading to learn all about how to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: strategy, tips, and tricks and to learn why it’s such a BIG deal. Trust me, you want to take advantage of this sale!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Must-Haves on Rhyme & Reason

Trench Coat / Jeans / Camel Booties / Cardigan / Mules / Top / Dress / Leather Jacket / Black Booties

Get my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Must-Haves:

Reward Style Loads

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Reward Style Loads

Why is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is so Unique and so Huge?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is different from every other sale because it consists of all BRAND NEW merchandise that has never been available before! The merchandise is all for fall. It’s only discounted for the limited time of the sale before it goes back up to regular price. That’s right, normally sales consist of old merchandise that has been around for a while and that needs to get sold to make room for new seasonal merchandise. Not the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

As such, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the absolute best time to build your perfect fall wardrobe! I struggle with sale shopping sometimes because I find that I want new pieces, not old pieces, so this sale is a HUGE shopping opportunity for me. With so much on sale, I know it can be difficult to decide what to buy. I’m here to share everything you need to know for how to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and create a beautiful fall wardrobe at a fraction of the price!

When to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Now! If you’re a Nordstrom cardholder, then the sale opened up last thursday! Also, if you’re confused about this, it means that you must have a Nordstrom debit or credit card to shop early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale both online and in stores.

So if you don’t have a Nordstrom debit or credit card, then you have two choices… you can wait to shop the sale on Thursday, July 20th OR you can sign up to be a Nordstrom cardholder (more on this below). The sale runs for everyone through Sunday, August 5th!

Want to be a Nordstrom Cardholder?
It’s SO Easy!

Believe me, I understand the hesitation to open up a debit or credit card! I have my normal debit card and credit card and that pretty much sums it up except for my Nordstrom card. I signed up for the Nordstrom debit card years and years ago when I worked at Nordstrom for a summer. I’m so glad I did for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale alone! Nordstrom has the best customer service of any retailer I’ve ever shopped so that makes me feel good about having this card too! If you want to sign up, you can right here to access the sale today! It’s beyond easy.

How to Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

Dates: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opened early access to Nordstrom cardholders on Thursday, July 12th and to non-cardholders on Thursday, July 20th. The sale runs through Sunday, August 5th or everyone!

Brainstorm you dream fall wardrobe strategically.

By this I mean, think about the following: your favorite items to wear during the fall year after year, what you wished you had/felt like you needed in your closet last fall, what events you have this fall to dress for (parties, weddings, trips etc.), and what classic pieces you’re willing to invest in (boots, purses etc.). If you do this and jot down a few things you want to buy, then you can hone in on those departments when shopping online. You’ll feel confident that you bought items you really want or need without buying at random just because items are on sale.

For me this looks like the following…

– My favorite items to wear during the fall year after year: sweaters
– What I wished I had/felt like I needed in my closet last fall: fall dresses
– Events I have this fall to dress for: a wedding + a baptism + an anniversary trip with Edwin
– What classic pieces I’m willing to invest in: boots + booties + coats

Items also sell out incredibly quickly to being prepared can only help you be successful and avoid shopping stress!

Don’t forget the everyday basics.

Last year, during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I snagged some items that I use/wear constantly but never like to spend money on, aka the everyday basics. the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is such an amazing time to stock up on things like this because everyone is brand new and on sale! I’m talking about items like Natori Bras, Hanky Panky thongs, and simple t-shirts.

Don’t buy just to buy.

As I mentioned above, sales can make everyone (including me!) a little overwhelmed. I catch myself feeling like I need to buy things just because they are such a good deal. That’s not smart shopping! Keeping in mind what I mentioned in my first strategy tip/trick, helps with this immensely!

Brands to Keep an Eye On:

If you’re looking to invest in a few beautiful timeless pieces, then head straight for Tory Burch, Stuart Weitzman, FRAME Denim, Rag & Bone, Frye, Rebecca Taylor, Vince, Kate Spade, Lauren Ralph Lauren, and Theory. If you’re looking for current on trend items at a fabulous price, then head straight for Rebecca TaylorJ.CrewMadewellSam Edelman, Steve Madden, Rails, Topshop, Hinge, and Chelsea 28.

What to Shop

I can guarantee that you will never feel more prepared for fall than if you shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I always feel so fabulous come October when I am reaching for brand new pieces just waiting to be worn. None of the items in the sale have ever been viewed or released until this sale so you’re shopping for the newest of the new! To preview what’s available this year, take a peek at the sale catalog here but keep in mind that not everything is in the catalog.  Here’s my breakdown of what to shop:


Sweaters are the bread and butter of my fall wardrobe. When shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a cozy oversized cardigan (also love this one), a pullover sweaters with a fun flirty details like a roll neck or ruffle sleeve, a chunky turtleneck (also love this one), and a yummy cashmere investment sweater (also love these two: one, two).


Coats are one of the items I get most excited to shop for every fall and winter. I LOVE a beautiful coat! If you live in a place where coats are necessary, then you probably find it necessary to have a camel coat, a black coat, a navy coat, and a white or cream coat. I really do recommend one of each and then a fun statement coat or two to keep things interesting… who doesn’t love slipping into something like a pink coat!?


Snagging a new pair of boots or booties is pretty much a given for me during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Nordstrom carries such amazing shoe lines and the sale never disappoints. If you’re looking to invest in a higher end new pair of boots or booties, then immediately see what Stuart Weitzman, Tory Burch, Frye, Steve Madden, and Sam Edelman have in the sale this year! It’s also a great time to pick up everyday booties around the $100 price point. I this pair last year!


Yes, denim! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is always known for having great designer denim. Look no further than FRAME and Rag & Bone to make your fall jean dreams come true!

Outdoor Wear

This is a huge opportunity to shop practical brands like Nike (these shoes!), Pendleton (this field coat and this rain jacket!), Barbour (this utility jacket!), North Face (this anorak and this fleece!), Zella (these leggings and these sweats!), and more.

Happy Shopping & Good Luck!

I hope this guide for how to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: strategy, tips, and tricks has helped you today! I hope everyone finds some beautiful new fall pieces they are excited about! Good luck shopping! xx






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