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How to Learn and Increase Your Photography Skills

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Today’s post is a bit different but is on a topic I get asked about a lot (especially over direct messages on Instagram!). After spending a wonderful weekend with a few of my favorite bloggers here in Charleston at The Inns, it got me thinking about my photos and my photography. We all had a conversation about our cameras and about different strategies we’ve learned for taking and editing photos. I felt so inspired! While I feel like I’ve come a long way with my photography, I know I still have so much to learn! Edwin and I both take photos for Rhyme & Reason and I edit them all myself… a secret: not too long ago I knew nothing about either photo taking or photo editing. I’ve spent a ton of time researching and practicing because it takes a lot to improve your photography skills. If it were easy to be a great photographer, then everyone would be!

After exchanging photography tips, tricks, and ideas with my girlfriends this weekend, I wanted to share some thoughts on how to go from taking a good photo to taking great photos. I know many of you are interested in learning and mastering photography for a range of different reasons! We all want to create images that are beautiful and tell a story. Looking back on my learning experience, I wish I’d had a guidebook to teach me different skills necessary for becoming a better photographer instead of endlessly pulling tidbits from a million different places (doesn’t that sound nice!?). There is such a range of camera settings and things to learn with photography like how to take advantage of golden hour, shutter speed, depth of field, white balance, focal length, and more. The more you practice, the more confident you’ll be with the start to finish photography process of creating a unique eye for composition all the way to wrapping up with post processing and editing of your photography. So, today I’m sharing how to learn and increase your photography skills with one hugely amazing resource (Hint: it’s better than any photography books you might have because you’ll be learning from great artists themselves)!

How to Learn and Increase Your Photography Skills | Rhyme & Reason

How to Learn and Increase Your Photography Skills

As I mentioned above, I wish I’d had a guidebook or a one-stop-shop of knowledge to teach me different skills necessary for becoming a better photographer instead of endlessly pulling tidbits from a million different places! I found the perfect solution to this problem I’ve faced. Also, I’m now so excited to be using it to improve my photography and to hopefully take me from a functioning amateur to a more confident professional. It has helped me keep focused on what I specifically want to learn and to pay attention to the nitty gritty. Furthermore, I should mention that with remodeling our house right now, I haven’t had a huge budget to invest in photography. So I really did my research before pulling the trigger on anything. I asked myself, do I need a new camera, a new lens, an instructor, classes (the list goes on)?

I decided to scoop up The Photography Bundle for two main reasons:

1) the affordable price

2) sheer amount of courses + presets for the price.

I researched photography courses, online and in-person. But I found them all to be so expensive so I’ve always put them on the back burner. The Photography Bundle has 20 ebooks/courses + 2 packs of photography presets that only cost $98.50; however, if you add up what each individual course would cost, it totals out to be $3,898.99. I want to master so many different areas of photography. So you can see why buying multiple different courses has always been too expensive for me! The ‘bundle’ makes it all affordable and realistic.

(p.s. thank you to these photographers for all getting together to offer this. I don’t know any of you personally but I like you already, ha!).

The photographers who created the different courses are photographers you might already love and follow on Instagram like The Light and Airy Photographer (I’m so excited because their photo presets are included in the bundle!), Katie Lamb, Mary Marantz, Julie Paisley, Nancy Ray, Tenth and Grace, Belle Lumiere Magazine, and more.

By February, I usually find that my goals for the new year start to slip so these photography courses and presets are completely re-inspiring me to continue my goal of improving my photography this year! Is anyone else in the same boat? If photography was a personal or work goal for you in 2019, then I can’t recommend The Photography Bundle enough. I’ve been so happy with it! I was super fortunate to be able to start using it at the beginning of this year for my business. But now is the actual time it’s being released to everyone! The photographers created it to be available for one week only so snag the bundle anytime between now and next Tuesday, February 12th at 11:59pm PST. Don’t worry, after you scoop up the Bundle, you have a year to download all the courses, although why wait!

P.S. with the release timing of the bundle, it’s the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! I scooped it up for one of my favorite ladies in my life and I think she is going to slip for it. I won’t say who as she reads Rhyme & Reason regularly but you might be able to guess if you follow me a lot!

The best ways to improve your photography on a budget + everything you need to know to become a better photographer fast | Rhyme & Reason

You might be thinking, this bundle has 21 interesting courses + presets but I don’t need all of them (see the full list here!). I’m guessing this because it’s exactly what I thought! I did some quick math and realized that even though I wasn’t interested in all of them, if I was interested in at least two or three, it was already worth it because the entire bundle only costs $98.50. Which is less than what one or two courses would normally cost when sold individually by the photographers.

If you’re like me and interested in photography as a whole, photo editing, fashion photography, and travel photography, then I think y’all will love:

– The Capture Course by Lindsay Davenport

– All About Bad Lighting by Justin & Mary

– iPhone Photography Course by Haus of Layne

– Travel Photography Course by Gary Arndt

– The Smooth Portrait Preset Pack and The Bright Whites Preset Pack by The Light and Airy Photographer

These 4 courses and 2 preset packs would normally cost you a total $658, so by buying them in the bundle you’ll already be saving $559.50! This was a huge selling factor for me when I bought it. There are so many other courses on food photography, Go-Pro photography, wedding photography, and more. If you love Rhyme & Reason, then I think you’re also going to be interested in Composition 101 Course by If I Made and Foundations in Film Photography by Nancy Ray.

I hope y’all found this post helpful!

I am focusing on two of the courses right now: the ‘iPhone Photography Course’. Also, the ‘All About Bad Lighting Course.’ This spring, my goal is to also have worked through the course called the ‘Travel Photography Course.’ What photography courses are you most interested in!? I’d love to hear more about all of your photography journeys! xx

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  1. Wow I absolutely cannot believe that price! I think I’m going to buy — with the presets, too, it sounds like an incredible deal! I love photography and have learned a bit over the years, but would love to fine tune and improve my skills.

    x diana // pearl girl

    1. I had the exact same reaction – the price is so amazing! The resets were a huge selling factor for me as well! I hope you love the bundle as much as I do!! Thanks for reading! xx

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