Holiday Pajama Party on Rhyme & Reason Fashion Blog
Holiday Pajama Party on Rhyme & Reason Fashion Blog

Holiday Pajama Party

Santa Monica, California
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There’s nothing like being cozy around the holidays. Every year, I love snuggling up by the Christmas tree in a set of cozy pajamas. Some of my favorite holiday memories are from pajama parties over the years including ones my best friend, Allison, and I used to have when we lived together in Santa Monica (see below)! Whether it was my childhood years at home, my California years with Allison, or my current Christmases in Charleston with Edwin and our pups, I’ve always gotten and still get so excited this time of year to spend time at home relaxing, decorating, and soaking in all the Christmas spirit. One of my absolute favorite ways to celebrate a merry season is with a pajama party at home! I’m sharing all my tips for how to throw a holiday pajama party below… who doesn’t love festive celebrating while still being winter cozy!?

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Plaid Pajamas on Jillian (old – similar, similar) / Thermal Pajamas on Allison (old – similar) / Initial Mug / Champagne Glasses (similar)

Holiday Cheers on Rhyme & Reason Fashion Blog
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Pajama Party on Rhyme & Reason Fashion Blog

How to Throw A Holiday Pajama Party

In all honesty, I think a pajamas party is one of the easiest types of holiday party to throw (the other easiest = a gift wrapping party)! If you already have a Christmas tree and already decorated your house for the holidays, then you’re over halfway there. I’m breaking down everything else you need in this post including the best festive holiday pajamas to wear, the perfect drinks and eats, fun party activities, the best Christmas playlist, and more!

A Holiday Toast on Rhyme & Reason Fashion Blog
Pajama Party on Rhyme & Reason Fashion Blog
Shop Festive Holiday Pajamas

It wouldn’t be a holiday pajamas party without the PJs! So, the first step is to snag the cutest pajamas out for the season. When shopping for pajamas, my go-tos are always J.Crew and Lake (you may remember this post from Vermont, this post from Palmetto Bluff, and this post from Nantucket!). I rounded up the cutest holiday pajamas for y’all here so you’ll be ready to be the cutest at the party!

P.S. pajamas make the perfect gift at the holidays too! You might remember seeing some pajamas in my gifts from small businesses gift guide.

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Pajama Party on Rhyme & Reason Fashion Blog
Holiday Gift Exchange on Rhyme & Reason Fashion Blog
Holiday Pajama Party Decor

As I mentioned above, a pajamas party is such an easy party to host because your house is most likely already decorated for Christmas. To set the mood, bring out a few cozy blankets (one, two), light a fire, set up a cute festive bar, put nibbles out, and you’re done! I shared a complete guide to decorating your house for the holidays including my favorite Christmas ornaments, wreaths, decor, and candles that’s not to be missed! If you feel like you still need some festive pieces in your house, then this is the post for you.

Holiday Pajama Party on Rhyme & Reason Fashion Blog
Holiday Pajama Party on Rhyme & Reason Fashion Blog
Play Christmas Music

No Christmas party is complete without Christmas music. Did you know I have a Rhyme & Reason Holiday Playlist on Spotify!? It’s the perfect playlist for your next holiday party!

Holiday Pajama Party on Rhyme & Reason Fashion Blog
Things to do at your Holiday PJ Party

Once you have all your favorite people at your house in their pajamas, how are you going to entertain them!? I recommend always starting a party, even a pajamas party, with a little cocktail hour for mingling, sipping, and catching up. This also gives people time to trickle in as no one arrives right when a party starts it seems. Then, pick your favorite holiday activity to do as the main event! Here are my recommendations:

– Watch Christmas Movies:

Everyone is in snuggly pjs so why not!? Have everyone write down the name of their favorite holiday movie on a piece a paper and put it in a hat. Then, draw one paper out of the hat and watch the winning movie!

– Cookies: 

There are two ways to do a Christmas cookie party. ONE: provide pre-made sugar cookies shaped in different holiday designs (Christmas trees, ornaments, candy canes etc.) and tons of different frosting, sprinkles, and toppings. Then, have everyone decorate their own cookies to take home! TWO: tell everyone to make their favorite/signature holiday cookies at home to bring to the party. Then, give everyone cute holiday trays at the party and have a cookie exchange. This way everyone goes home with a tray full of different yummy cookies made with love!

– Gift Exchange:

I suggest either doing a Secret Santa gift exchange or a White Elephant party. The Secret Santa gift exchange will require you to draw names out of a hat and assign people their Secret Santas ahead of time to shop for. A White Elepahant is a little less formal as you don’t shop for specific people and instead shop for silly items… both are a blast!

– Wrap Presents:

Let’s face it, wrapping presents takes time and can be boring if you do it alone. So, tell everyone to bring over 1-5 gifts that they are wrapping and then provide tons of different wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbons, tape, tissue paper etc. for people to pick from. Then, everyone can giggle and wrap presents together! I’ve been to a few different gift wrapping parties over the years and always appreciate + enjoy them! I spilled everything you need to know about gift wrapping parties here!

– Games:

Whip out your favorite group games and turn it into a game night! I suggest Salad Bowl, Scattergories, Cards Against Humanity, or Heads up.

Pajama Party on Rhyme & Reason Fashion Blog
Pajama Party on Rhyme & Reason Fashion Blog
Pajama Party on Rhyme & Reason Fashion Blog
Drinks & Eats:

Don’t forget to provide your guests with delicious sips and bites! I jump at any chance to enjoy a festive and seasonal cocktail so I generally try to serve a specialty cocktail and then provide everyone with wine and champagne. I’ve been pinning yummy holiday cocktails here that should give you some inspiration! I’ve also started pinning a few beautiful looking holiday teats here. I turn to the adorable Elisabeth and Butter for guidance on all things treats and baked goods so I recommend checking out her recipes too! Another tip I have is to have bowls of things like mini candy canes and Christmas M&Ms around your house for a festive touch.

Lastly, you’ll find tons more holiday party inspiration here!

Pajama Party on Rhyme & Reason Fashion Blog
Holiday Pajama Party on Rhyme & Reason Fashion Blog
Don’t Forget Hostess Gifts!

If you are attending a holiday pajama party, don’t forget to bring a hostess gift for your party host! You’ll find lots of hostess gift ideas in my gift guide for the grandmillennial and my gift guide for small businesses. So, you don’t need to fret about finding that perfect something. Cheers!

Holiday Party on Rhyme & Reason Fashion Blog

Plaid Pajamas on Jillian (old – similar, similar) / Thermal Pajamas on Allison (old – similar) / Initial Mug / Champagne Glasses (similar)

Get the holiday pajama party look:

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Photography by Valorie Darling

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