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Gift Guide: For The Guy’s Guy

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Today’s post, Gift Guide: For The Guy’s Guy, is a bit of a follow-up to yesterday’s post, Gift Guide: For The Girly Girl. I hope you enjoyed my post for the girls yesterday (there’s a second installment coming for girls too!) because I genuinely enjoyed putting it together for you! Today’s post for the guys is no different. I think I had so much fun creating this gift guide because I thought of every gift in terms of Edwin! Just like yesterday’s post, I’m going to explain why I love each item below. Plus, I may or may not be sharing a sneak peak into what Edwin is getting this year! This post is also perfect for today because it’s my brother’s birthday… happy birthday Clarke! P.S. One day until Thanksgiving and two days until Black Friday!

Gift Guide: For The Guy's Guy. A Roundup of the Best Gifts for Men this Holiday Season 2017 // Gift Guide For The Guy's Guy // Rhyme & Reason

Shave Set / Cookbook / Button-Down (on sale!) / Running Shoes / Coffee + Espresso Maker / Gloves / Watch / Desert Boots / Catch-All Tray / Leather Charger Roll Up / Knife / iPad Case + Stand / Sweatpants / Sonos Speakers / Vest / Cooler

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Gift Guide: For The Guy’s Guy

Perfect Shave Set: I’m 100% getting Edwin this. I feel like the older boys get, the more they start to enjoy taking care of things like their skin. So, I love this tin, travel-friendly shave kit. It includes an exfoliating face wash, shaving cream, moisture lotion, facial hair oil, and a luxe shaving brush + it’s from the Beauty Counter so all the products are safe! P.S. if it’s sold out when you try to buy, then check back because they are restocking! P.S.S. If it sells out again, then try one of these two shave sets: one, two.

Nomad Cookbook: Edwin is without a doubt the chef in our family. He’s so good in the kitchen and he really enjoys trying new recipes. This cookbook from renowned New York restaurant, The Nomad (aka one of my favorite NY spots!), has a sophisticated men’s feel so I think Edwin would dive right in. Gift the cookbook with this cocktail book and you’re golden.

Plaid Button-Down: I can’t resist a fresh plaid button-down, especially a holiday-esque one! Edwin lives in button-downs so I always get him a new one for Christmas from J.Crew. This is my favorite men’s plaid button-down from J.Crew this year! P.S. it’s on sale!

Running Shoes: Don’t we all love being gifted a new pair of Nikes? I always think that Nikes cost just enough that I don’t want to spend money on them myself so I love being gifted them! This pair is Edwin’s favorite.

Coffee + Espresso Maker: We got a nice coffee/espresso maker for our wedding and it was 100% Edwin’s favorite gift we received (other than the dog bed we got, ha!). He uses it every single morning so I can’t recommend this gift enough if you’re looking for a nicer gift. P.S. here’s a great gift for your coffee lover at a way friendly price.

Gloves: Now I know that gloves aren’t the most exciting gift but hear me out. I’m getting Edwin a pair this year because I know he will need them/wear them when he walks our sweet dog, Maybelle, in the cold early mornings. So, I think gloves are a super practical gift! These are wool and work with your smartphone so it’s a win, win.

Watch: Including this leather watch was a no-brainer. Guys always like watches and Edwin specifically asked for one this year. Easy peasy! I like this one because it’s great quality without being super expensive. However, if you’re looking for a nicer watch, then I suggest this one.

Desert Boots: I’m pretty sure I put a pair of Clark’s Desert Boots on my gift guide for men every year because they are so great. Edwin and my brother both wear their’s constantly! I love the way they look of guys in leather and suede. P.S. the other shoe I didn’t mention that I’m planning to get for Edwin are these slippers!

Catch-All Tray: If there’s one gift Edwin needs this year, it’s this catch-all tray. He has a tendency to leave his keys, phone, wallet, etc. all in different places around the house. It would be perfect for him to have a nice leather (monogrammed!) spot on his desk to always put his belongings.

Leather Charger Roll Up: Edwin needs this for the same reason as the catch-all tray (haha sorry, I don’t mean to throw him under the bus!). He’s always borrowing my chargers so this travel-ready piece would be a god-send in our house.

Knife: To be honest, I really like this knife because it looks so cool. The handle is made from vintage German beer barrels and the blade is stainless steel. Plus, the men in my family are the type that casually whip out a pocket knife from their pocket when you’re trying to open a gift so Edwin needs to join in on the trend.

iPad Case + Stand: My dad has one of these and loves it! It’s so useful, good looking (love the leather!), and good quality. My dad will prop his iPad up while he’s reading the papers on it in the morning.

Sweatpants: The truth is, Edwin just really needs a good pair of sweats for around the house. These are a great price and they have a zip pocket so a guy can safely put his stuff in the pockets and totally get away with wearing them in public.

Sonos Speakers: We got Sonos Speakers as a gift at one of our wedding showers… we were thrilled! Sonos are so easy to set up and work amazingly well. I recommend these way more than a cool looking speaker. Trust me, your dad, brother, boyfriend, or husband will be very excited to receive these!

Vest: If I had a dollar for everyday Edwin wore this vest, then I’d be a very rich girl. He practically lives in the thing! Every other guy I know who has it too, loves it. I feel like most people recommend a Patagonia jacket for Christmas, so I say mix it up and gift this vest. P.S. if you’re looking for a jacket, then you won’t beat the price of this coat (while still maintaining great quality).

Cooler: If you ask Edwin what his favorite gift is that he’s ever received from me (other than a trip), he’d say the Yeti Cooler I got him for his birthday two years ago. If the guy in your life even remotely likes spending time outside, then he will love this cooler and maybe be surprised you thought of such a great gift!

A Few More Holiday Gifts For Men:

Reward Style Loads

I hope this Gift Guide: For The Guy’s Guy gives you some gift inspiration when shopping for you brother, best friend, dad, boyfriend, or husband this Black Friday! xx

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