Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys | Rhyme & Reason
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys | Rhyme & Reason

Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys

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Today’s Gift Guide: Gifts for the Guys comes to you with a lot of help from Edwin! When I rounded up products for this gift guide, I consulted Edwin a lot on what he wants for Christmas and on past gifts he’s loved. Christmas is around the corner so you might be finishing up your holiday shopping. But in case you are still in need of some gift inspiration for the men in your life, I’ve got you covered. It’s not too late to snag gifts for your most loved guys including your grandfather, dad, father-in-law, husband, boyfriend, brother, friend, and co-worker.

Most retailers I’ve seen are still easily able to ship and have the items arrive before Christmas! So I hope this gift guide gets your wheels turning and helps you find the perfect gift for all the men in your life. Gift giving to men can be tricky but. I like to go the practical or the creative route and I’m always so pleased with what I come up with!

Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys | Rhyme & Reason
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys | Rhyme & Reason

Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys

01AirPods with Charging Case

Edwin is an AirPod fanatic. These AirPods with the charging case are the perfect gift. AirPods are expensive so they are a nice gift but they don’t absolutely break the bank. Edwin loves to wear these for work calls and on walks with our dogs while listening to podcasts!
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - AirPods with Charging Case | Rhyme & Reason

02Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone + Apple Watch

Edwin is often on the hunt for his chargers and has more than once found himself ready to go for a day of work or a workout only to find his apple watch not charged. That’s why I love this gift for men. It is highly practical and a gadget that men will actually use!
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone + Apple Watch | Rhyme & Reason

03Wireless Charging Pad

If the guy you’re gifting doesn’t have an Apple watch, then this charging pad is the gift for him. This iPhone charging pad is under $50 and looks so sleek on a bedside table. I’m calling this one of the absolute best stocking stuffers for men!
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Wireless Charging Pad | Rhyme & Reason


Edwin has a bunch of Apple products but he doesn’t have an iPad so he’s asking for one this year. Edwin maintains that the iPad is the best Apple device for travel. P.S. if you work in an industry that requires skills like photo editing, then Edwin says to pick up the iPad Pro.
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - iPad | Rhyme & Reason

05HomePod Minis

The perfect gift for guys might be a set of HomePod minis. They have room-filling, 360-degree sound. Place HomePod mini speakers around the house for rich multiroom audio and features like Intercom.
HomePod Minis

06Three Speed City Cruiser

Edwin loves his Solé bike so much. They are designed in Venice beach and arrive at your doorstep 90% assembled so there is no hassle with these bikes. Solé bikes are a modern classic!
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Sole Three Speed City Cruiser | Rhyme & Reason

07Audible Subscription

I can’t think of a better gift than an audible subscription! If you’re gifting a man who loves reading, is in the car a lot, or has a long commute, then this is the best gift! You can buy a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month subscription. The production quality of audio books is so fantastic now so you can’t go wrong with this gift. It’s great for grandpa, dad, or your father-in-law.
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Audible Subscription | Rhyme & Reason

08Delta Gift Card

We are extreme Delta loyalists. It’s the best airline! If you’re stumped on what to gift a man in your life this year, then I think a Delta gift card is a sure bet! You can purchase a gift card for anywhere between $50 – $500 so you can tailor it to your budget. I also love the idea of gifting a Delta gift card to a special someone you want to plan a trip with! Lord knows we’re all dying to start traveling again!
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Delta Gift Card | Rhyme & Reason

09The Best Carry-on

Edwin is on the go constantly for work so great, durable, functional luggage is key. We both have this Away Luggage ‘Bigger Carry-on’ and love it. The ejectable phone charger comes in so handy. The layout of the suitcase is really amazing and helps packing stay so organized. I highly recommend this suitcase!
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Away Luggage The Bigger Carry-on | Rhyme & Reason

10Rugged Twill Briefcase

Edwin is a big fan of Filson products. So, last fall, when he was in need of a new briefcase, he turned to Filson and found this versatile one. It comes in multiple colors and is highly recommended by Edwin!
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Rugged Twill Briefcase | Rhyme & Reason

11Hydro Flask

A Hydro Flask is the perfect gift for any male. Edwin and my brother both take theirs with them to their office every single day. It is also the perfect companion for the trail, the beach, or other everyday use thanks to TempShield protection that keeps beverages the ideal temperature, hot or cold.
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Hydro Flask | Rhyme & Reason

12Tenkara Fishing Rod

Edwin is pretty specific about his fly fishing rods but he likes and recommend the Tenkara fishing rod to anyone because it’s not a traditional fly fishing rod and more of a fun compact solution that doesn’t have a reel. The best part is that this set comes with everything you need to get fishing. Edwin thinks any guy would be excited to receive this gift!
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Tenkara Fishing Rod | Rhyme & Reason


Admittedly, I had no idea what a Jetboil was until Edwin recommended I include one in this guide. According to Edwin, it’s the single best purchase he’s every made for camping and backpacking. What’s a Jetboil? It boils 16 oz. of water in 100 seconds and packs down into a small compact package. So, you don’t have to go without your hot coffee while camping.
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Jetboil | Rhyme & Reason

14Jetboil Fuel

Jetboil fuel is sold separately so Edwin wanted to warn R&R readers that you must also buy the Jetboil fuel to make this nifty gadget work. According to Edwin, we won’t go camping without this pair!
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Jetboil Fuel | Rhyme & Reason

15Chappy Wrap Plaid Green Blanket

We’re big fans of Chappy Wrap blankets as you probably know if you are a regular around here. They are truly the warmest, coziest blankets! Front nine to back, the Chappy Wrap graphic golf pattern is made for your favorite 18-hole aficionado. Taking in that tournament just got a lot cozier!
Chappy Wrap Plaid Green Blanket

16YETI Portable Cooler

Every guy needs a portable YETI cooler. Edwin has one that he loves and uses all the time. We bring it to the beach, bring it out on boat days, etc. Ours gets even more use because my brother borrows it all the time. It’s a hit with men!
YETI Portable Cooler

17Vice Golf Balls

I was chatting with one of my best male friends (who also happens to be a scratch golfer) this week about stocking stuffers. He said he always loves finding a sleeve of golf balls in his stocking. I asked him what kind I should recommend and he immediately said Vice Golf Balls. Apparently, they are the “hip” balls of the sport. I’ll take it, ha!
Vice Golf Balls

18Pickleball Set

Playing pickleball is such a fun way to spend a few hours outside! We have pickleball courts near our house that are so fun to play on. We play pickleball a decent amount (I wish more!) and it’s always a blast! This is a great affordable gift to give your brother or brother-in-law.
Pickleball Set

19Roll-Up Backgammon Travel Game Set

We’re big game people so we always travel with a deck of cards, our roll-up travel backgammon game, or dominos. This leather roll-up travel backgammon board is handsome looking and not crazy expensive like some backgammon boards. I highly recommend games for gifts!
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Travel Backgammon Game Set | Rhyme & Reason


Recently, we’ve started to play more dominos and are having so much fun with it. This domino set is a fantastic stocking stuffer for males. I love that it can be personalized giving it an extra special touch.
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Domino Set | Rhyme & Reason

21Opinel Knife Collection

These Opinel knives can be purchased as a whole collection or as individual knives. Each one has an ultra-sharp high-carbon blade, plus a tapered wooden handle inspired by the company’s original pocket knife that started it all (the business dates back to 1890 in the French Alps).
Knife Collection

22Caraway Cookware Set

Caraway cookware products are AMAZING! My parents have them and we are really coveting a set. They come in beautiful colors and cook food so well and safely. That’s right, ditch the chemicals with Caraway’s ceramic-coated cookware. The complete set has everything you’ll need for healthy cooking in your kitchen, staying organized with both pot and lid holders, and looking good while doing so.
Caraway Cookware Set

23Red Clay Hot Sauce ‘The Whole Shebang’ Pack

We’re big fans of Red Clay Hot Sauce in our house! Edwin puts the hot sauces on everything and I put the honey on everything. If you’re gifting a man in your life who either has everything or who loves to cook/barbecue, then ‘The Whole Shebang’ pack of Red Clay products is the gift for you. You can’t go wrong!
Red Clay Hot Sauce Gift for Guys

24Cast Iron Skillet

My parents gifted Edwin and my brother cast iron skillets for Christmas a few years ago and they both still count the gift as one of their most used. The Smithey cast iron skillets are the best on the market! It is perfect for pan-frying chicken, searing steaks on the range, roasting vegetables in the oven, and baking breads.
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Cast Iron Skillet | Rhyme & Reason

25Crystal Etched Decanter

This is an amazing gift for your grandpa, dad, father-in-law, or husband. This is one of the most stunning decanters I’ve ever seen! It would look really smart nestled into any at-home bar or on any bar cart. I simple can’t get over the beautiful etched design.
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Crystal Fly Fishing Decanter | Rhyme & Reason

26Off Hours Bourbon

I really love the meaning behind the name of Off Hours Bourbon… it’s made for the moments in-between (aka the off hours!). So clever! I gifted Edwin a bottle of Off Hours Bourbon for the first time this fall and it has been a staple component of our bar ever since. Curious about the flavor profile? It has hints of vanilla, nutmeg, and toasted pecans with rich notes of cinnamon and a silky finish… perfect during a chilly winter.
Off Hours Bourbon Holiday Gift for Guys

27The History of Surfing Coffee Table Book

I have amassed quite a collection of coffee table books. I think it’s nice to have a more masculine coffee table book or two out on display as well. This book, The History of Surfing, is a classic and can be found in our house.
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - The history of surfing book | Rhyme & Reason

28Simple Fly Fishing Coffee Table Book

I asked Edwin what book I should include in this gift guide and he immediately sent me the link to this book. It is from Patagonia’s publishing house so it is sure to be extremely well done. Edwin counts it as a favorite.
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Simple Fly Fishing Book | Rhyme & Reason

29Leather Laptop Case

Made from soft leather in a beautiful shade of chocolate brown, this laptop case is perfect for travel and for carrying a laptop to and from work. You can also make it special by adding a personalized foil debossed monogram.
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - leather laptop folio case | Rhyme & Reason

30Travel Pouch

I love this leather pouch for men. Stash toiletries and shaving gear, while traveling near and far in this pouch or use it to keep organized at home. This structured, angular zippered leather pouch has a nylon lining and handy interior pocket. So, it’s super functional.
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Travel Pouch | Rhyme & Reason

31Checked Oxford Shirt

Edwin’s go-to button-downs are the slim fit J.Crew oxford shirts. The J.Crew oxford button-down shirt is a quintessential wardrobe staple and a hallmark of old-school collegiate style. It’s beloved for its easy versatility: it can dress up chinos or make a suit feel more relaxed. I get Edwin one or two new oxfords every Christmas!
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Checked Oxford Shirt | Rhyme & Reason


These are Edwin’s favorite chinos. He wears them multiple times a week and says he can’t recommend them enough. If you’re gifting a male who needs a bit of a closet refresh, then add these to your cart!
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Banana Republic Chinos | Rhyme & Reason

33Barbour Wax Jacket

As seen in a photo in this post, Edwin loves his waxed Barbour jacket. I got it for him one year for Christmas and it has been a staple in his wardrobe ever since. Dress it up, dress it down… it’s perfect!
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Barbour Wax Jacket | Rhyme & Reason

34Patagonia Down Jacket

If you’re gifting a guy that doesn’t have this Patagonia jacket, then stop everything and buy it. There’s no better all wear sport jacket! I think Edwin has owned one for about two decades now.
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Patagonia Down Jacket | Rhyme & Reason

35Patagonia Better Sweater Vest

The Patagonia Better Sweater Vest is Edwin’s favorite vest (as seen in the photos in this post). It is the perfect layer and goes with everything. If you gift this vest to your favorite guy, then it will become a staple in his wardrobe, I promise!
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Patagonia Better Sweater Vest | Rhyme & Reason

36MegaFleece Snap Up

This fleece snap up comes highly recommended from my brother, Clarke! He has it and wears it non-stop. Clarke raves about the über soft material and the front kangaroo pocket. The perfect cozy gift for guys!
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Outdoor Voices MegaFleece Snap Up | Rhyme & Reason

37CloudKnit Sweatpants

Edwin was never a sweatpant guy in his life until we got our dogs. Now, Edwin is often up super early outside with the dogs. He quickly discovered that cold winter mornings call for sweats. I got Edwin these awhile back and they are his go-to. Quite simply, they are the softest sweats your guy will ever wear. I’m a big fan of the relaxed tapered fit.
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Outdoor Voices CloudKnit Sweatpants | Rhyme & Reason

38Sunday Shorts

These shorts are the best versatile short for everyday activity. The shorts have a classic fit and easy stretch so every guy will love them! Edwin loves clothing in the color ‘charcoal’ so I knew he’d love these when I picked them up for him. Outdoor Voices does charcoal so well!
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Outdoor Voices Sunday Shorts | Rhyme & Reason

39Wool Runners

I got Edwin these wool runners one year for Christmas and they were a big hit! When Edwin is working on set, he is often on his feet for hours on end. These shoes have become one of his go-to’s because of this. They are understated, comfortable, and offer enough support. Again, he loves the charcoal color!
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - All Birds Wool Runners | Rhyme & Reason

40Nike Sneakers

Edwin purchased himself these sneakers awhile back and he gets so much wear out of them! They are a one of Nike’s best-selling sneakers for a reason. The super-versatile, low-profile retro design looks good with everything from denim to chinos to suits.
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Nike Sneakers | Rhyme & Reason

41Modern Leather Boots

These Tecovas boots were at the very top of Edwin’s Christmas wish list last year. I love that they are a classic cowboy style boot with a modern feel thanks to the side zipper. My brother has a different pair of Tecovas boots so I can vouch for the high quality of the leather of these boots and vouch for the long lasting comfort. They are a big hit in our family!
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Tecovas Boots The Dean | Rhyme & Reason

42Desert Boots

I got Edwin a pair of Clarks Desert Boots for Christmas in 2013 and they have been one of his most worn shoes ever since. Edwin wears these into the ground. That’s how much he loves them! Desert Boots are the best because you can easily dress them up or down so they are really all purpose. Any man with classic style will love these as a gift.
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Clarks Desert Boots | Rhyme & Reason


These are the exact sunglasses Edwin wears every single day! If I had to suggest one pair of sunglasses for men, it would be these! You can’t beat the combination of the quality and the price either.
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Warby Parker Sunglasses | Rhyme & Reason

44Cashmere Hat

This cashmere beanie is a wardrobe essential for man who lives anywhere remotely cold. It makes for a perfect stocking stuffer! Choose from 7 different colors to find the one best for your guy.
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Cashmere Hat | Rhyme & Reason

45Leather gloves with cashmere lining

Gloves are one of those things that are totally necessary but not every guy’s favorite thing to spend money on. Edwin usually gets a new pair every year as one glove inevitable goes missing or gets eaten by one of our dogs. These Leather gloves with a cashmere lining are a cool classic and a great stocking stuffer.
Leather gloves with cashmere lining

46Crew Socks

I have the female version of these socks and kept finding them go missing. Well, Edwin was the culprit! So, I picked up a few pairs for him and he loves how warm they are. Think of them as similar to camp socks.
Gift Guide: Gifts For The Guys - Crew Socks | Rhyme & Reason

For more gift ideas, be sure to visit my Gift Guide: Gifts from Small Businesses and Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial.

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