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At Home Date Night Ideas for you and your Significant Other | Rhyme & Reason

Fun Things To Do With Your Husband At Home

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How are we all feeling at this point during the COVID-19 crisis with staying at home? Are you hanging in there or are you starting to loose your marbles a bit? Edwin and I are grateful we can both work from home because we know it is a privilege denied to many. We’re even more grateful for everyone sacrificing their health everyday for the benefit of everyone else.

In terms of staying home, we go up and down a few times a day with our moods, energy, and how we’re feeling. However, we’ve been trying to think of ways to keep life exciting and interesting. I’ve seen a lot of blog posts about what to do at home with kids but I haven’t seen many posts on fun things to do with your husband at home. Edwin travels so much for work. So him staying home has allowed us to have some great undivided time together (a silver lining). Turns out, staying home is a great way to nurture your relationship with your significant other! Here are a few of my at-home date ideas that I think y’all might love…

Fun Things To Do With Your Husband At Home | Rhyme & Reason
At Home Date Night Ideas for you and your Significant Other | Rhyme & Reason

Fun Things To Do With Your Husband At Home

Board Game Night

An at-home date can be just as much fun as going out on the town. It’s just a different type of fun. I really love going for the good old fashion fun of a game night. Busting out a board game for game night might feel silly but I promise you will get into it once you start playing! Two of my cousins, Kaley and Ryan, gave Edwin and I a Sea Island version of Monopoly as part of our wedding gift and we’ve been having a blast playing it! Other than Monopoly, a few other suggestions for a board game night are Risk (a big time commitment, ha!), Yahtzee, Scramble, Sorry, The Game of Life, Cranium, Sequence, Code Names, and Clue.

Card Tournament

We are big card players in our house! So, a natural way we spend quality time together is by playing gin rummy. There are so many fun card games out there including gin rummy, rummy, war, slapjack, bullshit, crazy eights, spoons, cribbage, Egyptian rat screw, blitz, speed, and scopa. I think getting a card tournament going is one of the great ideas out there for at-home date nights!

Learn a New Game Together

Playing beloved games from adulthood or childhood is always fun but it might also be a nice idea to use this time at home to learn a new game together with your significant other. Try looking up the rules to one of the above card games you’re not familiar with or order a board game the two of your have never played before. Learning new things together is a great way to make lasting memories. Perhaps this new game will always remind you of your happy time together during these unsettling times.

Movie Marathon or Movie Jar Night

Movie marathons are always a lot of fun but do you and your husband ever have trouble deciding which movie to watch on movie night? We definitely do! So, I love the concept of a movie jar. Each person gets five to ten slivers of paper to write different movies down on and then each time you sit down to watch a movie, you pick one from the jar. This way, each person gets their pick at some point. Since we still have awhile to go with staying home, you might as well put a lot of movie titles in your jar! P.S. If you prefer to watch tv, you can do this same thing with tv shows.

For a more traditional movie marathon, I suggest making it a theme with something like classic black and white movies, James Bond movies, Tom Hanks movies, or Oscar Best Picture movies.

Set Up a Backyard Movie Night

Our friends did this during their time at home thanks to Coronavirus and I think it is brilliant. They picked up a projector and screen from Amazon and set up the perfect little backyard movie area. It’s relatively inexpensive to do too. Can you watch movies in your living room? Sure. But isn’t a backyard movie night more special? We’re all in need of ways to think outside of the box right now!

Play Backyard Games

If you have a backyard and your backyard has room, then get some backyard games going. Order a cornhole set or a bocce ball set or even set up a little putting green. Then, all you have to do is start playing!

Breakfast in Bed

I admit, I’ve never really had a breakfast in bed at home. At hotels, I have but even that feels different than a home cooked breakfast in bed. I have fantasies about Edwin making banana pancakes, putting a few flowers in a bud vase (more to love here), pouring a carafe of orange juice, and bringing up breakfast in bed on a lovely tray (psssst, Edwin are you reading this!?). I think this is such a nice way to spend time together in a leisurely way! You can trade off letting each other sleep in with making breakfast in bed.

Home Workout Date

Do you and your significant other ever exercise together? Your immediate answer might be no but I bet you actually do do things like go on hikes together. Since we’re all at home, plan a home workout date together. For one date, you can pick the workout to do together. On the next date, your partner can pick the workout to do together. You’ll feel great, have a little fun competition, and each get to share a workout you like with the other! You can even turn it into a home workout routine if you have a lot of fun with it!

Go Through Old Photos

As of this year, Edwin and I have been together for 10 years so we have hundreds of photos together from over the years. Being in such close quarters during quarantine, can put strain on any relationship. That’s why I love the idea of spending a night going through old photos. It will make both people smile and remember so many joyful times together when the world was open for business! In addition to taking a trip down memory lane, I think this date could be used as an opportunity to organize photos. From our 10 years together, we have photos on our phones and computers as well as printed photos. It would be incredible to get those organized and in some sort of saving/filing system! Maybe now is the time to create some photo albums!

Family History Date

I’m sure you’ve met your significant other’s living immediate family and most likely living extended family but do you know much about your partner’s family history? I get so lost in family history and can spend hours looking at old family trees, reading old family letters, pursuing old family photos and photo albums, laughing at old family names, and trying old family recipes. Take the time to share your family histories with each other to get a better appreciation for one another. It’s so fun and enlightening to learn new things about each other in this way!

Dressed Up Romantic Dinner Date

We’ve been experimenting with different recipes as well as cooking some of our old favorites but we’ve yet to set up a dressed up romanic dinner date at home. We are hoping to this weekend! Our plan is to create a special menu we usually wouldn’t cook and to get quite dressed up. Edwin is going to wear a suit and I’m going to slip on a dress and a pair of heels! We will light some candles, set a pretty table, and open a bottle of champagne. Life is too short not to drink champagne just because!

Pizza Bar

A more casual but really fun dinner date at home idea is to create a pizza bar. You can make your own dough or buy store made dough and then set out a dozen or so different toppings. See how many delicious unique pizzas you can create! We’ve done pizza bars before and it’s always one of our favorite couple activities. Throw in an at-some ice cream sundae bar after the pizzas and you’re sure to have a blast of a night (and a very full belly!).

Make Sushi

Edwin and I made sushi a few years ago but we by no means remember exactly how to do it. We bought the supplies this week to make at-home sushi and are extremely excited about it! In normal life, we wouldn’t set aside the time during the week to make such an out there dinner and we’d usually go out on the weekend for dinner. In my mind, an at-home sushi date, kind of feels like a bucket list date idea. So, staying home for Coronavirus quarantine feels like the perfect time to branch out and create our own sushi! Wish us luck!

Create a Signature Cocktail for your Home

I love going to someone’s house for happy hour or dinner and being served their “famous margaritas,” their “grandmother’s renowned martinis,” or their “go-to punch.” It always feels special when someone is known for their own cocktail. If you don’t already have a signature cocktail for your house or y’all as a couple, then create an at-home date to perfect your favorite cocktail or to master your parents’ or grandparents’ signature drink and make it your own!

Plan a Vacation

One of the industries that has been hit tremendously hard by Coronavirus is the travel industry. I know I also feel now, more than ever, that seeing the world is such a gift and I don’t want to miss any opportunity to explore it. So, why not plan a vacation for the future when the world opens up again!? Plan a trip somewhere you’ve always wanted to see, to see someone you’ve always said you’d visit, or back to the site of past sentimental memories. P.S. My sister is a travel advisor! She is currently helping clients plan trips for the future (it’s helpful to have things to look forward to!) and is a wealth of knowledge about how to navigate the world of travel in the wake of COVID-19. Plus, travelers get a lot of benefits when they book with travel advisors!

Take Personality Tests

Edwin and I haven’t ever done this together (in fact, I haven’t taken a personality test since I did in a class in college) but I think it would be really fun because we are so different in so many ways. Spend an evening taking personality tests and then comparing your results. Not sure where to start? The most widely accepted and popular personality test in the world is the The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Other great ones to try are the Enneagram and the Five Love Languages test.

Recreate your First Date at Home

I think this is such a sweet idea that couples can get really creative with! Edwin’s and my first date was a date I’ll never forget. We went to a Kings of Leon concert at the Hollywood Bowl with Edwin’s sister and her husband. It was the most fun night ever! In true Hollywood Bowl fashion, we brought a picnic of sushi and lots of wine to have outside before the concert. I think we could definitely recreate this at home. We could do our at-home make our own sushi date and listen to Kings of Leon or find a Kings of Leon concert to watch while we eat our homemade sushi. We could also Skype in Edwin’s sister and husband!

Create a Couple’s Bucket List

Are there things you always talk about doing “someday” and now feel that “someday” taken away from you since we are all staying home? I know I sure do! Enter: a couples’ bucket list. Create a list of dreams to do, see, and accomplish as a couple and get pen to paper. Writing bucket lists down is a really powerful first step to making them happen. My girlfriend Mackenzie does a great job of doing with with her 101 in 1001 lists. Try creating your own as a couple!

Take on a Home Improvement Project Together

Without a doubt, there is something about your home that you’ve been saying you’ll get a handle on, redo, or address soon. Why not turn “soon” into “now?” If you have more time on your hands due to changing work schedules and commitments, then use this time to tackle a home improvement project together. Make this chore into a fun activity to do together. Paint a room, tile a bathroom, landscape, garden, print photos for picture frames around the house, hang art, clean out your garage, organize your pantry, pick out curtains/drapes, re-do your bedding/pillows. Whatever it is on your list, get after it!

Have a FaceTime Double Date

Before COVID-19 hit, did you and your significant other have a couple you regularly got together with for outings or double dates? If so, try having a FaceTime double date together! Make the same things for dinner, play a game virtually together like Scattergories, or just sip wine and catch up.

Embrace Current Pop Culture

Couples can very easily create a whole date around embracing current pop culture. All you have to do is watch Love is Blind on tv, create a Tik Tok and film choreographed dances together, and make bread at home (as everyone is on Instagram!). Simple as that.

A Few More Ideas

If you exhaust the above list and need more ideas (good for you, wooo!), then here are a few more ideas: have a trivia night, have a craft night, complete a puzzle together, create an at-home spa day, get a fire pit and roasts s’mores outside, have a dance party, host a lip sync batter, do your own sip & paint night, and stargaze in your backyard.

I hope this post gave you some new ideas for date nights at home! I know we’re all doing our best in so many ways right now. One area of life I think it’s really important to prioritize is our individual health and well-being. Setting aside time for fun at-home activities can really help with staying sane, grounded, and happy! If you try any of these ideas for fun things to do with your husband at home, then please do let me know! I’d love to hear! In the future, we can get back to outdoor dates like concerts, bike rides, beach picnics, trying new restaurants, dance lessons, and more. For now, home will do!

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  1. What we have done–OK it is not romantic but it needs to be done–Clean out the fridge, Clean out the pantry, Clean the bathrooms.
    The other things we have done together is go for walks around the neighborhood. We do take care to be 6 feet from others. There is a neighbor who is expecting her first child and she has not gone anywhere. We stood on the side walk and we talked to her as she sat in her garage.
    My husband usually does not work from home so this is an adjustment. We have always enjoyed spending time together but we make sure that we do have our time alone too.

    1. Sounds like you guys are doing a great mix of productive and fun things!! I know what you mean – keeping independent time right now is just as important as taking advantage of the time together!!! Wishing you guys sanity and good health! Thanks for reading and sharing! xx

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