Flyp Review: Decluttering My Closet for the New Year
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Flyp Review: Decluttering My Closet for the New Year

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Like everyone in 2020, I spent a lot more time at home than I ever had before. I used the time to prep for our baby, pick up a few new hobbies, try out new recipes, and tackle house projects that we never seemed to get around to. I found accomplishing house projects to be the most satisfying! Now, with 2021 kicking off, I’m not only motivated by the new year but I’m also motivated to continue streamlining our house and life. The spirit of organizing, decluttering, and home DIYing that I had in 2020 as a result of quarantine has carried over into 2021. Why not find the positives in last year!?

So, with this mindset at the start of 2021, I’ve made a list of ways I can get organized at home. One of the first areas of my house that always comes to mind is my closet. Yes, it’s time for a big closet overhaul! I did research on the best closet resale options out there and discovered a new-to-me company, Flyp, that I kept coming back to. I’m so excited that I wanted to share my closet clean out experience so far! My efforts to declutter, organize, and streamline my closet for a tidy and productive start to the new year have been a big success so far thanks to using Flyp! I find a lot of joy in discovering and sharing new businesses with y’all so posts like this always inspire me. Here’s my honest Flyp review: decluttering my closet for the new year.

Flyp Review: Decluttering My Closet for the New Year
The best places to resell your clothing online | Rhyme & Reason

Flyp Review: Decluttering My Closet for the New Year

With all the clothing and accessory resale options out there, it can be a bit overwhelming deciding which is the best, the easiest to use, the least amount of work, and the most bang for your buck. I’ve used a handful of different companies before including local options and online options. But I was never 100% satisfied with my experience or the whole process. In anticipation of wanting to clean out my closet at the end of last year, I did research to see if there was a new-to-me resale option that caught my eye.

I found Flyp and was immediately intrigue because it works differently than any other resale business I’ve previously used.

And I know what you’re thinking, “tell me more! I want to clean out my closet!” Say no more! Flyp is different because it connects you with a network of independent resellers, called Pro Sellers, who sell your clothes for you. They handle everything from item pricing, item listing, negotiating with potential buyers, as well as item packing and shipping. See why I was drawn in? This checks off two of my main concerns: an easy resale process and a little amount of work for me! I simply created what Flyp calls a “Lot,” which is a collection of photos of my clothing and accessories.

From here, the Pro Sellers applied to sell my Lot for me. I was able to review their applications and take into consideration things like their price estimates for my items, their commission rates, their estimated time to sell, and their past experience selling items like mine. You can even reach out to Pro Sellers and ask them questions to help find the best seller for you! I picked my favorite Pro Seller, sent them my Lot with an easy Flyp shipping label, and BAM my part was done! My Pro Seller does ALL the selling work from here. I get paid for each individual item as soon as my Pro Seller receives the funds from the sales. 

After using Flyp, I really love their whole process.

I simply don’t have the time, bandwidth, or expertise to resale my clothes right now. But I knew my clothing could have a second life in someone else’s closet! The Flyp platform lets me get paid for the items in my closet I no longer need. Gives my items a new home, and allows my Pro Seller to make an income or grow a resale business. It’s a perfect sustainable cycle!

The best resources for reselling your clothes online | Rhyme & Reason
My experience reselling my clothing online for profit | Rhyme & Reason

Questions I Had Before Trying Flyp

Is this the Best Bang for my Buck?

After I determined that Flyp was super easy and stress-free to use without a ton of work for me, I still had one main lingering question. Will Flyp give me the best bang for my buck? I did a little digging! It is case by case depending on the value of your Lot as a whole. But, in general, you will typically make between 50% and 70% of the profit. The rest goes to the Pro Sellers who are doing the work for you. These are percentage I was down with especially since I wasn’t doing the bulk of the work! Payment has been incredibly easy so far. My Pro Seller deposits my payments to my account in the Flyp app. And then I securely withdrawal my funds and transfer them to my bank account. I’m telling you, easy!

Where are my Items Being Sold?

Should I just do this myself? The Flyp Pro Sellers go through a screening to become a Pro Seller in which they have to prove that they have active selling accounts across multiple online marketplaces, at least over $1,000 in past resale sales, and ample prior experience with different independent consignment outlets. Well, I don’t have any of these things under my belt and I kept thinking that establishing these benchmarks sounds like a lot of time and work. So, the Pro Sellers must be legit! They professionally photograph and list your items across different marketplaces online. That sold me! I don’t even have the time to list my items on one online platform, let alone multiple (!!!), so I knew I really couldn’t resell my closet items half as successfully as the Flyp Pro Sellers. 

Closet Clean Out Strategies

The 6 Month Rule 

I ask myself, “have I worn this item in the last 6 months?” If the answer is “no,” then I pull it out of my closet.

Do I Like the Way I Feel When I Wear this?

I ask myself, “Do I like the way I feel when I wear this?” This question is KEY for me when cleaning out my closet. I definitely have items in my closet that I never end up reaching for to put on because I don’t like the way the item makes me feel when wearing it. I either don’t feel my best, my most confident, or my most comfortable so the item never gets worn. If I determine that I don’t like the way the item makes me feel, then I pull it out of my closet. 

Is it Comfortable?

I ask myself, “Is it comfortable?” If an item isn’t comfortable because it doesn’t fit me right or I don’t like the fabric, then I pull it out of my closet.

Create 3 Piles

Create 3 piles: Sell, donate, and throw away. I go through my closet and pull items that I no longer want or need and them determine the best future for each item: sell, donate, or throw away. 

Flyp Review: Decluttering My Closet for the New Year
Where to resell your clothing online for the best bang for your buck | Rhyme & Reason

What I’m Cleaning Out of my Closet

Clothing that is Too Small or Too Big

My body has changed a lot the last year through pregnancy and these initial postpartum months. As such, I have a lot of items that I love but that don’t fit me. They take up so much room in my closet so I went through and cleared out items that I didn’t think would fit me in the foreseeable future. 

Clothing I have just for Nostalgic Reasons

I realized that I have way too much clothing in my closet that I haven’t worn in years but that I keep because I feel nostalgic about it. I’m talking about a dress I wore 6 years ago to a special event but have never worn again. These items take up so much space in my closet and I know someone else would love them and give them knew life!

Clothing I’ve Told Myself I’d Tailor for Years but Never Do

We all have those dresses in our closet that we’ve been meaning to tailor for years but haven’t seemed to get around to it. As such, we never wear them. Well, I decided I must not want to wear clothing that falls under this category that badly, otherwise I would have tailored it. So, I’ve added these items to my resell collection.


There are some items in my closet that I have way too many of so they take up way too much closet real estate. I usually end up wearing my favorite one or two items anyway so it doesn’t make sense to have a handful. Such items can include jeans, blazers, button-downs, and sweaters. If I have 5 pairs of skinny jeans, I probably only wear my favorite two so the other three pairs can go. If I have five white sweaters, I also probably only wear my favorite two to three so the other few sweaters can go. 

Are you decluttering your closet for the new year? The way I see it is this: my mind is clear so my closet should be too! One of the best aspects of decluttering, cleaning out, and organizing your closet is that you know you are directly impacting someone else in a positive way. Your unwanted or unused clothing and accessories might be just want they need. Take the new year as an opportunity to clean out your closet and make a profit while doing so with Flyp. Come back and share your Flyp experience with me too! I’d love to hear what you think. I know you will love it as much as I do! 

Disclosure: This is a post sponsored by Flyp, but all opinions are my own. Thank you so much for supporting the businesses that I love and use and that make Rhyme & Reason possible. 

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