Fresh Mocktail Recipes to Pour Tonight | Rhyme & Reason
Refreshing Mocktail Recipes That Make Skipping Booze Easy | Rhyme & Reason

Easy Mocktail Recipes To Make At Home

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In light of my pregnancy and dry January (there is still one weekend left of dry January for anyone participating!), I wanted to share some easy mocktail recipes to make at home that I have been mixing up in recent months! If I make a great mocktail, then I honestly don’t even notice that there isn’t alcohol in it. For me, it is all about making the mocktail special but also light and fresh. I love to enjoy a mocktail in the evening while playing cards with Edwin or on the weekends with friends so I feel like I’m part of the action too. Since I’m making these cocktails at home, a necessity for me is ease! If a mocktail requires too many steps, then I’m sometimes too tired to make it at the end of a full day.

My sister-in-law turned me onto the London-based non-alcoholic spirits line Seedlip (also available here) awhile back and I’ve been a massive fan ever since! Seedlip’s non-alcoholic spirits are based on distilled herbal remedy recipes from England in the 1600s… so neat! I made the mocktail pictured in this post, a Garden Ginger Highball, using one of Seedlip’s three spirits. I think Seedlip spirits make whipping up refreshing cocktails at home so very easy. So, I’m sharing this simple garden ginger highball mocktail recipe + 3 other mocktail recipes below (1 more Seedlip mocktail and two without) along with a few favorite new tablescape and barware items from Berner & Co., CeCe Barfield, and more!

P.S. Here is an über refreshing watermelon agua fresca mocktail recipe I shared during my last pregnancy!

Fresh Mocktail Recipes to Pour Tonight | Rhyme & Reason
Refreshing Mocktail Recipes That Make Skipping Booze Easy | Rhyme & Reason
Mocktails To Make At Home | Rhyme & Reason
Refreshing Mocktail Recipes Everyone Can Enjoy | Rhyme & Reason

Easy Mocktail Recipes To Make At Home

Garden Ginger Highball Mocktail

Pour 2 ox of Seedlip Garden 108 over ice. Top the rest of your glass with ginger ale. Garnish with fresh rosemary.

That’s it! Can you imagine an easier mocktail? It is honestly so easy, light, refreshing, and delicious at the end of the day. This mocktail makes me happy and I feel like it kind of takes the edge off at the end of the day the same way that a glass of wine or a real cocktail does. It is really satisfying.

Margarita Mocktail

Pour 2 oz of Seedlip Grove 42, 1 tbsp of agave syrup, and a half oz of fresh lime juice into a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain over a glass with cubed ice. Garnish with lime and rim your glass with salt.

The alcoholic beverage I wanted the most when I was pregnant with Rowan and currently still miss the most with my current pregnancy is a margarita! This margarita mocktail satisfies that craving and is a completely refreshing and delicious alternative.

Reward Style Loads

Seedlip has a whole section on their website with mocktail recipes! If I’m looking for a non-alcoholic take on a cocktail or a new mocktail idea to mix up at home, I always start there because, in case it isn’t obviously by now, I love Seedlip and their recipes are so quick and easy. I think Seedlip is a necessity when it comes to stocking a bar because, chances are, you’ll have a guest over who doesn’t drink, isn’t currently drinking, or wants to take a night off from alcohol.

Easy Mocktail Recipes To Make At Home | Rhyme & Reason
Refreshing Mocktails Everyone Can Enjoy | Rhyme & Reason

Cucumber Gimlet Mocktail

Muddle 4-5 slices of cucumber in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Pour 1.5 oz of club soda, 1 oz fresh lime juice, and 1 oz simple syrup into a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a rocks glass over crushed ice (we don’t have a crushed ice maker at our house so I either pour this over regular ice or I crush a little ice myself). Garnish with a thin rolled cucumber slice.

If I haven’t sold you on Seedlip yet, then you can’t get a more simple, light, and fresh mocktail than this cucumber gimlet mocktail recipe. You can make it with ingredients you most likely already have in your house too. Voilà!

Mango Mule Mocktail

Muddle 4-5 slices of cucumber and 1 oz of honey syrup in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Add 1.5 oz of mango puree (I’ve done mango juice before too but puree is yummier) and 1.5 oz of fresh lime juice and shake with ice vigorously. Strain into a copper mug. Top with 1.5 oz of ginger beer and stir. Garnish with a thin slice of lime.

When I’m craving a mocktail with a little bit of sweetness or a punch of flavor, then I love to shake up a mango mule mocktail. I have a serious sweet tooth for fruit and devour tropical fruit so this drink always tastes great to me!

Reward Style Loads
Tablescape pieces you need from Berner & Co Rhyme & Reason
Berner & Co Twist Candles | Rhyme & Reason
Easy Mocktail Recipes To Make At Home | Rhyme & Reason
Fresh Mocktail Recipes to Pour Tonight | Rhyme & Reason

Beautiful New Tablescape and Barware Items

I recently got a few new items (as seen in these photos!) that are really upping my serving game that I wanted to share with y’all. My obsession with these pretty pieces is real! For starters, where were we before Berner & Co. launched this past fall!? The founder, Tory, truly curates and custom designs the most exquisite, colorful, cheerful, whimsical pieces that I can’t imagine my home without. She just nails it!

The monogrammed sherbet colored cocktail napkins in my photos in this post were a custom order through Berner & Co. that I am completely smitten with. You can contact the Berner & Co. team to have some custom made for you or for a gift and to see what other custom capabilities they have that match your desires. The beautiful jade green twist candles in this post are also from Berner & Co. They have tons of colors to choose from! Berner & Co. has a vast selection of candles & accents, glassware & barware, table linens, and dinnerware + Tory is always adding more to her store. It is definitely an online shopping destination to know!

01Berner & Co. Twist Candles

The MVP of candles. These hand-lacquered twist candle tapers are handmade in Italy and definitely a fan-favorite at my house. They come in 12 colors.
Berner & Co. Twist Candles

02Berner & Co. Lola Pitcher

Functional and beautiful multicolored handblown pitchers to love. Use them for serving water or cocktails (or mocktails!), as a vase for flowers, or even just as a pop of color on a kitchen shelf.
Berner & Co. Lola Pitcher

03Berner & Co. Large Match Strike

These striking beauties are the créme de la créme of table accents and joyfully functional. One-of-a kind, hand blown, hand cut crystal with sterling silver inserts. Just strike your match on the bottom and voilà!
Berner & Co. Large Match Strike

04Berner & Co. Zafferano Dots Tumblers

These dotty tumblers are downright happy! Liven up any table with these and display them proudly on an open shelf in your kitchen. They also come in blue, pink, and clear.
Berner & Co. Zafferano Dots Tumblers

05Berner & Co. D’Ascoli Ionna Placemats

You can’t go wrong with these charming reservable gingham placemats. They feature a playful ermine-stitch embroidered border, as well as a Kashmiri-inspired hand printed floral pattern on the reverse. They also come in blue and red.
Berner & Co. D'Ascoli Ionna Placemats

06Berner & Co. Block Print Waste Basket

The wastebasket… what once was an afterthought is now a leading lady. Liven up your office or powder room or choose one of the sweet patterns for a nursery.
Berner & Co. Block Print Waste Basket

07Berner & Co. D’Ascoli Chestnut Tablecloth

The perfect year-round print, dress it up with festive layers and candles for the holiday season or let it be the star of the table for an afternoon lunch in the garden all spring and summer long. It also comes in green and blue and looks stunning layered with other printed placemats and napkins.
Berner & Co. D'Ascoli Chestnut Tablecloth

08Berner & Co. Linen Sachet

Filled with French lavender and beautifully hand embroidered, these 100% linen sachets make for the perfect little gift! P.S. The inner cotton pouch is refillable.
Berner & Co. Linen Sachet

09Berner & Co. Flor Dinner Plates

Inspired by the traditional motifs of Spanish Fajalauza ceramics, the festive Berner & Co. Flora Dinner Plates are hand painted in Portugal. Both dishwasher and microwave safe, they make for the ideal ‘everyday’ plate.
Berner & Co. Flor Dinner Plates

10Berner & Co. Sabre Paris Panda Flatware Set

We use our bamboo flatware daily so I can’t recommend this set enough. Bamboo flatware is a fresh way to mix up your table and make mealtime exciting.
Berner & Co. Sabre Paris Panda Flatware Set

In addition to the two special items on my table that I mentioned above, I completed my mocktail spread with Agra Floral Cups from CeCe Barfield, pink Palm Candle Holders from Mrs. Alice, a Batik Tablecloth from Amanda Lindroth, mixed colored glass bud vases from Ballard Designs, antique English bowls, and an antique Herend matchstick holder. Who wants to come over for mocktails!?

Fresh Mocktail Recipes to Pour Tonight | Rhyme & Reason
Tablescape pieces you need from Berner & Co Rhyme & Reason
Refreshing Mocktail Recipes Everyone Can Enjoy | Rhyme & Reason
Refreshing Mocktail Recipes That Make Skipping Booze Easy | Rhyme & Reason
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