The Drybar Blow Dryer: The Buttercup

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I recently switched blow dryers from a good/average one I’d had for years to the Drybar blow dryer. Drybar calls their blow dryer the Buttercup (seems fitting since it’s cheering up my hair!).

Here’s why I switched to the Buttercup:

1. A friend of mine, who knows hair, professed to me her love for the Buttercup. So, I became very interested. I researched and popped into my local Drybar to learn more…

2. The Buttercup’s super powerful motor dries your hair very fast.

3. The Buttercup adds shine to your hair because it uses conditioning Nano Beads to seal cuticles… aka you get the smooth, frizz free hair you’ve always wanted.

4. The Buttercup has NanoIonic minerals that hydrate and condition your hair.

5. The Buttercup also uses negative ions to naturally clean your hair.

Check out the Buttercup for yourself, here. I love mine thus far so I had to share.

Rhyme & Reason - Drybar "Buttercup" blowdryer DSC_0539

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