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I have a habit of buying cheap sunglasses that evidently always get lost or broken. While I do cherish my nicer pairs, it would still be great to have an easy way to keep track of all my sunnies. Enter the sunglass display below. I think it makes a lovely closet display especially because you can design it to your liking. Personally, I would hunt for a great vintage frame and from there I would keep it simple because I have some bright and patterned shades.

I’ll take you through the steps so you can craft at home.

First, You will need:

* steel wire 
* screw eyes
* tape measure 
* ice pick
* scissors
* pencil

1. Figure out the general layout and how many frames per wire you are going to have.
2. Measure where to make the first hole and mark with a pencil.

3. Use the ice pick to create a small hole.
4. Twist the screw eye into the hole until it’s in place.

5. Secure the wire by twisting around the screw eye.
6. Pull the wire so that it’s very taut and secure on the other end.

7. Hang sunglasses and display away!

I can’t wait to try this as a summer project! Do you have a better way to organize your sunnies?

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